Sunday, March 15, 2020


An old friend named Patrick with whom I recently reconnected after a long break sent me an email which concluded with the following sentiment:

Do you really think that this country will soon be rid of pirates and parasites? I think UMNO/BN is so entrenched that any alternative would be quashed before they get time to settle. I always say that this country has so much going for it, but it’s screwed up by politics. I should be careful with what I write for fear of getting a knock on the door by some unwelcome visitors...
It saddened me that Patrick is probably not the only one infected with this pessimistic view of the political situation. No doubt he thinks of it as "being realistic." The social circle within which Patrick moves is quite likely to share his cynicism as regards the possibility of genuine change. After all, they are mostly entrepreneurs, socialites, aristocrats and technocrats who have worked around the planet for decades as expatriates, getting paid in US dollars or euros. Whether they be based in Nigeria, Somalia, Zimbabwe, Burma, Dubai, Qatar, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Sri Lanka or Thailand, they are unlikely to be affected by the squalid conditions on the ground. Should massive trouble erupt at any point, they have the wherewithal to swiftly airlift themselves to safety.

Since Patrick happens to be someone I genuinely like, he deserves a thoughtful, well-considered response rather than a flippant brush-off. So I'm going to share my formal reply to Patrick with all of you through this post.

Dear Patrick,

I can understand where you're coming from. In fact, most of my friends and relatives who have, through their own efforts and resources, attained a comfortable position in the food chain will probably echo your views on the apparent immutability of the status quo. And by "status quo" I refer not only to Malaysia but to all of humanity on this fair earth. You might as well have asked:

"Do you really think that this planet will soon be rid of pirates and parasites?"

And my response to that would be an unequivocal YES. The reason I can state this with absolute confidence is simply because I have spent the last 45 years monitoring the frequency shifts in the human psychosphere and the dramatic increase in Schumann Resonance of the planetary electromagnetic field. In plain language, the planet is a living cosmic organism and it is evolving along multidimensional Fibonacci spirals of expanding awareness, carrying along the morphogenetic fields of all lifeforms - mineral, vegetable, animal, human, and elemental - embedded within its being.

Between 1952 and 1979 the Schumann Resonance (SR) of the Earth was measured at 7.8 Hertz. It began to rise up the scale and is currently between 12 and 13 Hz. Cutting edge visionary scientists like Gregg Braden say they expect the SR to peak at 13 Hz between 2011 and 2013.

What will happen to the botanical and biological lifeforms on the planet's surface?

Some plant and animal species will vanish from the third dimension while a few new ones will spontaneously appear. As for humans, a great many will be unable to recalibrate and realign their energy fields; these will succumb and descend into various forms of psychosis and pathology. The news will be full of deadly epidemics and outbreaks of irrational violence camouflaged as interracial and interreligious conflict.

For millennia the warlords have ruled this planet and they will be resisting their own imminent extinction by attempting to drag millions of other lives with them as they go the way of the dinosaurs.

Those who have learnt to trust their heart wisdom will have little trouble accepting the incoming frequencies, thereby accelerating their own awakening on the cellular, molecular, atomic and nuclear levels. Within the next few months (that's right, I said months, not years, not decades), even as the 3D Matrix begins to get more and more unreal, the ones who can maintain their emotional equilibrium and trust completely in the Unknown will find life becoming simpler and more exquisite. They will consciously acknowledge their own integral roles in the evolutionary passion play that will take us from micro to macro perspectives, and gladly celebrate their initiation as galactic citizens.

Institutions that have enslaved the human imagination for untold generations will crumble like stale bread, even as their adherents become discombobulated and turn upon each other in desperation and panic. Armies will exhaust themselves and disintegrate through meaningless combat even as deserters begin to outnumber combatants.

Congenital liars, hypocrites and deceivers will end up their own victims. Those that persist in assigning blame and scapegoating others will find themselves devoid of a following. Empire builders will weep as grandiose monuments to their own megalomania are reduced to rubble.

The status quo is static - and reality is dynamic. In a dynamic universe, status has no value or significance. However, humble virtues such as compassion, empathy, humility, and goodwill towards others will become the only accepted currency.

Creativity rather than destructivity will regain the upper hand.

The planet has been ruled by criminal syndicates for countless millennia. This was only possible during the Kali yuga, which has just about run its course. Only inertia and long-ingrained habit are keeping oppressive social systems in apparent operation. Secret police, spy agencies, covert programs designed to keep power in the hands of a plutocratic elite will be exposed as more and more whistleblowers begin to break free from their indoctrination and implants.

Evil cannot withstand the light of publicity and will evaporate under the burning sun of an enlightened humanity.

As the democratization of human communities begins to spread like wildfire, centralized government and ancient power cabals will weaken and die. The Anunnaki bloodlines that constitute all monarchies will either transmute themselves into a force for universal good - or be forever terminated.

Don't worry about Umno. Or the Rockefeller-Rothschilds. From a macro perspective they are merely small-time street gangs that will soon become fascinating exhibits in cosmoanthropological museums. So fear them not.

Above all, FEAR NOT.

And love, love, love with a heart made whole.

All this and more will come to pass. I kid you not, my dear Patrick.

[First posted 3 March 2009]


Unknown said...

My dear Antares,

I believe you and have faith that all that you said WILL come to pass..!!!

You and some of my friends taught me not to fear and I believe with all my heart that indeed, we MUST LOVE with a heart made whole and stand on the right side!!!

Take care, my dear friend. Thanks for a very timely reminder!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Antares
Thank you as always for your hardworking insights.

Your dear friend as you have implied possesses an acute survival instinct for himself ( and his loved ones ) and so he will protect his morbid self interests the way he will which is, to put it simply is to avoid trouble at all costs ( meaning to be smarter than the next guy ) and to look for gratifications ( wealth and the easy life of expansive leisure as of having "made it" in life ) at all times. Some people ( aka the Chinese especially is well known throughout the world to abide by this "pragmatic" syndrome )take very good care of themselves in terms of acquiring wealth and life's bountiful material pursuits ( eg food , drinks , women and sex ).

While some fantasizers postulates ( like you Sir ) on meta-cosmic-spiritual ideals and hopes for a better tommorow ( which will always come soon just dunno when hehe )

Just so let it be known then , there are cowards and there are heroes in the present life . As there are vociferous impotent armchair critics as they are highly charged action men.

Question: who is who ? we are now at this stage ( the classic Perak Test ). We wait and see. Cheers !

Starmandala said...

MWS - Thank you so much for being such a stalwart friend and reader! The letter to Patrick turned out very different than what I initially intended, but I'm not inclined to step it down into something more mundane. It would otherwise sound like just another lecture on moral courage, righteousness, apathy, insularity & self-preservation.

My Lumut - Change is happening on every level, internally as well as externally. Reading the news on Mkini, pause to see which items uplift & which items oppress. In my case, it's so obvious that every time an Umno/BN idiot opens his mouth (with perhaps the exception of Tengku Razaleigh, who appears the embody the final vestiges of dignity & honor carried over from the original Umno), I feel pissed-off & disgusted; whereas news about the Perak Speaker succeeding in conducting a state assembly in the open air brings joy & a wide grin to my face. In effect, my entire being is telling me what's nourishing & what's toxic. Pity those whose senses have become so atrophied they don't even know when they're being fed shit by the ignoble MSM.