Friday, March 13, 2009

Hundreds Attend Global Warming Protest

(Image forwarded by Judy Mezen)

For the first time in five or six years, I've been thrown a bit off balance by catching a head cold - twice since January 10th! Not only has all the coughing and sneezing depleted my energy, it has also forced me to sleep more. I hear a lot of people in the city have been down with bronchial infections in recent weeks. Could it be the intense heat followed by sudden downpours? Or has all the rotten news we've been hearing since the start of 2009 weakened our collective immune system?

On the political front, it's been one ugly fiasco after another - all pointing to the absolute moral degradation of vengeful Umno warlords led by Najib Razak, the most desperate man on earth it would appear.

The public has long given up hope on the police, the anti-corruption agency, the election commission, and the judiciary. Abdullah Badawi has shown himself to be just a boring old career bureaucrat corrupted by the trappings of power and wealth. Nevertheless, a large majority of Malaysians would prefer to see Pak Blah carry on as PM - at least till Pakatan Rakyat is strong enough to take over - rather than to let his deputy Mr Pink Lips ascend to full power (as though he doesn't already appear to call the shots with the Attorney-General's Chambers, the Chief of Police, and the MACC).

With each passing day we see the pudgy hand of Najib Razak turning into a scaly reptilian claw clutching at straws - using his clout to push Anwar back into a defensive corner with the ludicrous sodomy trial (phase two) being forcibly transferred from sessions to high court (where Umno can presumably pick another willing Augustine Paul for the hatchet job of derailing justice and thwarting Anwar's ambition to become PM).

The sneaky manner in which both AG and IGP were absolved of all wrongdoing would be laughable if it weren't such a tragic commentary on the moribund state of democracy in Malaysia. And now the Umno goons are abusing the laws to scare bloggers from criticizing the Perak imbroglio by way of negative feedback on the Sultan's patently partisan decision.

It's enough to make anyone puke and reconsider migrating.

Perhaps if I were in my mid-twenties, I'd be tempted to mull over a few options. But my root has grown too deep here. I'm staying put no matter what. I vowed 10 years ago that I would live to celebrate the final inglorious end of Mahathirism. We may have rejoiced a little too soon last March. But I'm fairly convinced that if we can stick it out till next March, Malaysia may well be rid of the greatest pestilence we have had to endure - the evil mamak who ruined this country with his arrogance, cynicism, greed and megalomania.

This picture just about sums up the political tangle we're in. Problem is, even the professional help we're counting upon to serve us aren't doing their jobs.

Anyway, I've been feeling too congested to express my personal outrage over all the inane and obscene goings-on in the country. So I'll just dress up a few pertinent essays posted by other political commentators whose views I share and stick them in my blog. Stay tuned, folks.


Anonymous said...

Hi Antares

I'm wondering if those bronchial infection has anything to do with the many "aerosol" spraying in our skies? I notice such aeroplane trails in our skies since the begining of last year (and God knows since when this whole thing started!) and I came across a website that bring attention of such trail for which they called it "chemtrail" over at the States. I know this is all conspiracy stuffs but what if there are such effect on the population in a subtle and non too subtle ways?

I know of one site in particular, which I placed at the below:

The only reason why I bought into this chemtrail matter is that of the photographic evidence which bear similarity of those over our skies of late. In fact, I saw one trail at almost 8pm just night over at Subang Jaya over my office open air car park but I couldn't see the direction of the source or rather the so-called plane. Normally this thing flies very at high altitude because when you compare with the normal plane flying to or from KLIA they are normally at about 10,000feet because either they are about to land or have just left KLIA.

I hope people can pay attention to the sky and observe it wherever they are to see if such trails are prevalent or not. It occurs anytime in the day, whether morning, midday, afternoon, or evening.

If any of you who have expertise in chemical compound you may do us great service to consider analysing the component of the air over those areas which experience such spraying.


Donplaypuks® said...

You cannot stray 1 minute away from the belief that by the immutable Laws of our Universe, Justice shall prevail and that Evil shall perish of its own accord.

I too have waited long for the demise of Mahathirsm and now the UMNO/BN axis of evil.

Hang in there bro!! We are all in this thing together.

Starmandala said...

Anon @ 10:50PM - I know about chemtrails, have been monitoring them for years, and they are certainly NOT
figments of tinfoil-hat imaginations. Yes, chemtrails are part of biowarfare programs designed to enfeeble urban populations with epidemic illness if they begin to pose a threat to the power structure. However, my recent bouts of coughing couldn't possibly be due to chemtrail activities since I live in a village with only 150 inhabitants. I think it's a combination of smoking a bit more than usual & a weakened immune system caused by mild depression from seeing otherwise decent people continue to
support business-as-usual politics.

DPP - Really appreciate your spirit, bro, thanks! Good medicine :-)

Anonymous said...

whats this news about chemtrails.this is something new folks.looks like we have to move over to JANDA KURANG BAIK.This is a new village opposite JANDA BAIK. just to let you folks know that the 1st of April 2009 has been declared NATIONAL DICKHEADS are rite DPP.Lets all just hang in there and justice shall prevail.just like what MAHADEV SHANKER asked TAR about his secret to longevity.he said i have got two doctors,one is my physician and the other Doctot Mahatir.