Saturday, March 9, 2024

Quote of the Moment (reprise)

Leonard Cohen, in a 1998 conversation with Pico Iyer:

"I feel we're in a very shabby moment, and neither the literary nor the musical experience really has its finger on the pulse of our crisis. From my point of view, we're in the midst of a Flood: a Flood of biblical proportions. It's both exterior and interior - at this point it's more devastating on the interior level - but it's leaking into the real world. And this Flood is of such enormous and biblical proportions that I see everybody holding on in their individual way to an orange crate, to a piece of wood, and we're passing each other in this swollen river that has pretty well taken down all the landmarks, and pretty well overturned everything we've got. And people insist, under the circumstances, on describing themselves as 'liberal' or 'conservative.' It seems to me completely mad."

[First posted 5 March 2007]