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Malaysiakini, 8 Feb 2009

Dear Karpal,

You have been banging your head against the BN brick wall for nearly 40 years. I have long admired and loved you for your indomitable warrior spirit, which reveals you to be of authentic khalsa pedigree. With your brilliant grasp of the law you have stood out as one of the finest legal minds in the region. The few times we have met I noticed you almost glowed with the aura of a saint, and I saw you as a spiritual warrior who would fight to the death for what you believe to be right.

However, ever since the political tsunami of 8 March 2008, you have become a lot grouchier and much more pugnacious. Initially, I figured it would take you a bit of time to adjust to the new political realities wherein the DAP, which you have loyally served for so many decades, is no longer confined to playing the perennial role of Loyal Opposition. Indeed, along with its partners in the Pakatan Rakyat, the DAP must now get used to being in charge - just as Lim Guan Eng has had to swiftly adapt to being the Chief Minister of Penang, not just somebody paid to give BN a hard time in parliament and maintain the illusion of democracy.

When you're in charge, there is no longer any advantage in being perceived as "strident" or "quarrelsome." Indeed, when one is in power, one must become more accepting and understanding of others, and speak in gentler - but more authoritative - tones.

In recent days we have all witnessed the magnificent spirit of enlightened and noble leadership that Perak MB Mohd Nizar Jamaluddin personifies. He has stood up firmly and with impressive dignity to being dismissed as MB by the Sultan of Perak - and he has done so without a trace of rancor or rudeness. We could point to this and call it the silver lining to an otherwise dark cloud: the constitutional crisis in Perak and the kurang ajar manner in which YB Nizar has been mistreated by the BN faction has brought forth shining qualities within this young leader we otherwise would never know existed. YB Nizar has conducted himself with such impeccable aplomb and courage, Malaysians are now saying he is PM material - and indeed I agree he is.

What's remarkable is that YB Nizar's appeal as a leader transcends all party lines and racial barriers. We see him as a good, intelligent, approachable, humble, inspiring man - not as the PAS Mentri Besar of Perak.

Well, it's Nizar's job on the line - and he has never once blamed Anwar Ibrahim for the current political imbroglio. Nor has he threatened to sue the Sultan for making an arguably unwise decision, possibly swayed by business considerations.

Now more than ever the rakyat would like to see a strong, united Pakatan Rakyat focused on replacing Umno/BN as the federal government. Not one where every other leader is a loose cannon that can scuttle the ship anytime for the most absurd reasons. True, the Pakatan Rakyat espouses the spirit and not merely the letter of democratic ideals - and therefore must allow for dissenting views on various issues.

Nevertheless, it is one thing to voice disagreement and quite another to attack your political allies and colleagues in such a truculent and aggressive manner as to cause internal injury. The last thing we want is to see the Pakatan Rakyat coalition disintegrate before it has even had a chance to govern the nation.

Dear Karpal, in my humble opinion, Anwar is a highly intelligent man, albeit openly ambitious (and that is hardly a crime). If there are painful lessons to be learnt from the Perak party-hopping debacle, I have no doubt Anwar will very quickly learn them. There is absolutely no call to publicly whack him on the head with your umbrella. Anwar's detractors will certainly view this as extremely comical and seize upon your criticism as fuel for their gigantic spin machines.

Your demand for Anwar to step down as Pakatan leader at this juncture is unjustified and perhaps even suicidal. Without Anwar's powers of persuasion and his moderating influence, fundamentalist voices (from both ends of the spectrum) will rise to the fore and ruin all our hopes for authentic change in Malaysia.

Dear Karpal, I value honesty and outspokenness above most other traits. I am not in politics because, like you, I'm inclined to have a short fuse - and when angry am capable of shooting my mouth off and hurting a lot of people's feelings. But you, Karpal, are a veteran politician and really ought to know better, especially as you approach your 69th solar orbit. Clearly, the patriarchal control freak latent in your DNA is beginning to emerge and with increasing frequency. I have seen 90-year-old Sikh patriarchs scare the living daylights out of their burly 40-year-old grandsons. Please, dear friend, don't give in to those destructive propensities. Good families have broken down and become dysfunctional because of uncontrollable irascibility on the part of white-bearded, stern-faced patriarchs with absolutely no sense of humor and who cannot tolerate new ways of doing things.

May I suggest that you take a break from the emotionally charged atmosphere in Perak? Take time out to recuperate from the psychic toxins of being immersed for so many decades in a BN-dominated parliament. Be a child again with your grandchildren, a loving, inspiring father to your wonderful progeny, an affectionate husband to your supportive wife, and a wise, compassionate friend to the multitudes who adore and respect you as a living saint.

And I'm sure you have in you the goodness of heart and wisdom to apologize to Anwar for your outburst. Leave the fate of this nation in the collective hands of the rakyat - or of God, if you happen to be a believer. Come back and rejoin the fray when you're well rested and together let us fulfil the aspirations of a beautiful young nation.



Anonymous said...

R-A-H-M-A-N(Nizar !?) ...why NOT !!

Anonymous said...

This is what BN would like to see.

Stir shit to start the infighting within PR towards self destruction !

PR leaders - please do not play right into their hands !

Think through your head and not your heart !

Donplaypuks® said...

Some, like good wine, mellow with age. Others sour.

And poor, poor Karpal Bhai! Does he think DAP or PAS alone could have pulled off March 2008 without the common, uniting and heroic efforts of DSAI?

DSAI is only human and I agree that his earlier espousal of frog-hopping was precipitate and an error of judgement.

But Rome was not built in a day and neither will the pulling down of UMNO/BN be achieved so quickly. And Karpal does not seem to see the larger picture of collective opposition towards reducing BN hegemony to below 51% and cut them down to size.

Strange behaviour for a veteran politician who should know better than to ventilate party issues publicly instead of discussing them in a calm fashion, behind closed doors.

Perhaps he has become handicaaped in the head rather than elsewhere after his debilitating accident!!

Wake up Bhai1 What's your goal and priority? Work in unison with DSAI for that aim instead of shooting yourself in the fooot!

And Bhai, don't kid yourself. At the moment, there's no better alternative to DSAI for Pakatan

Anonymous said...

Without Anwar Ibrahim, no victory on GE12-308.

Anonymous said...

Antares says:
Without Anwar's powers of persuasion and his moderating influence, fundamentalist voices (from both ends of the spectrum) will rise to the fore and ruin all our hopes for authentic change in Malaysia.

First of all Antares, "fundamentalists" voices almost always come from the right, while those so called "radical" voices come from the left.

Those whom stand in the centre are often called fence sitters and are usually intelligent, yes; but that also comes with "manipulation" and "insincerity" on the "other side". Something only the foolish would accuse Karpal of being.

That's the other side of the Lion, and nobody is perfect. Many would rather trust a lion compared to a snake. The negative and hot tempered characteristics you have described here among other things, are part and parcel of the man and no long holiday will ever change and remove that.

I agree with you however, that Nizar would make a great and effective PR Leader for the time being and the timing now is also perfect. I have other reasons for this, though I can't mention them here.

I will end this post by pasting what two other of the best blogs have said about this. By the way, your blog is also among the best :)


Which is now the subject I want to talk about. Just a little mention about Anwar Ibrahim has aroused emotional outbursts. I saw many of these in many comments sent in response to my previous article. Such misty eyed adulation and romanticism will prevent us from seeing who the real Anwar is.

Let's call a spade, what it is, a spade. For Anwar, the ends justifies the means. Defection, for sometime was accepted as another brilliant chess move on the political board by Anwar. Hence he literally placed a gun on our collective heads when he was bragging about the defection of 31 BN lawmakers in September to 2008. That , did not materialise but its failure didn't extinguish Anwar's gluttony of treating defection as a legitimate means to secure the ends of taking power.

Now the very means that he has elevated as legitimate, is used by another and when that another succeeds at the game, it is now NOT open for Anwar Ibrahim to say, that means is not legitimate. We must reject, the proposition that only what Anwar does, is a measure of legitimacy.

I have used this expression many times in the past- its no skin off my nose, if people want to identify themselves with Anwar Ibrahim. When I was studying in the university if the late 70's and Anwar was often the darling of debating forums on campuses, I have, sad to say, never been impressed by him. With him, and I want the PKR people to know this, its always more shadow than substance, more hustle to the bustle. But I will give one credit to him- his oratory skills have never ceased to arouse orgasmic rupture among female listeners. Or in the immortal words of the blogger Mat bangkai, creamed a few knickers.

Yes, Anwar is blameable in this Perak episode. Of course I accept that Najib must also be castigated for this disguised coup d'etat. But in the immortal words of Karpal Singh, I cant be two extremes in one place at the same time.

Ktemoc says:

But on a serious note, as I wrote in The torment and impatience of Anwar Ibrahim:

Anwar Ibrahim is a talented man, blessed with the gift of the gab and a quick witted mind, though whether he has the ability to govern with vision, competency and effectiveness hasn’t been proven, no, even when he was in several ministerial positions including the DPM and Finance Minister in the BN government for almost two decades – au contraire, as I have come to believe.

His departure will be no loss to Pakatan Rakyat.

I reiterated this assessment of his unsuitability for leadership in Rid Pakatan Rakyat of contamination where I wrote:

Anwar Ibrahim is certainly not the person to lead the PR. He has contaminated the minds, stand and example of PR politics.

PR must now seriously consider the so-called political leadership, political ideology and political character of this person.

My blogging matey, anas zubedy has the same view as he blogged in Will Anwar make a stand on hudud?

Now, the Khalsa warrior has voiced the same assessment.

Anwar Ibrahim should do us all a favour and vacate the leadership position of PR. I believe the two parties in PR with the innate discipline to proceed positively from here are PAS and DAP. Mind you, there is still a place for PKR but certainly not for Anwar Ibrahim (who is more suitable and at home in UMNO).

If Anwar leaves now he will be remembered kindly as the man who had successfully brought PAS and DAP together into a workable relationship. For that we will be forever grateful to him, but he has done enough harm to Pakatan Rakyat’s reputation, standards and clean politics, ...

... and should, nay, must leave Pakatan Rakyat for the coalition party (of PAS, DAP & PKR) to have a decent chance to become the alternative government of Malaysia.

Starmandala said...

Dark Knight - Heavy nick & your comments are equally dire. It puzzles me the way Anwar can be such a polarizing force - but I hark back to what the man represents as a political phenomenon, he embodies the spirit of resistance which has been lacking in Malaysia (perhaps it wasn't so necessary until Mahathir came along & remade the country in his image). Anwar took up the cry of Reformasi & turned it into a groundswell of resistance against a kakistocratic regime. Without Anwar, there would be no talk of Ketuanan Rakyat. Anwar may be crafty but whatever cruelty might have been inherent in him has been transmuted by his own suffering & humiliation at the hands of the unjust. Give him the opportunity to be PM. If his leadership continues to polarize after one term, we can always replace him. I'm sure, having his lifelong dream fulfilled
would be sufficient gratification for a man who has catalyzed so much positive change in this country. He will graciously hand over the wheel with a huge sigh of relief.

romerz said...

Much as I respect him for his convictions, this is poor politics from a veteran politician and from DSAI as well.

He is taking the ground away from the 'nuetrals' who are trying to hold the BN in check with PR.

Anwar is not without faults too. Below is my message to 2 PR politicians.

Dear YB,

Have you heard Anwar's latest on the Perak crisis? He said Nizar will remain MB but will not sue.

I beg to disagree. This is stupid politics!

On the contrary, Nizar and the PR EXCO should resign BUT "under protest"! Then sue the sultan and the new BN administration that what happened was unconstitutional.

By resigning under protest, it shows that PR cares for the people of Perak and would not deprive them of a functional administration given the economic woes heading towards us. Moreover, it will show circumspect respect for HRH but will not accept his word as the last word since there is a higher authority in Malaysia's democracy of a constitutional monarchy.

Until and unless, PR holds the high ground, BN will win eventually. Please do not let our own stupidity "still-born" this movement for a better democratic and new Malaysia!

Come on PR, THINK!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I have only one more thing to say and I can only hope that every single PR supporter and members gets this message into their thick skulls; for this is the on the ground (feelings and thoughts of the majority), whether they like it or not.

The people have had enough with Anwar and UMNO, in regards to the frogs and everything they have every done, especially from 2007.

Anwar being the PR Leader, will only serve to the disadvantage of PR from this point. It's better for both him and the alliance, for Anwar to resign as PR Leader and serve from a lower position.

Many do not share your assumptions as mentioned in your last comment Antares and this is now the majority.

To echo Karpal's words, the truth will eventually prevail. Or do you want to doubt our foresight again? Make your choice.

Anonymous said...

We remember everything that Anwar and UMNO have done and not done from 2007 till now.

Fair said...

The fact is Jelapang political whore from DAP defection was the last straw that broke the camel's back and resulted in PR lost of Perak state government.

So Kapal Sink , should'nt you blame yourself too ?

backStreetGluttons said...

Dear Antares
First congrats to your feature in the Malaysiakini Letters' Column where we have, "a growing admiration and respect for your integrity and mental lucidity in sharing your sincere accurate thoughts in the face of grave adversity in the Malaysian political landscape,and your cutting edge response to the toxic self serving ( we suspect secret motive ) comments by some so called intelligent/egoistic Bloggers (no doubt super-reactive well-read comfortably armchaired in their high ivory towers with lots of free/idle time )who derive great masochistic pleasure/satisfaction in their lopsided/untenable critique of Anwar as being immoral & overly ambitious ( & on his perceived shortcomings )for, as unlike you Antares they fail miserably on one major issue...they are unable and/or devoid of practical/realistic ideas/solutions,with respect to the present critical urgent time & resources ( the luxury of which Malaysia does not have, vis a viz the present world turmoil and that Malaysia is sinking faster than its neighbours). Put it this way... they love to ramble and rant but are really pretty shallow and hollow.

You , on the other hand show great concern , are proactive and have what we detect a strong sense of sincerity.

Keep it up Brother and we look forward to more stunning exposes.
5 of us are Perakians btw.

Anonymous said...


Who do you think you are? What you mean Karpal should take a break? Who are you to question Karpal wisdom?
Karpal might be on to something when he suggest Anwar should step down. He is proven right many time. I would not go against him cause I would have lost my house, wife and kid if I bet against him.

Antares what make you think he is wrong and you are right?

Antares please go sell kacang putih, writing is not for you.

Anonymous said...

hey anon, who the f**k are you to tell antares to go and sell kacang putih.what you bet your house, wife and kid. you are no different than the jelapang whore who sold her soul tho the calling of the rinngit tainted with mongolian blood.

KoSong Cafe said...

Antares, I agree with your observations, even with the patriarch part!

Sometimes, there are things which might be wrong but better left unsaid to be kind. It could be just a matter of opinion and there is no clear answer as to who is right or wrong. This is especially so, in politics, where a lot has to do with public perception and opinions. We have to win them over.

There is one situation where public opinion might accept party hopping (if it is still legal) - when it is clear that the ruling party has gone beyond reason.

Just imagine the right number of MPs crossing over willingly without any offers of position or wealth.

I believe Anwar could be testing waters with 916 suggestion to see the reaction of the public, or the likely candidates could be holding back because of the big risk of losing everything when things did not work out as planned as well as the heavy responsibility if the country plunges into chaos as a result.

Perak, just one of the states, is a good indication of the problems of a takeover, in this case, by dubious means.

Even if the GE13 were to be a clear victory for PR, there is no guarantee of a smooth transition if BN is a sore loser.

Anonymous said...

Kapal Sink is indeed a sinking ship; he should just retired from politics , the old man is a liability for PR with his big mouth.

Without AI as the top leader for PR , we will have to wait for another 50 years for another 108 political tsunami, so Kapal Sink , do shut your big mouth.

Anonymous said... should be 308..

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Back from the river and just read Anwar's reply to KS. I have to say there is a certain grace in his voicing out the disagreement. Personally, it would not do to launch a direct attack against the monarch. Karpal's hands have weakened to the point that swinging a psychic Kingslayer blade [ie: to sue the Sultan of Perak] is going to cause more harm to his own side.

Rather, supporting the King to make the best decision should be the course taken by DAP. That is, catching and making known every single indiscretion done by UNMO/BN to the state and then call for the referendum. Make that can of worms and cesspool of corruption so visible that the only choice to save the state, nation and monarchy is to call for fresh elections.

Otherwise, the house of the Sultan of Perak dies in this generation and their final legacy is where they failed to protect their people.

Anonymous said...

why cant the PR boys just govern or act like they are able to handle the job at hand instead of attempting to rush willy nilly into an abyss. most of them are greenhorns and have shown this, time and again. how do they expect Malaysians to re-vote them again in 4 years when they cant seem to get their act together! do we really need PR ? after all we have been sleeping in the bullshit too long and are comfortable aren't we? if they carry on like this then all we can hope is a group of bickering children in Parliament! lets look the facts:
1. DSAI has been pro hopping since before sept 2008;
2. in fact he was instrumental in the hop, skip and jump epidemic that plagued Sabah not too long ago;
3. so why is Mr. Karpal screaming blue murder NOW? where was he in Sept 2008;
4. the responsibility of a State govt. is to govern and not to spend its time by giving away freebies or joining the CSI to discover whether their predecessors had committed criminal acts. [why do we need to be given free water and why should recalcitrant drivers have their traffic summones forgiven???? ] They are Chief Ministers and not some Gift Bearers. [there is no need to entice the public who has already voted them in!!]
5. as commendable as YB Mr. Nizar's conduct has been in the recent Perak fiasco, he should seek the advice of a Constiututional lawyer before
[a] ingoring HRH the Sultan [who incidentally is one of the foremost constitutional law minds of this Country!!]
[b] making decisions about people's land rights and other decisions from his "dining table" at his "official residence" which for all intents and purposes are void decisions. [fight the good fight not the fools' fight!]
6. when a coalition occurs of different parties with vastly different idealogies, the basics must be sorted out.
7. What exactly is PKR's stand on Hudud law and its applications to malaysians in general and non-muslims specifically?
8. Public confidence must be totally and utterly desecrated by Mr. Karpal's act of apparently informing the press before informing the Senior members of PR about what the problems are? How can the public who voted for PR have any confidence in the leadership of this coalition now?

So you asked us to get together and vote for you. We DID !

We gave you our confidence because you gave us hope. Pray tell - what have you done with all of that now?

Anonymous said...

Beautifully written. Brilliant piece

Anonymous said...

They BackStreetGluttons and all the rude, judgemental, hypocritical and practitioners of double standards, Antares fan club members here.

We see right through you bullshit to you hidden agenda and biasness.

What makes some of you think Anwar will step down after one term? Can you see the future?

Only a dumb person will not see how manipulative this Anwar really is and what he is capable of behind the scenes.

Anyway, this is a democracy and all us whom have this view of Anwar are not wrong, stupid, blinded or whatever else rubish you have written about us above. You want to change our minds and views about im, go right ahead, who is stopping you. We are willing to only listen to valuable information, facts and reliable sources. Not biased full on themselves stuff and people.

You want to start a war or words, dont do attacking only the person like some children do. Attack their ideas and points. If you got nothing and got hammered. Shut up! Because if you open your mouth, you only furhter proove to us your immaturity, stupidity and lack of knowledge.

As the saying goes - What you resist, persists, because it comes from within you and not a result of you having some mental reading characteristics that we do not have.

Anonymous said...

The idiot by the name of Kapak Sin should resign as chairman of DAP to take responsibility for the downfall of PR state government.

Unknown said...

My dear and most respected blogger buddy and mentor,

As always, you have my deepest respect for your erudite writing that displays a deep love for the nation and a heart that writes not for self-glorification but cries for people to see truth as it is without stooping down to theatrical or toxic insults. Not only do your words build, they also help us to see the situation objectively. Thank you my dear friend.

At the same time, I also wish to thank the many commenters who very eloquently summed up the situation and discussed at length the problem. All this goes to show that no matter how dark the day, when the occasion arises, men and women of valor will stand up to be counted.

I have been greatly blessed by the detailed discussion here and hope that more will read this post and the comments therein.

Take care and all the best to you and yours always!

Starmandala said...

Dear Friends - Too many comments for me to respond specifically to each one - especially for the diehard Anwar-haters in our midst (yes, I know Chandra Muzaffar, KTemoc & Anas Zubedy are in possession of dark secrets about Anwar that will shock the civilized world when they finally choose to reveal them; but I already know, and thus have been immunized to the fact that Anwar Ibrahim & Barack Obama are actually the same ET soul from Krypton that once visited Earth clad in blue tights & a flamboyant red cape, incarnating at just the right moment to offer a glimmer of hope where none existed)!

As for those who have expressed anger towards Karpal, I should direct the anger at our own political apathy over the last 3 decades that has given rise to the current impasse. I love Karpal dearly & apprecaite what he stands for; all I'm saying is that we're in the midst of a war & there he goes,losing his cool & training his artillery on his own team members... that's a clear sign of combat fatigue or trench fever! What guides my thoughts are my feelings. I feel nothing but contempt & disgust for slimy creatures like Najib, KJ, Hamid Albar, Ali Rustam, Muhyiddin, Mukhriz, in fact the entire Umno
cabinet. Haven't even met them in person. Yet, when I see Anwar, Azizah, Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Nizar,
Teresa, Sivarasa, Gobind, Nik Aziz,
Husam, Khalid Samad, even Abdul Hadi... my heart spontaneously warms to them & that's why I recognize them as FELLOW HUMANS - not cold-blooded, unfeeling reptoids.

Anonymous said...

I have been following the comments here and in the Ktemoc and SAKMONGKOL links pasted by the Dark Knight above.

You can't blame Karpal for Perak falling. Most of the neutral people will blame Anwar. Time will tell.

Most people are just fed up of the current political situation, which is worse than a soap opera. A reality now is that, those whom have been pushed too far will simply just resign, stop caring and become apathethic again. Anwar is the most responsible for this happening.

Some will not resign, but will simply become less trusting of Anwar whom is charasmatic and intelligent but the other side to that is also manipulation and cunning.

We owe Anwar nothing, not like some of you here have said. It is the politicians (public servants) whom owe us much and are responsible for even more.

do you really believed that the success of pakatan in the last general election is the result of anwar? it is NOT! the reason why pakatan wins a lot of seat is because of the weaknesses and internal problems which BN face. as usual, and as a cunning opportunist, anwar just took that opportunity to claim the victory of pakatan is because of him! please do not be fooled again by this guy!

Nsai sudah jadi Bubur apa lagi Anwar ?

Firstly as you can see Anwar is directing Nizar and his Executive Councillors to reject the Sultan's directive , in other words he is asking Nizar and company to commit TREASON against his own Ruler.
He should have ask Nizar to step down while the court process takes place or pending the legal process.

Secondly he's treating the DAP Chairman as IRRELEVANT . He only meets with DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and Pas president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang earlier.
Now you understand why in DAP the father and son are the supremo , DAP owned by them . Now you can understand why many potential people refuse to join the DAP .

i support karpal and i urge the pakatan people, if you want to see long term victory, pleaseeee do not let anwar lead. he is a liability to the party.

DAP should remain with Pakatan for the time being and until they can take over power. After that DAP and PKR should merge. The new party and PAS needs to change to become more inclusive, open, multiracial and secular. Yes, PAS can be more right wing and have a bit more of relgion in their platform, ala the Republicans.

After the new DAP+PKR party and PAS have become stronger in the following elections. UMNO will no longer become a altervatice and will be destroyed.

Many can't seem to see past the point, to a day when UMNO will become nothing and may even be disbanded.

Anonymous said...

Pakatan Rakyat became a reality after March 8, because it would allow the alliance to capture power from Umno in various states.

Anwar the impatient opportunist? If past and present results are considered facts, I could not agree more.

Anonymous said...

Time to remove the monarchy might have a point here.

PKR's should move to the centre-left and join DAP. It's high time we had a proper centre-left Malay political party.

Two's company; three's a crowd. An alliance of two will be stronger and the war will swing even more in Pakatan's favour.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the benefit of having the first truly multiracial party in Malaysia, with the PKR and DAP merger.

wizsurf malaysia said...

antares and all, greetings !

what many intelligent people like Dark Knight ( a flawed idealist no doubt) fail to realise is that nobody is perfect and then again there is this thing called timing.

What people like Antares ( & et el zorro/RPK)are trying to do is to give a lesser evil like Anwar & gang a chance against the current evil regime spearheaded by a confirmed adulterer and possibly crooked and corrupted murder suspect.
They are our next HOPE , in a sea od devious and evil Empire.

Why are you so-called neutral guys so blind ? and so hypocritical ? See the wider picture !

Anonymous said...

The Lim dynasty must be paying Antares or he stands to make a lot of money for writing this propaganda.

Knights Templar said...

Well written letter i must say Bro ... and i do respect your "soft" spot for Anwar ... but there is a remote possibility that "some" of us out there know something about Anwar that you dont ... and i said remote ...
and guys ...lets agree to disagree ...keep it civil !

Shalom my Friend ...

Anonymous said...

RPK: Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi should quit
Tue, Feb 10, 2009
The Star/ Asia News Network

PORT KLANG, MALAYSIA: Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has called for the resignations of three senior Opposition leaders for the loss of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat government to Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang should resign and accept collective responsibility for the loss, he said at a Chap Goh Mei celebration at the Kuan Soon temple grounds in Pandamaran here.

When asked whether it was a leadership crisis, he said it was just bad leadership, with bad decisions and the three senior politicians were out of touch with the people on the ground.

'It is time for them to stop the blame game. Move aside and give the position to the younger generation that are more able.'

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Dear IMF, you are free and welcome to visit the man in his abode at Kg Pertak in Kuala Kubu Baru to see for yourself if he is getting any money just speaking his mind. His door is open to anyone with a clear intention and the pilgrim seekers in search of answers. I head there at least once a month to get away from the electromagnetic pollution of the cities. Does wonderful things to the tempers of a high functioning empath.

I am continuously surprised at the people who show up at his doorstep. Artists, scholars, musicians, mystics, healers- all learned urban professionals tuning into the divine in themselves. Through it all, Antares has been my guide, mentor and friend. One I might add who isn't held back by being nice through the willingness to call on asshole behavior in myself.

In short, this is Tom Bombadil living here in Malaysia and a 45 minute drive from KL. So before throwing your lance into the unknown, come and see for yourself. There is much to be gained from being around people filled with good intention and using language devoid of political niceties.

Anonymous said...

...and much to be gained from people whom think that Anwar is superman reincarnated.

Anonymous said...

what are your thots on this antares ???

RPK: Anwar, Kit Siang and Hadi should quit

Tue, Feb 10, 2009
The Star/ Asia News Network

PORT KLANG, MALAYSIA: Blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin has called for the resignations of three senior Opposition leaders for the loss of the Perak Pakatan Rakyat government to Barisan Nasional.

Pakatan de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, DAP adviser Lim Kit Siang and PAS president Datuk Seri Abdul Hadi Awang should resign and accept collective responsibility for the loss, he said at a Chap Goh Mei celebration at the Kuan Soon temple grounds in Pandamaran here.

When asked whether it was a leadership crisis, he said it was just bad leadership, with bad decisions and the three senior politicians were out of touch with the people on the ground.

'It is time for them to stop the blame game. Move aside and give the position to the younger generation that are more able.'

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Unfortunately, I don't feel I've learned anything from people who do not identify themselves. This stems from having a very low regard for people with no stand and no balls. Pick one.

The Lion Axe is an apt label for Karpal Singh considering how he has used his energies in the many years battling both government injustice and judicial failings. He has been one of my inspirations and heroes in my youth, and was one of the main reasons I read law a decade ago.

Rare is the man born to wield a psychic Kingslayer. With it, heroes of past ages have felled monsters, tyrants and brought fire to an uncaring world. But he is one man and the prime of his strength is long past.

My appeal to Karpal Singh is this. Put aside your axe, though the need for it is perhaps greater than ever. There is a grand service for your skills and knowledge in the innumerable and vibrant minds of today's youth. To arm this legion with the fire of passion, a keen mind and the will of iron. Be as Chiron, who is immortalised in the stars as the grand master of mighty heroes.

This country cannot be retaken from evil by burning steel but through sturdy souls.

Anonymous said...

Karpal has spoken and RPK just re affirm Karpal suggestion.

What now Antares??? Should RPK take a break too???

Anonny Stop talking with your ass

Anonymous said...

Anwar should not be a PM. He has too many baggage. Karpal is right and RPK is brilliant. We do not need Anwar, LKS and Nik Aziz. If Arumugam can do it alone. Nothing will stop us from kicking out BN. Reformasi my ass, kick all this old timer out. Kick all this YBH out every 2-3 terms, I mean everyone including BN,PKR or independent.

Fresh blood mean fresh idea less dominance and corruption. More opportunity and position for everyone.

Starmandala said...

Knights Templar - I keep hearing about Anwar's dark secret(s), excess baggage & so on... but to date nobody has had the balls to state plainly what exactly it is about Anwar that makes them believe he isn't "qualified" to be PM. I'd really like to know, guys. You have photos of Anwar in the black fishnet stockings which he always wears on Tuesdays & Thursdays? Is it true the guy fucks ducks, screws jews & gooses mooses? Regularly beats up his wife & kids? Has billions stashed away in an Israeli bank under Paul Wolfovitz's name? Was Anwar a nasty little Malay ultra during his tenure as education minister? Dos he carry soiled schoolboys' underwear in his coat pocket to sniff during breaks in parliamentary sessions? PLEASE REVEAL ALL! I'm old enough to know the truth about Anwar - I think we all are. And if the truth about Anwar puts him in far worse light than Najib, KJ, Mukhriz & the rest of the Umno gang, I'll quit blogging politics & stick with metaphysical porn. But I'll still be Anwar's friend, if he accepts my friendship. In any case, having met Azizah & Nurul Izzah, I can't believe those feisty women would put up with Anwar if he was such a vile being as some folks would like us to believe he is.

Gerald - thanks very much for speaking up on my behalf & helping save my breath for more pleasurable pursuits like smoking.

Those of you who asked my take on what RPK was reported to have said in The Star (& why are you still reading that crap from Wong Chun Wai & his MCA bosses?) - first of all, it's obvious that EVERYBODY is pissed off & stressed out by the vileness & degrading politics being played out in this country, especially the utterly STUPID Perak coup engineered by that wretched Ezam Mohd Nor on his new boss Najib's behalf. RPK is understandably cheesed off with how things are going right now - who wouldn't, with 3 goddam court cases weighing on his mind & gnawing at his sense of well-being. Can you IMAGINE what the man is going through - having been freed after 2 tiresome mths in Kamunting & now, 3 mths later, having to face the prospect of being thrown back into the Gestapoman's dungeon of iniquity?

Much as I love & admire these brave souls who have been doing all the fighting for us, I confess that I'm glad I'm not in their shoes. Doubt I could endure such pressure for more than a couple of weeks! My reclusive streak doesn't fully approve of my occasional compulsion to be in the limelight. That's why I wholeheartedly applaud & support these political warriors... but I know they're just as human as I am & can sometimes feel let down & that's when they're inclined to throw a tantrum or two (like the best & noblest among us) & quarrel with each other. Ever driven long distance in a car with a couple that's been married more than 7 years? Makes you wonder why folks bother to get married in the first place, since marriage so often brings out the worst in us (of course, it can also bring out the best & that's why we take the risk).

A lot has been accomplished since 8 March 2008 - mostly in terms of getting Malaysians across the spectrum to feel personally involved in shaping the destiny of their own country & to speak out boldly. Suddenly, we're ALL politicians & the clamor of voices gets a bit deafening sometimes. So many ego conflicts even within one family - what do you expect when 3 political parties or more attempt to seal an alliance? There are now enough strong personalities in the political arena to offer a viable alternative to the incumbent figureheads in BN who mostly reprsesent the vested interests of the corporate & financial elite. It's a miracle when they can align their various agendas & find a common focus. Occasionally, when the weather is particularly bad, tempers get frayed & harsh words are exchanged.

Let's not PANIC, folks.

RPK is almost as irascible as Karpal & I love them both - just as I love Anwar & all the other key figures in DAP & PAS. Unlike many of my friends & acquaintances, PAS & its Islamic agenda doesn't bother me one bit (no more than any other brand of religious dogma anyhow). You're entitled to believe anything you want - but if you attempt to convert me, you'll find yourself regretting it within an hour (I used to amuse myself by inviting Jehovah's Witnesses & Mormons into my house. I'd offer them tea & then proceed to lecture them on deep cosmology until they begged to be allowed to leave :-)

In short, let's not overreact to what Karpal or RPK says or anybody else says for that matter. Listen to the quiet voice within that tells you when to speak up & when to shut up... but most importantly we have to keep referring to our inner compasses to ascertain that we stay on course. Unexpected problems & obstacles can delay our progress - an unexpected storm at sea, personnel falling overboard or getting very sick, the first mate getting piss drunk & steering the ship onto a reef & so on... gotta take all that in our stride & keep our eyes on the destination... & I believe all of us can at least agree that everybody desires to see this beautiful country cleansed of degenerate scumbags in high office & restored to sanity & balance.

Each of us would like our voices heard & our feelings considered. Fair enough, folks. Keep the flame of freedom burning in your heart & trust that our guardian angels are ever by our side or perhaps even right within us.

Knights Templar said...

Boy oh Boy ... did the Hoover Dam Just Collapse ! My Brother From a different Mother ... i feel disturbances in the force ... Your Point is well Taken ... No Arguement there my Bro ... My beef with him is somewhat personal ... so i would tend to be biased against him ... and yes ... i know Kak Izah and Cik Nurul ...and have the highest admiration for them ... As i have respect for you "Guys" who go against this corroupt Regime of Pillage ...Rape.. and Plunder ...

Shalom My Friend ...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your philosophical lecture Antares and being an apologist. You would make a fine politician despite all your downplaying and soft-pedalling.

Fact is this. Someone or a group of people will have to take the blame for what happened. They will have to repent and admit that they made a mistake.

Do not thing for a second that the smug remarks of LKS, Anwar and Guan Eng will go unnoticed. The people are watching their every move closely and how they choose to handle it, will have great bearings on the future of Pakatan.

Donplaypuks® said...


All these guys here, Anon etc, sound like political novices.

If they have an alternative to DSAI to lead Pakatan, let's here it. Otherwise, it's all hot air! Karpal to lead? Surely you jest?

It's obvious that Pakatan were undone in Perak by an amateurish failure to date the resignation letters and a collusion among Rosemajibbed, the EC Head and the Sultan who were determined not to call for fresh elections (we know why).

But that's politics. If you don't know how to play the game, please get out of the way!

But if we focus on the long-term permanent damage that UMNO/BN has brought on its head, then 2013 is not too long to wait to unseat a rcist, corrupt and part-illegal regime that has plundered the nations coffers to almost bankruptcy since 1969, in the name of NEP.

Pakatan has been in power for less than a year versus BN/UMNO for 50 years. Who is on the backfoot now and has to resort to skulduggery, money politics and pary hopping to cling on tenuously to power.

The future is with Pakatan. That's is already written on the wall; it's just that some Ketuanan Melayu racists will not see it!!

Anonymous said...

Antares, I hear you.

I hope many of the others (especially the PR leaders) who read your reply also will hear you !

P.S. I can't even get along with my siblings of same blood/flesh so I can fully understand the members of a union of very diverse ideologies.

I hope this is just a storm in a teacup and PR members will just have to pick themselves up, re-strategise and think of how to re-win the next 2 by-elections & onwards towards wrestling control of the goverment in the next GE !

Anonymous said...

R-A-H-M-A-N( Nizar) !!? Why not?

donplaypuks, another #%@*&^#@ egomaniacal oxymoron!

not only does this eccentric creature contradict himself many times, the holes in his arguments are so clear.

not worth wasting our time on such creatures. no point telling him where he might have erred.

Anonymous said...

Truth be told ! These few days all the so-called political Top Blogs that I had the pleasure to cyber shop around have oversold their stocks , even those unwanted expired rubbish at the corner for there's none left on the shelf !

As political Consultants they were probably absymmal failures in the political arena in real life , too old ... has been warriors... or just plain con men !

Except for some like you Mr Antares. You are OK !

Not much I can say tho about a majority of your arm chair computer games morning paper sometimes TV 7 avid fans, who claim to know more but really know nothing about the impeccable art of war , as much and as deep as you my friend

enthusiastic apprehentice warrior from perak

Donplaypuks® said...

IMF, God bless you too!

But RAHMAN? Why? It's a stupid joke.

Our first PM's name starts as Abdul and not Rahman. For any prophecy to be credible, it must be consistent. So you cannot have A for Rahman. It doesn't add up.

And on such logic do people like you offer useless thoughts!!

Anonymous said...

There is no use talking and reasoning with all those whom have bought the charm and deception of Anwar Ibrahim.

They will forever fall for his great speeches and outer layers of insincerity.

Anonymous said...

more like "fake sincerity".

Starmandala said...

Anon @ 11:34OPM - You're beginning to get on my nerves. How ridiculous of you to leave poisonous & anonymous thoughts on this blog. If you have anything worthwhile to say, then it's worth knowing who you are. Whispering viciously in the dark from under a black hood makes you less than human. Damnation, you remind me of fundamentalist Christians who spend more time cursing the Devil than appreciating God. End of discussion, goodbye! When you snap out of this malicious, Ezamish state of mind, come back & communicate like an intelligent, mature human being.

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Feeding nameless trolls deficient in the art of insult is to me a waste of time and effort. I mentioned before, no label equals no stones and no grounding. I can only pity the lack of passion and direction in your life.

Here's a thought about what can possibly be done to overturn the decision of the Sultan. Convince the vast majority of people working for Gamuda to just walk out.

Show up at their offices with fliers and placards for their indirect contribution in enslaving a state of several million people. That would be the livelihood of thousands of people and their dependents against the fate of a nation. Then it is not a race or political issue, just a frighteningly real economic one [akin to what Ghandi did to India].

With that, the reason for handing over Perak will die about the same time the pockets of BN does. It is the most possible, practical and effective method of getting the point across. Sure to work if someone can get this organised.

It is also one of the most monstrous acts of economic sabotage that can be committed against the nation by it's own people. Once started it will not stop until this country has burned itself to the ground. The only thing I fear more are crews of idiot hot heads arming themselves as militia's to fight the "enemy". We would be no better than Rwanda if that occurs.

I pray to every power on Earth that the citizens of Malaysia are awake enough to turn from such paths. To be clear that civil war is not a contemplated reality no matter how much a dagger waving sycophant tries to instigate this.

This nation was born through the efforts of a bargain. Do not disgrace it with the shame of sibling bloodshed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother,

I feel it in my heart that Karpal is right, and I can't lie to that.

Pat said...

I like when you say: "And if the truth about Anwar puts him in far worse light than Najib, KJ, Mukhriz & the rest of the Umno gang ...." Isn't that the truth!

I am no Anwar fan, and never have pretended to be. But really lah, who does anyone see as a replacement?

Right now, perhaps Perak's Nizar. He's showing a whole new side of him. And it's good. And he has none of the baggage that Anwar carries, and seems to carry.

But this post - and the comments - are excellent. And yah, I agree with your letter. It is time Karpal retires with his 'face' intact. It is rather sad to see the old lion in his imagined abandonment.

Azer Mantessa said...

"When you're in charge, there is no longer any advantage in being perceived as "strident" or "quarrelsome." Indeed, when one is in power, one must become more accepting and understanding of others, and speak in gentler - but more authoritative - tones."

BUT Mr. Karpal Singh has chosen to be otherwise. He has been consistent on what he is standing for which deserve my utmost admiration. He is no 'Yes Man'.

Unlike the other side of the force, Pakatan Rakyat don't mind freedom of speech and expression. Mr. Karpal Singh is here for the check and balance.

Should I trust any politicians, Mr. Karpal Singh is top on my list.

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you. Give PR the chance to grow....

The Pink Floyd fan,


Starmandala said...

saf said: I feel it in my heart that Karpal is right, and I can't lie to that.

I don't see it as a question of being right or wrong, saf. Anwar & Karpal are coming from different destinies, perceptions & political agendas. Karpal is a righteous warrior through & through & has never shown any overriding desire to become PM or even a minister (though he certainly would do well as law minister). Anwar is a natural-born politician who has harbored dreams of becoming PM since his student leader days. Karpal is in politics to maintain checks & balances against the excesses of the BN regime & to give authoritative voice to what rule-of-law is all about. Anwar is in politics to WIN - though I doubt he would ever be so unprincipled as to want to win at any cost, unlike his political rivals in Umno. Anwar feels a sense of urgency - not just because his ascension to PMship was postponed by 10 years - but because (i) he's aware that coming into power a few years down the line might be too late, the coffers would have been completely ransacked by Umno pirates by then & he would be leading a bankrupt nation; and (ii) having spent 6 years in Sungai Buloh & sensing the constant danger of the ISA being used as a weapon against all political threats, Anwar is acutely aware that Hamid Albar is itching to ISA everybody who opposes Umno/BN - from Anwar to RPK & even Lim Guan Eng, Nizar Jamaluddin & other prominent critics; (iii) despite his obvious shortcomings as PM, Abdullah Badawi still manages to carry himself with just enough dignity to deflect outright hostility against his person & he has certainly been a great deal more tolerant of dissent than his predecessor - or successor - which means our nascent democracy may not survive even 6 months of Najib as PM. Believe me, folks, we CANNOT turn the clock back to the 60s & 70s when we could simply get on with our lives & ignore the politicians! I look at what's happening as part of the War to End All Wars.

Pat - Pls note that I'm only politely suggesting that Karpal take a short break from the strains & stresses of politics. I'm not suggesting he retires. Why should he, as long as he has the energy & stamina & the stomach for it? I'm sure if Karpal took even a month off to recharge his batteries & reassess the situation, he would return much perkier & even more powerful. Malaysians will always cherish such an honest & magnificent soul.

Anonymous said...

Agree with your thoughts on Anwar. He seems to have the kind of face that some automatically dislike. Like some actors are more believable as bad guys than good.

Anonymous said...

Antares said "I don't see it as a question of being right or wrong" Then why tell Karpal to take a vacation? That's without saying Why not you yourself take a vacation. Your judgment is suspected and you suggestion is childish. When Karpal said something you don't like, he have to take a vacation. So to be consistence how should we punish Anwar when he do(not merely speak out) something that we don't like and cost the PKR dearly.

Again "I'm only politely suggesting that Karpal take a short break from the strains & stresses of politics. I'm not suggesting he retires" Do you understand the implication for suggesting the Chairman of a major political party to take a break. You are not selling kacang putih here.

Antares it's so easy to be judgmental but the last thing you want to do is to tell other to shut up.

Karpal you go.

Anonymous said...

Dear Semuaok,

I believe Antares is not being judgemental. Sometimes it is not a matter of right or wrong but is it the most effective or the best thing to do at this point of time under such conditions? What Karpal Singh had said might be right but have you consider the timing of it?

I believe all of us want our beloved country and of course ourselves to prosper and to be treated with integrity, not to be pushed around and not to be ruled by fear to suppress our freedom of expression and thoughts.

What we want is to be heard and to be treated with love so that we can truly be ourselves. Correct?

Why not all of us cooperate with each other to work towards the results that we desire instead of going against each other? I believe this is a critical time for us to realize that we no longer can survive with a YOU OR ME mentality in our beloved country and spaceship earth. Why not think YOU AND ME? That is what living with integrity is all about isn't? when we start talking about integration and how we can work with each other.

Stop letting ourselves to be divided and conquered. =)

Anonymous said...

Eagle Man,

Since it's not right and wrong(you said it not me), then what prompted him to tell Karpal to take a break.

How can it be you and me. When you advocate censorship and I opt for open communication with no fear and favor.

And for timing, then tell me when is the best time. Your time or my time?

For me I believe in diversity and freedom of expression, it look like I have to go against my principal to work with you. I'm not here to fight to win at all cost(like you), it will violate my principal.

Pat said...


You say:I'm not suggesting he retires.

But why ever not? There comes a time when we should all step back and let the younger ones show their mettle. I think his son is doing a very good job - he has learnt well from his stateman father.

I think Karpal's cause would be better served if he became 'neutral', as it were. Not 'neutred'! Then, his voice would carry more weight. People would listen - as he'd have no hidden agenda. Like becoming the next PM or something.

There is something to be said for those who stand and watch the 'throne'. We need good people like that. RPK seems to be one such man. A huge voice, but better serving the people outside a political party.

I still am saddened to see Karpal wittling away his good name like this. This, surely, is not the way to go.

Kris said...

Well said Antares. Cliched expression here but you are a voice of reason. An interesting voice of reason.