Friday, October 10, 2008

FACE VALUE: The Stories Faces Tell

Mysterious lineage, possibly descended from one of the Great Khans; may also have genetic links to ancient shamanic bloodlines. Independent-minded and strong-willed, thrives on controversy and breaking social taboos. Ambitious and fashion-conscious, fond of luxury and an extravagant lifestyle. Passionate and romantic, with a protective veneer of cynicism and pragmatism. Adventurous spirit, assertive and self-confident, with a weakness for high-profile alpha males, especially the rich and famous. Emotionally wounded, fatally attracted to experiences of betrayal, sorrow, disappointment and tragedy.

Domineering spirit, drawn to wealth and power, and willing to do whatever it takes to achieve her ambitions. Inclined towards superstition and a belief in magical talismans; gracious and charming to anyone who can serve her purposes, but cold and spiteful towards those who do not fawn over or lavish her with flattery. Tendency to be ruthless and vindictive when thwarted.

Born into wealth and inherited power, self-assured about his social status and ability to command. Emotionally vulnerable but groomed for high office, hence skilful at camouflaging his feelings and maintaining a stiff (albeit pink) upper lip. Unresolved issues with father and mother: tends to defer to authoritarian father figures, while attracted to strong, domineering females. Inclined towards sensuality and sexual decadence, but acutely conscious of reputation and therefore constantly burdened with feelings of guilt. Able to detach completely from his emotions and thus capable of insensitivity and cruel, unfeeling behavior.

An explosive combination of personalities: when fire and ice come together, it can get really steamy. Steam, as we know, can be harnessed to power mighty engines - but if unreleased can produce calamitous effects.


Pat said...

You missed the word 'pink': as in stiff pink upper lip! hahaha Ok lah, sorry for being such an idiot!

But this is an interesting and fairly accurate face reading of Najib - based on what I see on tv and read about in the msm. Can't say I know if it is true about the other two - too little info to go on to call your bluff!!

Pat ;)

Nice pix of you and one of my blog-heroes, Zorro! You make a good combo - two cool dudes that I respect and hold in high regard.

Mike said...

Well analysed bro Antares.

Will the explosive combination explode the country come March 2009.

Starmandala said...

Pat - thanks for pointing out my omission, has been duly rectified! Call my bluff? You mean you don't believe I can read feces... I mean faces? Just wait till we meet face-to-face, ho ho! ;-)

Mike - Events in this country are unfolding like a Bollywood blockbuster minus the danceable soundtrack by A. R. Rahman. I'm still rooting for the Return of Anwar's Takeover Plan when Parliament reconvenes in 3 days.
So come March 2009 Rosmah & Najib may be making very different plans!

Anonymous said...


This is truly an oracular and veridical analysis that should make them tremble with guilt and fear! You are very economical with your description for the mendacious couple cos they are not worth out time. Yet, your analysis is eerily accurate!!! Am sure they would run and hide when they see you ;)

Ahhhhhh please read my face!!!!!

Thanks for another skilfully executed post!

Anonymous said...

Mongolians are the descendants of the Great Khan. Recent DNA census reveal that they have a common ancestor hence probably of the Great Khan himself. I am waiting to see how Najib and Co faces look like when the Mongols brings down the wrath of Khans upon them. This will be the second coming of The Great Khan.


Starmandala said...

Thanks for the data on Mongolian DNA, bro (I know you're a guy because women rarely go "Muahaha" - they go "Kekeke" :-)

Guess I'm more excited about the Return of The Great Cunt myself. Mayan cosmology has it that every 26,000 years our Solar System aligns perfectly with the Galactic Core or Greater Central Sun which constitutes the hub of the Milky Way. Radio astronomers describe this mysterious center as a Black Hole. The Hindus call it Mahayoni - the Cosmic Vulva from which Life issued!