Wednesday, March 12, 2014


This is how I look right now, folks, after several weeks' immersion in nothing but dickhead news - all reeking of dead-rat Mamak politics (remember the horrid stench that hung over the nation for 22 years? Well, folks, I can smell it creeping in again, how about that? Guess nobody bothered removing that dead rat from under the floorboards...)

Is it too late? Have we gone past the point of no return? Are you happy now, all you status quoists who kept saying GE12 was really about giving Umno "a wake-up call" - not about removing the vermin completely from power? Well, vermin will be vermin and once they become the govermin, you'll never be completely free of them, since they're pretty good at jumping ship and switching sides.

As long as vile and pernicious politicians continue to promote the absolute nonsense that this land has always been called "Tanah Melayu" (the name "Malaya" actually derives from the Tamil word for mountain, malai; I kid you not, folks, and the Malay Archipelago actually means "archipelago formed from mountains")... as long as those who consider themselves Melayu first - before they consider themselves Manusia (human) - continue to fear dogs, pigs and sultans... we shall remain a failed nation ruled by dickheaded dictators.


Are you still hoping to secure that 2-billion-ringgit contract from your Umno or MCA contacts? Well, turn your back on it - if you can! It's blood money and can only bring you and your posterity negative karma. You keep saying you'll stop buying their newspapers. Well, how come I still see The Star and NST on sale in the newsstands?


I've been jotting down the names of The Accursed: all those who self-servingly prop up the corrupt Umno/BN regime for short-term gain. All those half-baked judges hell-bent on serving their own retirement plans rather than justice. All the opportunistic lawyers who do the bidding of Umno; the pathologists and hospital directors and head of medical associations whose public utterances have revealed them as institutional eunuchs. All the tainted police officers with criminal tendencies who lie out of every pore with total impunity... while their men continue to harass, torture and kill without so much as a rebuke. All those who continue to write speeches, design websites, churn out propaganda for the Crude, the Bad and the Ugly in power...


While I was wondering what I would do on National Dickhead Day (coming up in only three weeks), a friend forwarded a bunch of photos supposedly from an annual celebration of the phallus in Japan. We ought to take a cue from the Japenis and construct giant effigies of all our national dickheads - what we can do with them I leave to your imagination.

Here's a truly charming video all the way from Israel...

THE NATIONAL ERECTION (Tel Aviv, 11 June 2007)

[First posted 11 March 2009]


Anonymous said...

To all the BN Dickheads/Ruler Dickheads


wizsurf malaysia said...

Nex you should consider doing a cuntSome on azalanussy cum rosmahAss to complete the grand invigorating festivities before the next teardrop falls in 3 weeks , yes ?

Azer Mantessa said...

am not sure why some did say GE12 is a wake up call for umno.

i only believe that there is no hope outta umno as 2004 GE promises have not been fulfilled ... corruption, cronyism, nepotism ... you name it

i think people just had enough.

no more umno.

should umno go ahead with their assembly without thorough investigations on bribery and money politics submitted by their own committee, is not this obvious ... confirmed ... proven ... again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again ...

Anonymous said...

NO, dickhead ,in fact is masculine
honor for a male ; suggestion : a cunthead , pigcunthead !!

Anonymous said...

Many a tall building, be it east or west, are phallic shaped. They often symbolise power, religious or secular. But, why phallic? Is it a show of patriarchal power? Or the fear of the loss of power - castration? If man elevates and idolises power, then castration would arouse violence.

But how about the phallic structure of the Israeli tanks? It symbolises the rigidity and the linearity of their defence thinking - one-way traffic to hell.

Or is this a totem of reproductiveness? When the earth is having great problems to sustain the productive homo sapiens, less is more.

But, it is really an eye-openner of the phallic celebration.