Monday, October 27, 2008

A Deepavali Prediction

A dear friend I've known for more than 40 years showed up yesterday with a beautiful companion. I already had several other visitors who came to spend a mellow Sunday afternoon at the river. As usually happens when a group of convivial friends assemble on my scenic veranda, we soon were discussing the political impasse that has brought deep furrows to many a Malaysian brow.

There was talk of the obscene manner in which the Umno old guard was throwing their financial support behind Najib's quest for prime ministership out of sheer desperation. Their fear and panic are quite understandable. Indeed, they are essentially fighting to save their own skins, and certainly not because they give two hoots about the welfare of this country. The possibility of a Pakatan Rakyat government is all too real to them - notwithstanding the jeers and taunts of ill-wishers and establishment pundits who point fingers and wag tongues at the apparent "failure" of Anwar Ibrahim's 916 takeover plan.

Umnoputera capitalists who built their business empires on the fast track during Mahathir's 22-year reign, are petrified by the thought that a new government will implement genuine reforms of the judiciary, the Anti-Corruption Agency and the police; unmuzzle the mainstream media and - in the process of a massive spring cleaning - uncover a terracotta army of cobwebby skeletons, thereby exposing them to prosecution and public humiliation, leading to enforced exile or even imprisonment.

Anyway, my old friend said something that pricked all our ears. Apparently, he has been consulting a medical astrologer named Dr K who practises traditional Indian horoscopy in combination with powerful astrological software. Not only can he generate detailed horoscopic charts on his computer in a matter of seconds, he also happens to be unerringly intuitive in his interpretation of the data.

In February 2008, weeks before the general election of March 8th which altered the political destiny of Malaysia, this astrologer had dropped a hint that the nation was in for a couple of years of extraordinary upheaval: by the end of 2008, he said, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law would be removed from power by their own party. At the time, my friend was skeptical about this prediction - it seemed so totally unlikely.

But now, seven months after GE12, Dr K's prediction is beginning to manifest with uncanny accuracy. So my friend started taking seriously what Dr K had told him in February this year. The astrologer's specialty is medical diagnosis and prognosis, but his methodology could easily be applied to corporations and entire countries.

And what Dr K had predicted, in addition, was that Umno's power succession plan was ill-fated and would end in utter disarray. By early 2009 there would be a vote of no-confidence against whomsoever inherited the PM's job, resulting in Parliament being dissolved and fresh elections called. A new government would be voted in and Umno would take on the role of parliamentary Opposition.

This would not spell the end of Malaysia's political and financial turmoil - but if we successfully navigate our way through the turbulent sea changes of 2009, Malaysia will rise like a phoenix from 2010 onwards. Dr K concluded: "If you were thinking of taking all your money out of Malaysia, that would be a foolish move. From 2010 onwards this country will shine like a beacon of peace and prosperity in the world."

I've always felt that this country was born under a lucky sign. And that the day will soon come when all of us can celebrate our unity in glorious diversity - and the wealth of genetic resources that is the true legacy of having been visited and influenced by so many different cultures, ancient and modern. Happy Deepavali, folks, one and all!


SFGEMS said...

It's always uplifting to read your posts.

My husband and I hope to visit you one of these days in the not-too-distant future.


Starmandala said...

Wow, Lita... that was FAST! I only just published this post a few SECONDS ago!!! Haven't even pinged it yet :-) Of course, I shall welcome you and Steve with open arms and many cups of tea or coffee! So did you meet Paula over the weekend?

Anonymous said...

What a cheerful note compared to the doom and gloom on the other blogs. I like the 2010 message. Let's all visualise this. Hugs.


Starmandala said...

Hello, sweet Animah... would be great to see you & the amazing Sara again soon :-) xxxxx

Justin Choo said...

Let it be , let it be.

Starmandala said...

Well, Justin... it's either Dr K's prediction comes true... or both of us will relocate to Umno's Bastille! ;-)

Anonymous said...

These bullies have no love for the country.

Could it be because they are mongrel immigrants, like the Yemeni Baldy and Kerala Mamak Kutty, masking as patriotic nationalists to fool the kampung folks???

That's why they plunder and loot without blinking an eye.

They couldn't care two hoots what's happens to this country, because it ain't their country, in the first place.

If we care for our sacred motherland, we would treat it with love and utmost respect.

Anonymous said...

I'm dying for THAT DAY !!!

Cheers for now.

Anonymous said...

By early 2009 there would be a vote of no-confidence against whomsoever inherited the PM's job, resulting in Parliament being dissolved and fresh elections called. A new government would be voted in and Umno would take on the role of parliamentary Opposition.

I dont even want them in the opposition, they should be removed totally from the equation, I prefer independent candiatates playing that role.

Whether it was the hawkish Mahathir at the helm or the dovish Pak Lah nothing has changed about UMNO’s arrogance
and corrupt practices.
Actually I am willing to run the risk of anybody who can pledge good governance run the country, anyone but BN.
They have proven that they are not fit to lead, and going by what is happening in pakatan led states , the BN semms inept at playing the opposition role as well, in GE 13 - I hope for a Pakatan government with Independent Canditates as an opposition check and balance, with BN totally out of the picture.
To the hardcore BN supporters, I have this to say, the country developed all this years because of her courageous and harworking citizens, not because of BN but inspite of BN, if we had better governance our GDP would exceed that of taiwan, Singapore or even Hong Kong.
So stop claiming credit where it is not due.
To say that Mahathir played no part in development would be unjust, but to solely attribute it to this one man is naive,
its akin to ” the rooster crowing proudly,then tries to take credit that the sun has risen due to its efforts”

BN can take a long walk off a short pier for all I care.

Anwar Ibrahim has been called many names, among which that he is an untrustworthy person with the gift of playing political spin in his favor. However, what many people fail to see is that Anwar has managed to accomplish the Herculean task that no one before this has been able to do which is to unite the opposition parties with diverse ideologies into an alliance that subscribes to justice, equality and a quest to end corrupt practices.

This is not very different from Pak Lah’s pledges of revamping the judiciary, stamping out corruption and being a prime minister for all Malaysians. This inspired Malaysians so much that we gave BN a huge mandate in 2004. What Pak Lah did with that mandate is now water under the bridge but it is widely acknowledged that he failed.

It just goes to show that the people have been consistent in wanting good governance and are willing to give the mandate to anyone who can deliver. Anwar recognised the sentiments on the ground well and in the March 8 elections, led a coalition towards a common goal, denying the BN two-thirds majority in parliament.This was accomplished despite much slack from nay sayers. On top of that an unprecedented five states fell to the opposition.

Our country cannot go on for the next five years being ruled by a BN that is sulking over the loss of its two-thirds majority by continuously sabotaging the opposition led states, silencing political dissent using draconian laws, not moderating the extremists within its ranks and constantly coming out with measures that are ineffective to the stage that we have become an international laughing stock.

Some thoughts the 916 takeover delay -

1) The crossovers were real enough, otherwise the BN would not have sent 49 assemblymen
on a so called agricultural tour.

2) A reporter has been arrested under ISA for her protection, Teresa arrested for flimsiest nonexistent reasons, is UMNO that stupid ?
They knew it would blow up in their faces but it was a trade off, to send a message for MP’s in BN
who had pledged to crossover, —we can arrest you without rhyme or reason.
both were released but RPK was deemed too dangerous.

3) When DNA bill was tabled and recently when there was a call for ISA debate, very few from BN showed their hands
including those hidden trojan horses without BN, the fear is real- if they had special branch would have swooped in on them
at the slightest suspicion- the same fear that is keeping PI bala & Hindraf supremo Waythamoorty out of the country.
Thus the only way is to do it by surprise.

4) Technical factors like the ratio of malay and non malay composition of the proposed pakatan government,
(please read RPK’s piece-its in the numbers stupid), a labyrinth of constitutional minefields that can be exploited
by UMNO to declare the takeover illegitimate.

5) Engaging the support of BN voters, yes we share the same country, and if DSAI can show that he has sound ideas
to steer us out of the current choppy economic situation, they are less likely to riot at UMNO’s instigation if the government changes.
BN has already convinced many that while the govt is grappling with the economy Anwar is selfish and only seeking a personal agenda
of toppling the government.they will just blame the whole economic episode on DSAI if he takes over now.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Anonymous said...

I hope what had been predicted will comes true, been waiting for a change for decades.

VKM said it all... good write up.

Btw, my comment first in your blog, been reading for some time. keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

i mean first comment.. how come cannot edit, can or not?

vitakkaman said...

I guess all that I wanted to say, some of which have been said in the previous comments.

I hope that Malaysia will finally recover from all the politics, turmoil and that things will change for the better.

Even as the seasons change and tides rise and recede with time, so may it be said of our beautiful country, Malaysia.

Metta :-)

chapchai said...

What a lovely piece of news to greet me first thing in the morning (it's only 08.57 in the UK). I look forward to saying: "I read about this in Antares' blogsite" when this change comes about.

By the way, can you publish some pics of this scenic residence of yours? Sounds like paradise.

Anonymous said...

I pray that this true. Only positive article I have read for quite a while. Anyway....keep it up, Antares!

zorro said...

Beginning 2009 it is then. Meantime RPK remains confined with three books a day and a deteriorating back. However he wont break easy. His body may, but not his spirit. He is not afraid of bad news but he just wants to know what WE ARE ALL DOING. Will be seeing him coming Saturday. Will convey to him yours and Dr K thoughts. Cheers by the river.

Anonymous said...

"From 2010 onwards this country will shine like a beacon of peace and prosperity in the world." -such lovely words that tugs at the heartstrings. All of us long for that day to come.

Anonymous said...

I hope & pray the prediction for 2010 comes true.....That would be heaven on earth!

As for all those culprits who have been looting the country all these years I wish we the rakyat could punish them as per the Tamil movie CITIZEN (starring Ajith Kumar) released a few years ago. Strip them, their families and cronies of their citizenships and wealth. Let's throw them out!

Mrs. Addams

Anonymous said...

Hi Antares,

This is indeed a very spiritually and mentally uplifting post. Some of my Penang friends have been laughing at me for supporting PKR and writing so much about Anwar taking over etc...but I have not given up hope and believe the light shines at the end of the tunnel and like you, I look forward to the day when we can truly, sincerely put an end to all this rubbish, greed, corruption etc etc and celebrate "our unity in glorius diversity". Thanks dear friend for this post! Sorry for my late response. Am catching up on my blog reading now:).

Starmandala said...

Vijay Kumar Murugavell - thanks for your insightful contribution; your comment here and several I've read on MT are always stimulating and reveal a sound mind & a healthy spirit! More power to you, bro.

Chapchai - Ah so, you're in the UK (sorry about the time lag in responding to your comment; some days I don't have the energy to do so right away!) As for images of my scenic residence... I have a few delightful river scenes in an old post dated Dec 6 2007. You can also get a glimpse of where I live by browsing my Magick River website.

Paula - Thanks & xoxoxox :-)

Starmandala said...

As they say in showbiz: It ain't over till the Fat Lady sings... and we all know which Fat Lady we're anxiously waiting to see spontaneously burst into song. Paging Mr Deepak Jaikishan... paging Mr Deepak Jaikishan... please report to the ticket counter!

Starmandala said...

2014 around the corner and it appears Dr K's prediction was way off the mark - how tragic for the nation and all honest citizens. Well, let's hope the general scenario holds true - only the time frame was inaccurate!