Sunday, July 30, 2017

A KEOGH FOR ALL ILLS! (repost from 9 years ago)

Last Saturday I was blessed with a visit from Johanna & Simon Keogh who arrived with three dazzlingly beautiful dakinis (plus an old friend Azlan Mustapha who now lives in KKB). It was Azlan who first brought Johanna & Simon to Magick River in 1994, a few days before I relocated to the High Hut. Since then I had only seen Johanna & Simon once, when their firstborn Ella was about three months old. What a treat to meet them again and be introduced to their terrific twins, Sofia & Hanna (4), and to say 'Ello to Ella (now 9). The Keoghs are indeed a noble, creative, loving and absolutely photogenic family. I commemorate the Keoghs' all-too-brief visit with this photo album dedicated to enduring friendship!

Sculptor & KKB resident Azlan Mustapha must be credited with
introducing Johanna & Simon Keogh to Magick River in 1994...
Ella, Queen of the Jungle: she took to the river like an otter!
At 9 Ella seems the most level-headed member
of the Keogh family (her mum says Ella always knows best!)
Here's Ella hamming it up as the Dangdut Queen of Pertak.
Ella in a Gothic pose
Hanna frolics in the river while Daddy naps on a rock.
Sofia the skeptic doubts I could ever do her beauty justice
with my dinky Sony Cybershot.
Sofia nibbles on a chocolate biscuit with regal nonchalance.
Johanna is one incredibly lovely mum...
she grew up near the Assunta Hospital in PJ.
Simon & Johanna are both architects. They live in Dublin, Ireland.
Johanna, Hanna & Ella.
Johanna was born a Varghese and has a sister named Sharmin.
Life is but a dream but how sweet it is...
Simon leans back and puts his foot up.
A classic facebook profile pic: Simon Keogh,
architect extraordinaire!
Simon & Sofia do a daddy & daughter pose...
A very happy daddy indeed!

This could be Sofia the Raghead Doll - ain't she a babe?
Hanna always has a ready smile for the camera...
Dakini in a bikini - or rockdancing raver?
Go, Hanna, go!
Those eyes can get away with just about anything!
Hmmm...what havoc will Hanna Keogh wreak in 13 years?
Sofia Keogh - natural-born photographer's model.


First posted 22 November 2008