Friday, October 17, 2008

Ménage à trois at The Ritz?

[This rather curious comment was posted 17 Oct 2008 on Malaysia Today at 14:45 hrs. I wonder if it's just a prank...]

Paris. 8:44 am, French time. After a long train ride I'm back in Paris again. It's a nice cool morning and I head straight to meet Mr Louis at Hotel Ritz situated at Place Vendome. He was there already when I arrived and we proceed straight to the lounge. He shows me exactly what I expected: 3 rooms that Altantuya and entourage were [occupying] at [the] Ritz.*

The carbon copies of the invoice were signed by Altantuya to acknowledge the total amount before paying. It was paid [for] with [an] American Express Platinum card. This rich Mongolian beauty must have good back up to hold this charge card. I ask Louis how many were staying and by going through the invoice he said there were 3 people altogether.

I ask him how sure are you and how did you come to the conclusion that there are 3 persons. His answer is very simple: just look at all the initials on the bills that these guys signed when they ordered their individual food. Great!

I have to rush to Hotel La Concorde for another appointment late in the morning. Meanwhile, I thank Louis for all the trouble in helping me to get all these documents. I insist on buying him a breakfast and in the end he reluctantly agrees. After [going] through all the documents to make sure [I have] the correct ones, I bid him goodbye. I jump into a Mercedes taxi and I'm off to my hotel. Lovely morning! C U guys.

* A double bedroom at The Ritz costs between €1,500-2,100 (depending on the season)

Postscript (posted 17 Oct 2008 on Malaysia Today at 20:07 hrs): Paris. 2:07 pm, French time (6 hrs behind M'sia).... Tomorrow will be the highlight of my trip to France. I will be meeting a French lady who works at the MAS office in France which is quite near my hotel, situated at Boulevard Des Capucines. My contact with her was through Mr Francis Evion and [owing to] her hectic job, I [haven't been able to] have an appointment with her for quite sometime.

But luck was on my side when she called me and said she will meet me tomorrow for lunch. I was in seventh heaven when she called me. I will be hearing from her about all the trips Altantuya made to Paris with her boyfriends, etc. I hope she can furnish me with some documents regarding [excess baggage] and arrival and departure times. So, ya, still a few more nites in Paris before I wind up my trip. Tonite I will be going to attend a film show titled If I Did It starring Najis O.J Simpson. I was told it's a true story. Going for some snacks. Bon Appétit. C U all guys!


Anonymous said...

If the people remain afraid and silent, then those in power will continue to do what they like. Beware, forces at work to create another May 13, it’s too obvious. The mode of operation is also too similar to be a coincidence, we all know who’s behind the current racial polarisation.



amoker said...

Wow, i read your blog and tot that " Hell, this is a gold!" Keep up the good work in digging out the details. Wow, i would not be able to stay in this hotel even if i die twice.

Starmandala said...

Joe Rakyat & Amoker - thanks for your comments. After Permatang Pauh we felt a wave of euphoria. It seemed so certain that Anwar could lead Pakatan Rakyat in a peaceful takeover of the government. I'm not sure now why Anwar sounded so confident himself about the BN crossovers. Looking at the whole lot of them, I'm not exactly inspired. Anyone who has been in BN for so many years is seriously contaminated on all levels - they would require lots of time to get decompressed & deprogrammed & fumigated for parasites. Even so, it's a CRISIS we're facing - and so any lifeboat will have to do, can't complain about a few leaks and poor quality paintwork. My gut feeling is that the big corporate guys are really scared of Anwar and his socialist leanings - so they've got together behind the Mahathir-Najib
front to try and set this nation back 20 years! Those who worship money will be buried with their worthless money.

Anonymous said...

Defence bribe arrests
New 6:15AM Thursday Oct 23, 2008

Two men have been arrested over allegations that Europe's largest defence contractor offered bribes to secure arms deals.

Britain's Serious Fraud Office said the suspects had been questioned as part of an inquiry into BAE Systems' dealings with countries including the Czech Republic and Hungary. BAE denies the allegations of bribery.

Britain's Financial Times reports that one of the arrested men is Alfons Mensdorff-Pouilly, a Viennese count who has worked as an adviser to BAE.