Sunday, July 30, 2017

A KEOGH FOR ALL ILLS! (repost from 9 years ago)

Last Saturday I was blessed with a visit from Johanna & Simon Keogh who arrived with three dazzlingly beautiful dakinis (plus an old friend Azlan Mustapha who now lives in KKB). It was Azlan who first brought Johanna & Simon to Magick River in 1994, a few days before I relocated to the High Hut. Since then I had only seen Johanna & Simon once, when their firstborn Ella was about three months old. What a treat to meet them again and be introduced to their terrific twins, Sofia & Hanna (4), and to say 'Ello to Ella (now 9). The Keoghs are indeed a noble, creative, loving and absolutely photogenic family. I commemorate the Keoghs' all-too-brief visit with this photo album dedicated to enduring friendship!

Sculptor & KKB resident Azlan Mustapha must be credited with
introducing Johanna & Simon Keogh to Magick River in 1994...
Ella, Queen of the Jungle: she took to the river like an otter!
At 9 Ella seems the most level-headed member
of the Keogh family (her mum says Ella always knows best!)
Here's Ella hamming it up as the Dangdut Queen of Pertak.
Ella in a Gothic pose
Hanna frolics in the river while Daddy naps on a rock.
Sofia the skeptic doubts I could ever do her beauty justice
with my dinky Sony Cybershot.
Sofia nibbles on a chocolate biscuit with regal nonchalance.
Johanna is one incredibly lovely mum...
she grew up near the Assunta Hospital in PJ.
Simon & Johanna are both architects. They live in Dublin, Ireland.
Johanna, Hanna & Ella.
Johanna was born a Varghese and has a sister named Sharmin.
Life is but a dream but how sweet it is...
Simon leans back and puts his foot up.
A classic facebook profile pic: Simon Keogh,
architect extraordinaire!
Simon & Sofia do a daddy & daughter pose...
A very happy daddy indeed!

This could be Sofia the Raghead Doll - ain't she a babe?
Hanna always has a ready smile for the camera...
Dakini in a bikini - or rockdancing raver?
Go, Hanna, go!
Those eyes can get away with just about anything!
Hmmm...what havoc will Hanna Keogh wreak in 13 years?
Sofia Keogh - natural-born photographer's model.


First posted 22 November 2008


Anonymous said...

Looks like heaven on earth, a shangri-la in KKB - one which I hope to visit one day with my boy.Lovely pics indeed with most appropriate captions. Thanks Antares!

Starmandala said...

The Keogh girls are so enchanting I just had to blog their photos. Glad you enjoyed them, Paula - and I do hope to see you here real soon! :-)

Pat said...

Brain cells working bigtime I see - what a cute title to this post! Helped me know how to pronounce their name :) So clever wan lah you!

Those little ones are soooo lovely. They could so almost be cousins to my Larnee and my niece now in Labuan: they looked the same at the same age! Our campur-campur ones, ah - so-very the beautiful!

Magick River is indeed so aptly named, Antares. Look after it well. You are truly blessed.


Manature said...

Good news everyone. From now on, town councils will be accountable to residents!!!!!

Starmandala said...

Pat - I've been wondering how to insert bold & italic fonts into my comments but you're the first person to have succeeded! Please tell me how you did it, okay? And you're right about the campur-campur ones (who would have guessed adding milk to coffee would produce a real tasty cafe au lait? :-)

Peter - Sounds like good news all right!

mike scorpion said...

dear antares your articles n post always leaves me dumbfounded with the words n the pictures.i m not a blogger but i do make it a point to visit yr blog at least once a day five days a week. i would like to no where magick river is s i would like to visit it with my wife n kids.hope to c u there too.bye for now.

Starmandala said...

Hello Mike - what, you visit my blog only 5 days a week? Where do you go on the other two days? :-) Glad you get a kick out of what I post, always a pleasure to know that people are enjoying it. Well, you're welcome to drop by for a cup of tea @ #21 Kg Pertak, an Orang Asli resort village located on a hillslope at the far end of the Selangor Dam lake, just off the Fraser's Hill road, about 75 mins from KL. Trying to communicate via the comments section in my blog isn't very efficient. Email me if you wish :-)

Anonymous said...

hi all, I am anitha from cochin simon was our first guest in india.FROM kudu and Anitha. (daugter of kuruvilla varghease)
please E mail your address

AsianGuy said...

Lovely family! Where in Dublin do they live? I used to live in Rathgar, Dublin 6, and loved it there too. Dublin has its own charms and Celtic allure, but nothing compares to the natural beauty of your place.