Wednesday, October 1, 2008

On Being Called A Racist

Subject: Re: [artisproactiv] Re: 'The Dark Secret Of Jewish Power'
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 22:08:52 +0800
From: Antares
Organization: Magick River

Ray Langenbach wrote:


Perhaps you should send your articles and diatribes to Noam Chomsky. I'm sure he would be fascinated.

Dear Ray,

I assume you're being facetious. Nonetheless, I need to clear the air on this contentious thread of discussion.

First of all, I appreciate the work Noam Chomsky has done on behalf of liberal humanism and have always been a great admirer of Albert Einstein. As a kid I really wanted to be a Jew myself. I've also been smitten by a fair number of Jewish princesses.

I forwarded two posts on the question of Jewish/Zionist initiatives driving the neoconservative imperialist strategies of the Bush regime. I did not write either, but felt it was a timely issue, especially in view of the vituperous attacks launched against anyone who even dares mention the problem of Israel and Likudnik geopolitical aspirations.

The Jewish lobby is immensely powerful in Washington, and quick to castigate as "antisemitic" anyone who even says the taboo word "Zionist." This phenomenon compels dispassionate scrutiny. Why is it taboo to poke harmless fun at or question the political agenda of one specific ethnic/religious group? People share Irish, Polish, Sikh, Chinaman, Melayu Baru, Indian, Eskimo, Arab, Mamak, Eurasian, German, French, Russian, and Abominable Snowmen jokes every day.

The Jews themselves often dismiss people outside their community as Goyim - a derogatory term indeed. The Orang Asli have names for the Malays which they keep to themselves. American Bushites are gleefully attacking the French "surrender monkeys" for refusing to endorse the ongoing carnage in Iraq.

In short, the vast majority of humans are racists. Anyone with no racial bias whatsoever may be classified a mutant. I have always seen myself as such a mutant. Hence it comes as somewhat of a shock to hear myself called "racist." I half-jokingly used the word "bigot" to describe myself, to show that bigotry is indeed the normal human condition, and that it's usually not seriously intended.

Most humans, in peace times, enjoy casting mild aspersions at or labeling others with expressions designed to stereotype and belittle. But along comes an accident, natural disaster or war, and people invariably become cooperative and community-minded.

By jumping to hasty and erroneous conclusions, i.e., that I am trying to fan hatred against a specific ethnic group, and vigorously castigating me for even bringing up the topic, we have bypassed the main point: viz., is Jewish nationalism being used as a weapon to drive a permanent wedge between the tribes of Earth?

Seems to me the rightwing Christian support of a militant Jewish state is exactly what we need to ensure that humanity NEVER finds common ground.

What sinister force is behind this? Ares, the Greek god of war, known to Romans as Mars and to Babylonians as Marduk, is also known as the Divider.

Finally, the word "antisemitic" itself is fairly meaningless, because the term "semite" applies equally to the descendants of Ishmael and Isaac.

Let's hope this puts an R.I.P. to this unhelpful dispute.

We're all in the same boat, like it or not.