Monday, December 8, 2008

Police have good reason to stop people from trying to cycle down the peninsula.

The last time it happened the country fell into Japanese hands for nearly four years. This is why the superpatriots in PDRM have resolved to harass the JERIT bicycle teams at every turn and do everything possible to prevent them from succeeding in their dastardly mission.

There's always a damn good reason why the police do the things they do. It's sad that Malaysians do not appreciate the extraordinary initiative shown by PDRM to prevent a recurrence of World War Two.

Besides, these grassroots movements sound rather subversive. Are they some species of peasant uprising? All this cycling around in red T-shirts handing out leaflets smells suspiciously like another manifestation of Ketuanan Rakyat. We can't have that! If we allow these people to carry on riding, before we know it they will turn this country pinko... and our anointed leader, Dato' Seri Pink Lips, certainly won't be very happy with the PDRM.