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Anchoring the Arcturus/Antares Midway Station on Earth (a tribute to eternal friendship)

Antares with Shanthini Kandiah & Dave Cawson in February 2017

I was traveling with my 13-year-old daughter Belle in Nepal, December 1984, when I bumped into Shanthini and Dave Cawson at the Biman office in Kathmandu. Our flight back to Kuala Lumpur involved a compulsory 3-day stopover in Dhaka, Bangladesh, hotel paid for by the airline. We ended up marooned in the Blue Nile (a no-budget dive on New Elephant Road) chatting a lot. 

Dave, Mary & Shanthini
Discovered that Shanthini's dad Kandiah was once based in Batu Pahat and he was my dad's drinking buddy. Dave was a fan of John C. Lilly (pioneer in dolphin intelligence research and inventor of the Samadhi Tank) and so was I. 

Mary Maguire met Dave and Shanthini in 1989 soon after she met me... and here we are, many adventures later, still a bunch of jolly good friends! ❤ ❤ ❤

What first drew me to Dave was the astounding similarity of our vision quests. My awakening in 1969 and his in 1971 looked like "nervous breakdowns" from the outside but were, in truth, powerful breakthroughs. This led Dave to explore the depths of his own psyche via metaphysical teachings preserved by the Rosicrucians and, later, through a funky Dane turned Karma Kagyu lama named Ole Nydahl. Over the decades, our orbits have intersected in a slow dance of telepathic resonances and synchronicities.

In keeping with his priestly lineage, Dave has always been more cautious, more conservative in his approach to the mysteries than I am inclined to be. Our deep soul connection has been one where Dave would listen in astonishment to my stories but he would always reserve judgment, opting to adopt a more Apollonian outlook (as opposed to my Dionysian proclivities).

Dave and I haven't been in regular contact for quite a few years but on October 31st, 2020, I received an email from him which profoundly touched my soul:

Dear Friend,

How fare thee? Many good wishes for your health, wealth and happiness. Long have I wanted to write this to you but so many times the hand is stayed and rightly so. The heart is now fully open, thusly the rest. How could it be otherwise?

Many places have I known you and much have I marvelled at your radiance. Always accepting the other's weakness you exemplify the expansion of human love into divine love. The threshold of realisation - the gateless gate - indeed the eye of the needle. The paradigm shift explicable at last. You always had the words, you shone like the sun itself, but veiled from the profane - exactly! So great is god that you as a manifestation are indeed god. Already you know - like the Eagles' "She can't take you anywhere you don't already know how to go." 

So, my appreciation of your presence in my life is the illustration of my consciousness, not a subtle attempt to propitiate - ah that devious ego - but no that finally collapsed when I stepped in fiery embers two weeks ago. I'm only now able to walk - totter actually. Phew - firewalkers raise their vibes so high they can and do walk through fire. So this one found out the truth that day and it penetrated - so what we think is the end after years of trying is actually only the first step on an infinite path. A platitude, a truism to the wise.

Today we fly without having to leave the ground. Soon you'll turn around, who is that in my peripheral, but once again nothing. Ah then slowly, we hold without looking, but knowing and looking. Maybe today, maybe not, maybe another time, maybe never, maybe always. I gotta work on my firewalking -  what a trip. What a long strange trip it's been. 

In eternality,

31 October 2020

My response was immediate:

My beloved friend from beyond the spacetime continuum, Hail Arcturus, good old Dave!

Only a tiny handful of friends left who write me the occasional juicy email, we're so accustomed to quick messages via whatsapp & FB messenger these days. 

Thank you for the special treat & the heartfelt & deeply appreciated positive feedback. You are among, literally, a handful of human associates with the necessary advanced perceptual faculties to see beyond outward appearances & are thus able, at precisely the right moment, to provide me with just the right amount of reassurance for me to soldier on, regardless. I've been lucky to have encountered a few random humans gifted with the sight who have reported seeing the full extent of my energy field. 

In February 2019 I reconnected with another Nefertiti embodiment who has the clairvoyant ability to observe an impressive range of frequencies. She told me she was shocked to accidentally catch a glimpse of my true form, which she described as an 11th Dimensional entity! That was nice to hear & we did have a go at reconnecting as husband & wife, for old times' sake, but that only lasted a few months. She was always seeing dragons around the area & told me she saw us both transforming into dragons when our energy fields merged.

How did you end up walking on hot coals (leftover bonfire in the garden?) Fortunately my first & only experience of firewalking occurred under the flamboyant auspices of Tony Robbins in 2005, when Belle treated her Daddyums to a 5-day Unleash the Power Within seminar in Sydney (even paying for airfare & accommodation). The event started at 2:30PM with around 3,000 participants & Tony was able, by 9:30PM to persuade nearly 2,000 newbies to attempt the firewalk. I just had to experience it & boy am I glad I did! There were 22 lanes of smoldering embers tended by professional teams & it was a brilliant way to give the group a peak experience on the very first day.

There's too much to tell & yet nothing at all. The Time Compression Effect we've been feeling since 2012 makes everything appear like a blur, one day becoming the next & each month merging into another & the only way we can tell we've been traveling at all is when we look in the mirror & notice the wear & tear on our vehicles. Nevertheless, I for one am extremely grateful I can still hop from rock to rock & imagine myself immortal (though for some years now my third leg can only maintain the pace with a little bit of help from Ali's Cane).

With Love Supreme & Eternal,

31 Oct 2020

I celebrate the beautiful soul bonds that keep some of us connected over multiple incarnations - and it is always a thrill when we encounter someone we know we have known since the beginning of our adventures in the physical realms. 

To the deathlessness of friendship and love beyond appearances.

AA Midway Station – Arcturus/Antares Midway station, located interdimensionally above the planetary midpoint between Jupiter and Maldek (Asteroid Belt). Also known as “the Mother Ship” the AA Midway station is the location of the particular unit of the Galactic Federation assigned to monitoring the star system Velatropa 24.3, scene of the final dramas of the Free Will experiment.


[First posted 25 February2021]