Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Abdul Razak Baginda on Malaysiakini (flashback to 20 November 2008)

Malaysiakini, 20 Nov 2008

What did Razak Baginda accomplish with his first press conference since his acquittal on 31 October 2008? I viewed this video a couple of times and came to certain conclusions after carefully observing his facial expressions and the timbre of his voice.

First conclusion: his press statement was from the mind, not the heart - except when he expresses gratitude for the support of his family. There was very little that was sincere or spontaneous about it, and reading from a prepared script certainly did not help his image. Damage control for Najib and Rosmah - and the political status quo - that's what Razak Baginda's press conference was mainly about.

His self-conscious references to Allah and Prophet Muhammad were specifically intended to project the image of a man who has grown "closer to God" because of his ordeal. Any gain in spiritual consciousness is hardly apparent in Razak Baginda's energy field - he comes across as just another arrogant, half-baked, self-serving businessman who knows exactly whom to curry favor with in Umno.

No doubt Baginda and Najib may have developed a genuine friendship in the course of their professional relationship, because they are similar in many ways. Both view themselves as cosmopolitan alpha male members of an elite, well-educated class of "global Malays" (more comfortable thinking and speaking in English, but they know how to accentuate their Malayness when it suits them). Both come across as fairly glib and accustomed to living privileged lives in the corridors of power - but both are pretty bad actors and should fire their scriptwriters immediately.

Baginda's main agenda, as I mentioned, is obviously to absolve Najib and Rosmah from any involvement with Altantuya's abduction and grisly murder, while attempting to regain a measure of sympathy for himself. He does so by lashing out viciously at bloggers who have kept the story on the radar screen, though he's careful not to name anyone. He keeps using the word "truth" ("The truth is the truth and nothing can ever change the truth!") - meaning the official version of the truth which (like 9/11) doesn't quite hold together as a scenario - but nevertheless must immutably remain "the truth" (for otherwise too many extremely large heads will roll!)


Najib never once met "the Mongolian woman." Altantuya was NOT involved in the French submarine deal even though she has been reported by reputable sources to have been engaged as an interpreter by Baginda's company, Perimekar Sdn Bhd. The RM534.8 million commission Perimekar received was absolutely routine and aboveboard. Razak Baginda ended the affair with Altantuya but she continued to harass him for money, and that's why she flew all the way to Malaysia with her cousin and another friend, hired a private investigator to track Baginda down, and demanded USD500,000. No immigration records were ever deleted - and even if it happened, it was purely an accident. Baginda was introduced to the two UTK personnel, Azilah and Sirul, by Musa Safri (Najib's security aide) who then conveniently vanishes from the story.

The fact remains: Altantuya was last seen alive by P.I. Balasubramaniam in front of Baginda's residence in Damansara. The private investigator testifies that Azilah arrived in a car with another man and a woman (presumably police officers) and ordered Altantuya to leave the scene with them. It's perfectly plausible that Baginda really had no idea what the UTK personnel were planning to do with Altantuya. It's also reasonable to say he had no authority over the UTK officers and therefore was not directly involved in the murder. So the glaring question that begs to be answered is:


There can be only three people who might have done that. The first is Musa Safri, if only because he has the authority to issue orders to the UTK officers. However, he had no personal motive to destroy Altantuya. He would just as gladly have instructed that Altantuya be detained for questioning and then forcibly put on the next flight to Mongolia. The second, of course, is Najib Razak - because he wanted to help his friend and business colleague Baginda out of a tight spot. However, I doubt Najib would jeopardize his promising political career by deliberately getting implicated in cold-blooded murder. Which leaves the third person, Rosmah Mansor, who has no official position in the government but who is widely rumored to call the shots in the Najib household. Rosmah may never have met Altantuya either - and the only reason she might have wanted to see her dead would be because her husband did, in fact, have an affair with "the Mongolian woman" whose continued presence in the country was also a grave threat to her husband's political ambitions.

I'm willing to concede that despite his clear complicity in Mindef wheelings and dealings, Abdul Razak Baginda doesn't look the bloodthirsty type and would have balked at ordering anyone killed. He was at his wits' end and didn't know how to deal with this very determined woman. It's in the public record that Razak Baginda engaged the services of P.I. Balasubramaniam (left), hoping to intimidate Altantuya and persuade her to leave him alone. However, things got a little messy and murky when Bala's assistant got too friendly with the Mongolian ladies. When Altantuya lodged a police report against Razak Baginda at the Brickfields police station, the situation became critical - and that's when Baginda broke the bad news about Altantuya to Najib and Rosmah.

Here are more glaring questions that remain unanswered: Why did the Attorney-General publicly announce that only three people were involved - Razak Baginda, Azilah and Sirul? Why did he replace both the prosecuting team and the presiding judge at the last minute? How was the crime discovered in the first place? Knowing Razak Baginda's close friendship with Najib, wouldn't the defence minister have been an obvious target of police questioning - especially since the UTK personnel involved were his personal bodyguards? Why did the PM not instruct his deputy to take temporary leave of absence to facilitate a thorough probe into the whole complex affair? Why did the trial judge, Zaki Yasin, shoot down Karpal Singh's petition for new evidence to be included without giving it due consideration? And why did both the prosecution and defence teams appear so eager to gloss over "embarrassing" testimony, e.g., when Burmaa Oyunchimeg (Altantuya's cousin) stated that she had seen a photograph showing the deceased dining with two Razaks?

And why would Balasubramaniam be prompted to issue such a detailed statutory declaration implicating Najib - and then withdraw the allegations within 24 hours?


When amateurs attempt to deny, cover up, or obfuscate, they invariably bungle. Razak Baginda's greatest blunder at the press conference was to include this totally lame endorsement (and I quote in full):

"I have known [Najib Razak] for quite a while. I would say this, he would make a good prime minister. I have known him over the years and he is a well-read person. We had countless talks about books, I would exchange books, he would lend me books and he sometimes took my books. If there are things he is impressed about, we would discuss it. He is aware what is going on in the world. Intellectually, he is not bad and I say he would make a good PM."

Najib Razak's ambition to become PM is seriously jeopardized by the dark cloud of suspicion that persists in hanging over his head in connection with Altantuya's gruesome murder. No matter how often and how vehemently Najib denies knowing "the Mongolian woman"... no matter how many Korans he swears upon... and no matter what any of his loyal supporters say about his innocence... the public will not be convinced unless several things happen, namely:

1) The Attorney-General is sacked for criminal abuse of power and replaced with somebody credible. Abdul Gani Patail (left) was assigned to fix Anwar in 1998 and he did so willingly and without conscience. That's how he got promoted to AG.

2) The Inspector General of Police is sacked - for the same obvious reasons.

3) Balasubramaniam a/l Perumal reappears to explain his vanishing act and is recalled as a key witness in the Altantuya trial.

4) The home minister identifies the person(s) responsible for deleting Altantuya's immigration records and discloses where the order came from. Furthermore, he withdraws his appeal against Raja Petra Kamarudin's release from Kamunting. The vigor with which RPK has been persecuted suggests that the entire top Umno leadership is involved in the Altantuya cover-up.

5) Azilah and Sirul are ordered to reveal their faces in court.

6) Najib and Rosmah instruct the AG's Chambers to withdraw the defamation and sedition charges against Raja Petra so that they can initiate libel suits against the blogger for publicly accusing them of direct involvement in Altantuya's murder.

These are the minimum conditions required to clear Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor of suspicion once and for all. I am willing to bet my tenuous credibility as a despised blogger who trades in innuendo and insinuation that not a single one of these conditions will be met.

[First posted 20 November 2008]


Anonymous said...

This person who may be guilty escapes punishment" "gotten away with murder."
Is he really not guilty? Possibly only "Innocent Baginda" knows for absolute certain.

SFGEMS said...

Hee hee hee, this will send them reeling and rushing to their dictionaries!

What a read! :)

backStreetGluttons said...

Your highly analytical mind is admirable , leaving readers the facts no doubt to make up their own minds.

Excellent , informative & neutral thoughts ! One of the best postings so far so current unleashed on this despicable murder & hopeless Press Conference ( puking charade , what a joke ) ( thats all there is isn't it ?) and shameful coverups/rampant corruption/abuse of power in Malaysian ( nay World ) criminal/political/humanity /psychology/psychiatric chronicles

You remind us of an acclaimed honest to goodness Professor somewhere ( not Oxford )

Anonymous said...

Maybe Baginda should follow his boss Najib and have the 'sumpah' thingy.. instead of the press conference. ha ha ha ha..

Anonymous said...

thanks, this is the most logical exposition of the Altantuya case I've ever heard.

Anonymous said...

another unmo ass hole is being born

Donplaypuks® said...

I wonder if RB bought his Oxford Degree. His logic and pathetic, puerile sense of humour is so low as Oxford and UK would disown him if they read the transcript of his press conference.

'I will return to M'sia, unless of course they offer me the PM's post in UK.' Duh? Or are you telling us you secretly have a UK PR or citizenship.

How do you know Rosemajibbed is not involved?

'I know.' Duh? That's the sort of answer my kids used to give me when they were 5.

'My relationship with Rosemajibbed is Professional.' How come? Rosemajibbed has never worked outside Govt all his life and suddenly RB is the beneficiary of a $500 million gaji buta directly negotiated non-tendered out contract and this happened out of the blue because of purely professional relationship? How convenient!! Give me that address.

This man knows the entire truth behind the Altantuya murder episode but hides behind sub-judice, on-going investigations and other smokescreens to save his ass and that of others probably in high office.

One important question our useless MSM hacks failed to ask him was what was that outburst and kicking of furniture in open court all about -'Matilah Pak Lah!'. What sort of plea bargaining was being negotiated? By whom and why if RB was innocent?

And why isn't our super pro-active JAKIM prosecuting RB for khalwat since he has made an open confession of it in court? Selective prosecution again?

How can anyone have an ounce of synpathy or respect for this sorry piece of shit?

RB, come clean and we will forgive you. Otherwise be prepared to go to your maker one day and be savaged for all eternity!!

Pat said...

All valid and relevant questions here, Antares. And all remain unanswered.

I think Baginda was trying to ingratiate himself further with our future pm - but ended up doing him a great disservice! I mean, come on, would you want Baginda of all people to vouch for your abilities and suitable-ness for anything?! Sheesh!!


Anonymous said...

Will we ever know the real truth - I guess not.

Unknown said...

Is the genuine democratic in M'sia? All te fucktup things can happened,this is times all M'sians wake up, plus Sarawakians,Sabahans,the 20 points to form M'sia will be a reality.

Reject te be-end and
support to form a new govt. will see difference in between,why worry?Remember te Peoples Power*Makka Sakti*

Anonymous said...

Razak's defence of Najib raises more questions than answers. Now even my cat smells something fishy here. Why did he do it - to repay the deed that won him the freedom??

CKGord said...

Totally agree.

Qcumber said...

I afraid Razak Baginda is in grievous danger if he is not the murderer. The real murderer will surely will not let him go free. He has to run away from this country and be quick.

Starmandala said...

Thank you, friends, for all your helpful & supportive comments. I've been busy with visitors and haven't had time to respond individually to each comment and now it feels unnecessary, except to express my wholehearted appreciation for your taking the time to read this post and say your two cents' worth.

I was inclined to feelsome sympathy for Razak Baginda... until he blew it with this ill-advised press conference wherein he reveals the low quality of his mind and his insufferable arrogance. Imagine, dismissing public opinion with a perfunctory wave of his hand, describing bloggers who address important issues as ignorant & insignificant wankers whose views should be ignored, and insulting taxi drivers as people incapable of intelligent opinions. What a despicably prejudiced and snooty arsehole you are, Razak Baginda. I can't believe anyone whose command of English is as shaky as yours can qualify for a PhD from Oxford! Tipu saje!

Goostee said...

Besides all those that you've said, I've also begun to suspect that Razak was purposely let loose to facilitate the PR. The timing and situation seem to be too perfect and mind-boggling.

Anonymous said...

What was that, a press conference or his thanks giving speech after he had been awarded the "Best Actor" of the year or some of its lousiest kind?! He spoke of world war II and what has that war got to do with his most ruthless and despicable drama that he had acted as the protagonist?! At best he could be ranked a third class porno 'tiger-man' if I were to be the judge on his performance! A shameless and crack-brained bastard really!

He and his boss are not only disgracing their families but worst of all, they have brought down the fame of our great Nation despite they had become the world class sexist clowns and cheap and nasty laughing stock! Lies upon more lies are these two buggers' expertise and cheapo jokes that only the gullible hill billies will find it juicy and enjoy the show, I feel I have nausea and wish to puke now!

Are they pious Muslims or are they the insults? I leave it to Jakim to comment!

What a disgusting shame of the era! Malaysia Boleh......MATI !

Anonymous said...


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God bless and stay safe. See you all there!


Starmandala said...

Goostee & Frank - I'd just like to add here that, notwithstanding Najib & Rosmah's complicity or otherwise with the cruel & sordid Altantuya killing, I never did have any respect for that pink-lipped son of a gun. Not once since he first became a public figure has Najib Razak uttered a single sentence that impressed me enough for me to conclude, "Here speaketh a man of depth & substance!" On the contrary, Mr Pink Lips just happens to be born with the right pedigree and was groomed for gradual promotion up the Umno ranks. The fact that it took him DECADES to become DPM indicates what a fast learner he is. Najib is driven by one thing only - his overactive libido & a long-held belief that the top job was his to inherit.

The only possible redeeming feature I find in the Pink-Lipped Man Who Would Be PM is that he seems to have very few real friends, which is why he cherishes his friendship with RB & displays such remarkable loyalty. If Najib had been just the son of a rich entrepreneur, he might have become a junior version of the debauched Egyptian king, Farouk I :-)

Anonymous said...

Razak claimed his innocence is sanctioned by the court. He conveniently omitted the critical fact that it's an acquittal by a kangaroo court.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Antares, the pink lips bugger is hyper active and lusts in powers and sex, we can see this from his superficial outlook feature! Like the father, the son, just how he play out the lame duck AAB is a good testament of a wicked mind he has inherited from the father! In his sub-conscious mind, yes, is deep there he thought the PM post belonged to his father and should be a relic belonged to him as well! Since his father died of young age, legendary, he believes that is he who will succeed his father's evil to accomplish the more unaccomplished evil plots! His father plotted evils against Tuanku Abdul Rahman and now is his turn to stab AAB in the back exactly the same acts of condemnable! I contempt him as much as I contempt the father, more so all those who are not loyal to friends, family and fraternity! Both are evils and not the guardian angels as many our gullible brethren believe!

I believe in Karma and retribution, God is great, one who has been obsessed by too much evils will be summoned back redeemed by God for rehabilitation in the boot-camp in hell!

Whilst holding the Pandora Box in one hand, he's lack of any substance but only to rely on the equally prodigal Razak Baginda, who is more of behaved like a gigolo, we all compatriots, the poor rakyat, must henceforth pray hard for God's blessings that we would not live the lives likened Burmese, blood-bathed and suffered! In the near future when he truly succeeds to be the Nation's big enchilada!.........Alas!

Goostee said...

Frank's mention of bloodbath actually gives me a chill. Could we the vigillants at tonight's Candle-light Vigil be the first victims ? Despite Syed Hamid being my fellow office mate in BBMB some time ago, I just can't trust him now with his newly earned power as the Home Minister. He's now so concious that whatever he does he's going to get support from the Military as the Millitary has to please Najib knowing too well how far Najib could wield his weight, if RPK's story can be taken as cue, since Najib is almost certain to be the next PM. We may have to resign to the fact that Dollah doesn't seem to see the opportunity to use the Military to his advantage to redeem himself.

Anonymous said...

Run, Razak, run! Run as far away as you can!

Anonymous said...

"Malaysia Boleh bullshit" on god's name... And studying in Oxford summore. Like this oso can ar? Why? cos British Uni are cash-strap, if you pay the right amount of dosh brit lingo for money" can get in one, no probs.

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