Thursday, August 24, 2017

Umno's Mat Rempit Regime Must Go!

I was outraged by Darlene Bridget Luis's account of her nightmare experience with Mat Rempit as reported by Malaysiakini. It would appear that the PDRM are ever ready to intimidate, harass and arrest Abolish-ISA vigilers and young cyclists riding for justice - but when it comes to investigating serious crimes, they are worst than useless. Such appalling incompetence reflects extremely badly on Police Inspector General Tan Sri Musa Hassan (promoted by Mahathir for his complicity in the conspiracy to fix Anwar in 1998). Under Musa Hassan's watch, the PDRM has degenerated into a gang of uniformed thugs little better than their Mat Rempit cousins. The police no longer seem to serve the public interest - only their criminal bosses in Umno. Abdullah Ahmad Badawi abysmally failed in his avowed mission to reform the PDRM when he backed down from implementing the recommendations of the 2003 Royal Commission on the Police Force. Now the only way we can clean up the PDRM is to get rid of Umno/BN - the party of overaged Mat Rempit.

Darlene Bridget Luis recounts her ordeal at the hands of Mat Rempit

Two days after Deepavali, Darlene Bridget Luis returned from Singapore to spend some quality time with her family after being away for almost a month.

But the holiday turned into a nightmare the night she drove back home alone along the elevated highway of Jalan Ampang after attending a dinner.

The 25-year-old corporate manager was assaulted by Mat Rempits and sustained severe head and facial injuries and a broken leg. She also lost all her belongings.

Producer/Editor: Indrani Kopal
Camera: Shukri Mohamad

Khairy Jamaluddin, are the Mat Rempit still on your payroll?

[First posted 6 January 2009]