Friday, May 29, 2020

Megalomania, Hubris & Tyranny (revisited)

The Family of  French monarch Louis XIV by Jean Nocret

Along with neocortical brain functions and “higher intelligence” comes a more acutely defined sense of individualized ego and self-importance.

Add to this an obscenely bulging bank account with which to buy political clout... and you begin to get a glimpse of the sort of megalomania that embarks upon Master-of-the-Universe programs spanning generations - the ultimate aim being to exercise absolute control over the brainwashed masses, whose very existence is tolerated insofar as it serves as a source of energy and entertainment for an exclusive and privileged elite.

Does this sound like a description of the Olympian Gods of Greek mythology? Well, consider the distinct possibility that these so-called gods were not at all “mythical” - that they, in fact, operate as a secret government of unseen puppetmasters behind the visible governments of the world and that they have mastered the art of molding public opinion and perceptions by manufacturing and packaging The News for planetwide consumption.

Here in Malaysia we have our own wannabe Masters of the Universe too (Malaysia Boleh lah). They can skim any amount of cash off the national treasury without being held accountable and create colossal megaprojects from which gigantic "commissions" are generated. When questioned, a simple denial is good enough - since nobody dares to investigate and those with the authority to do so are already in their pockets.

RM800 million commissions from murky multi-billion ringgit arms deals? RM42 billion slush fund scam exposed by the Zionist press? No problem. If Lim Kit Siang demands an explanation, just get a lackey in a monkey suit to say, "Everything aboveboard! You try to topple the government, we arrest!"

Problem arises with one of the partners in some shady business and she comes knocking on your office door? Rosie will ring for service and get the messy situation taken care of by loyal servants expert at disappearing problematic individuals.

The riff-raff who read Malaysiakini raising a huge stink? No problem, convene a press conference and declare: "Nothing happened!" Then quickly buy enough nominations to put Pink Lips in the lead as party president and soon... ha ha... semua kautim!

In one elegant move, the dangerous mass movement towards Ketuanan Rakyat can be nipped in the bud (or zapped in the butt) and everything will go back to business-as-usual.

The Retired Despot will escape serious investigation for all his terrible crimes against decency and good governance... and Tun Daim Zainuddin can go shopping for a healthy young sexy body and become immortal!

But therein lies the rub. Immortality isn't something that can be bought, stolen or accomplished through advanced technology.

Immortality is bestowed upon those with molecular integrity and nobility of consciousness - unique qualities in harmonic resonance with Source Energy. Nobody can fake this. Usurpers of kingly or queenly thrones cannot activate their own crown chakras unless their genetics carry specific chromatic frequencies - and so they settle for fancy headgear embedded with sparkling jewels. Who are they fooling - if not, ultimately, themselves?

[First posted 2 December 2008, reposted 18 July 2015 & 12 July 2019]


Anonymous said...

Check this out:

Anonymous said...

"Usurpers of kingly or queenly thrones cannot activate their own crown chakras unless their genetics carry specific chromatic frequencies - and so they settle for fancy headgear embedded with sparkling jewels."

um are you saying that you are either born with a stellar chakra or without one, meaning nature over nurture? So there are those who are born to rule / be ruled? I'm sure I'm misunderstanding you..


SFGEMS said...

Agree with you wholeheartedly on this.

Does Magick River have anything to do with your writing skills? If so, I have to go there.

Does going there mean I get to hear all this first hand? If so, then I have to meet you.


cavingliz said...

The Sun today, 3rd, p13, tells us how the Malacca office of Tourism Malaysia bought 2 antique souvenirs worth RM105,000 to give as gifts. Yet more money squandered.

Pat said...

I'll just 'ditto' all Lita says here, lah ;)


Starmandala said...

Silver Surfer - Thanks for the link to more data on the Mumbai horror but it would be better to leave your comment under the 'Terror as a geopolitical tool' post. Think I'll transfer it there for you. Another thing: futurefastforward is Matthias Chang's site (shudder!)

Daniel - You've asked a brilliant question indeed. Sages have pondered this for literally aeons! It's the underlying cause of the deep schism between Shiite & Sunni, Catholic & Protestant, Hardheads & Softheads, Shamans & Priests, Mystics & Scientists... it's too complex for me to attempt to do justice to your question here in this comment box, perhaps I shall answer it in a future blogpost... but the quick answer in encapsulated form is that what you may visualize as the "Golden Thread Prime Genetic of Immortality" is the ORIGINAL, PRIMORDIAL BLUEPRINT OF LIFE ITSELF & AS SUCH IS INDESTRUCTIBLE, INFINITELY ADAPTABLE & ETERNALLY VIBRANT. This specific Golden Thread DNA can be located in all species, including the artificially manufactured "Homo sapiens sapiens" (yes, we of Adamic descent were cloned as menial workers for the gold mines by the Sumerian Sky Gods aka Anunnaki!)... however, it has been spliced with an incoherent jumble of other DNA, some of which does not belong in this evolutionary stream or timetrack. Hence the hideous hotchpotch of tendencies & the seeming impossibility of ever seeing every single creature liberate itself from the slavery imposed upon it by external forces (parasitism & piracy have much in common). Once in a while, a particular individual somehow breaks clear of the holographic miasma (sangsara) & successfully reconnects with the Golden Thread Prime Genetic - for simplicity's sake you might call it the Christos Template or the Omega Effect. This is precisely why the individual we erroneously call "Jesus Christ" is such a big deal even after 2,000 years: it was his specific earthly mission to literally "redeem & save" humanity from the genetic wasteland in which we were trapped (through no fault or sin of our own, I hasten to add!) The whole story is essentially about reclaiming our GENETIC INTEGRITY.
Our ancestors had their DNA twisted in knots so they could serve alien agendas like mind-controlled minions without awareness of what hidden programs were running them. Okay... hope this gives you a rough idea what I'm hinting at.

Lita - I'm also a good cook, passionate musician, sensitive lover & consummate tea-maker. Come visit, ha ha, and make my day! :-)

Cavin Liz - Did the Sun reveal who owns the souvenir shop? :-)

Pat - Wait till you get here, I'll ditto you properly, hee hee!

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Magick River turns stuck up art office drones into musicians. The interesting conversation with the resident jungle man is the real bonus though. The people who go there never come out the same.

On rejoining the Golden thread. I'll add in the Buddha path analogy of enlightenment and possibly why psychic human memory has only the impression of the last one. The short story is that of one of the most powerful men to exist in his time suddenly realising that he was not in control of his own life. In modern terms, Gautama Siddhartha had a nervous breakdown of ego smashing proportions the moment he found out his entire family had conspired to hide the less palatable aspects of human life from him.

However, the prince had a great heart that sustained him in the moment his "Truth" died. There was a great sense of empathy on a planetary scale of the suffering endured by every living creature. Chief amongst the causes of suffering is the fear of death. The first question he attempted to answer was therefore how to avoid death and hence suffering.

Some time later he hit the wall when he realised that cessation of bodily functions was unavoidable and trying to understand the nature of suffering is itself a dead end. At that moment of having no truth and no idea what to do next, he really went out of the box and decided to screw playing this game.

That's where the fun starts. In the cycle of death and rebirth there exist Mara and his cohort of demons who feed off the emotion of fear, grief, anger. The cycle is not an endless loop, it's more like a buffet conveyor at Sushi King with the entire scale of human drama as the main course for parasitic energy demons.

It is these energies that keep people stuck in the loop. Concerted focus on the higher energies of love, courage and compassion resonates with that of the prime source, until the person is attuned enough to break out of loop and rejoin it.

The Buddha that modern humanity is aware of is not the first. On the night of his enlightenment he had managed to access his own psychic/genetic record of the existence of many other masters before him. At the moment I write this, just thinking of it is already causing a great deal of physical discomfort.

Which is what I am coming to, that memory is hidden behind a veil created by massive psychic trauma.

Not one, but a succession of collective hurt that includes mass depopulation as well as severe dimensional, environmental and psychic upheaval. All for the purpose of killing off any trace of the potential and destroying evidence of those who manage to find a way out of the game.

The only thing I can say to this comes from an enlightened dragon prince of a distant age. They can try, but so long as life endures and is held to in the darkest of times it will endure, regenerate and blossom.

Starmandala said...

Gerald - Now this has to be the most penetrating comment you've ever left on my blog. Wow! What have you been up to, bro? Incredible clarity is coming through your words. Profound! Thanks for adding value to this post :-)

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Just adding on to the things picked up over the years and sitting in my cave to contextualise it. Having listened to Ghani explain psychology by Karl Jung that day was a big key as well.

There has been a spot of depression when I realised I cannot really write about this without some manner of pain hitting. So thanks for having the Eagle man drag me out of my cave.

Will probably come up next week to the river to relax. I call it Tuning into the divine love channel at the best location.

de minimis said...

Bro Antares

You say "sensitive lover" when responding to Estrelita. Oi! I'm getting jealous :D

Anonymous said...

Antares - the 'integrity' part yes, genetic integrity...still digesting. But its nice imagining some massage that could unknot the double helix itself!

Tx for taking the time to answer though...


Starmandala said...

You have my word that disentangling the genetic knots is well under way and has been ongoing for more than 2,000 years. It helps, though, when we focus on clearing our own neural pathways instead of constantly looking at "statistical reality" (who was it who said there are 3 types of lies: lies, damn lies, and statistics?)

By removing the voodoo pins from your own doll, you are freeing yourself from the clutches of black magicians. That's the best thing you can do! :-)

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