Saturday, September 13, 2008

RETURN OF THE KING ~ A Pictorial Essay

Denethor, demented Steward of Gondor, has grown too fond 
of the power and wealth entrusted to him.
Alas! The Inflamed Sphincter of Power has poisoned the very soul of Mordoria...
Aragorn returns from the political wilderness 
to reclaim the throne of Gondor...
Meanwhile, Dr Gollumno (a former owner of The Sphincter), 
bides his time to snatch it back, plotting and scheming all the while...
But Dr G is destined to be the one who finally destroys his "Precioussss" 
- The Evil Sphincter of Power!
Aragorn is crowned King
in a moving ceremony.
The White Tree flowers once again in Gondor, 
liberated from the Curse of Dinosauron.
True love blossoms and flourishes at last in Tanah Tujuh.

The Little People
are the heroes of the day, hooray!


Anonymous said...

Love your photo essay! Sassy and yet subtle in its shades of connotative meanings and political overtones. Creative and yet prophetic! Thank you ;).

Donplaypuks® said...

In M'sia we don't believe in western mythology.

So, we have 'Return of the Kinky.'

Great pics antares. Where do you source them from? I think I need to exchange notes with


Starmandala said...

Paula, as you well know, the Creative Impulse in all of us desires only one thing - Appreciation! And yours is always greatly appreciated ;-)

DPP, like it or not, we all grew up reading Enid Blyton's Famous Five stories and being entertained by Disney. My little boy was in love with Mickey Mouse for years - very poor taste, I know, but he also had the hots for Belle in 'Beauty & The Beast' and Tinkerbell in 'Peter Pan' - so he's quite balanced.

Have you tried Google Images? Immensely useful tool. What happens is that my own images get pinched by others and used in their blogs, so it's all share-share and totally fair.