Thursday, January 16, 2014

RETURN OF THE MUMMY! (another classic case of déjà vu)

Once upon a time he was the Great Pharaoh of the Promised Land. He had a grand vision in which he would establish a mighty empire, embalm himself, and inaugurate a Mummy Dynasty that would rule the land forever and ever more. Nobody played the game of divide-and-rule better than the Great Pharaoh. He reigned supreme for more than two decades and was unmatched when it came to distorting reality and twisting truth.

An entire generation was raised in the unspoken belief that the Great Pharaoh was the Almighty Incarnate.

His influence began to wane in 1998 when his deputy and finance minister balked at bailing out the Great Pharaoh's sons whose business enterprises were faced with bankruptcy following upon a dramatic 40% currency depreciation. Soon the fissures between the Great Pharaoh and his deputy erupted into the open.

The Great Pharaoh decided to get rid of his mutinous deputy by accusing him of pederasty, thus granting him the dubious honor of being the first and only citizen to ever be publicly accused of and charged with sodomy. For the first time in the nation's history the people were moved to gather by the thousands in the streets calling for the Great Pharaoh's abdication.

Once again the Great Pharaoh decided to use his ultimate weapon to retain control: he ordered the arrest of his deputy under the dreaded Infernal Security Act (which allows the home minister to detain anybody without trial for an indefinite period in a godforsaken facility known as Kem Kamunting). Since the Great Pharaoh himself was also the home minister at the time, everything was easily arranged.

Thus shocked and awed by the show of brute force, the people were cowed and meekly went about their business with their eyes on the ground. But the split that occurred within the population began to grow into an ever-widening crack. Eventually, the Great Pharaoh was forced to step down - after building grandiloquent and very extravagant monuments to his own self-congratulatory greatness.

The people breathed a gigantic sigh of relief and believed the Great Pharaoh could no longer harm them. They thought he would make an excellent mummy and looked forward to embalming him and installing him as a permanent exhibit in a magnificent museum to his memory...

Alas, the Great Pharaoh did not take well to being mummified. The rot in his soul began to emerge and he found no peace in his retirement. His cold heart threatened to quit on him but his insatiable lust for glory and his addiction to power kept him chained to the wheel of karma.

He began to spend all his waking hours plotting to prevent his former deputy - who, upon being released from prison, had miraculously resurrected his political career - from rising to power.

Laying the blame squarely on his own handpicked successor for losing political ground to his erstwhile foe, the Great Pharaoh conspired to push into power a man he had personally tutored in Machiavellian power games. Somebody who would rule the nation as his proxy, until such time his own son could take over and continue the Mummy Dynasty.

The man who would faithfully carry out the Great Pharaoh's plan was a lecherous ladykiller with absolutely no moral compunctions. Desperation brought their destinies together and intertwined their ambitions. Indeed, what united these men was their fear that genuine reform would take root in the nation - and that the new generation would see right through their elaborate lies and label them, as they truly deserved, as criminals and monsters of the first magnitude.



[First posted 23 March 2009]


Anonymous said...

Well said Antares. Be very afraid as the resurrection of the Mummy and his fat mama is near, very near!

Anonymous said...

" I AM a malay & if Indian kutty is my ancester , that's their business !! "

Monsterball said...

UMNO is making a fatal mistake if it brings back Mahathirism.

If you analyse the chain of events carefully, UMNO and BN had actually been heavily rejected as long ago as 1999. They were basically saved by the non-Malays who at the time were frightened by the Reformasi street politics and the surging support among Malays of PAS.
Pak Lah won big in 2004 on a promise of moving away from the corruption of Mahathirism. When people realised they had been had, the revolt against BN continued in 2008.
If BN / UMNO continues to attempt to continue, even strengthen Mahathirism, it is going to end in grief for the party.
They have one, last, final chance to reform. If they miss this, its Adios UMNO, Adios BN.

Donplaypuks® said...


Firaun may claim he's Malay and Bumiputra by Constitutional amendment though it's arguable if someone who is not actually born on Tanah Ayer Ku can claim to be Bumiputra? I mean if you are not born on M'sian soil, Bumi, how are you a Bumiputra?

But can Firaun claim that for his father, an Indian Muslim named Kutty whose name he now says is Mohammad Iskandar when before 1957 you were either Malay or not and before 1969 when the term Bumiputra did not exist?

What's the truth?

All this playing around with semantics is to create what is not!! My instincts tell me that we should only have a single national identity and that is, Malaysian!!

Anonymous said...

I suppose the good thing about going to hell is you lose all your illusions once and for all.

Crankster said...

You're hysterical. :) Love it!

Anonymous said...

Mahathirism has never left us. "Be afraid, and very afraid" that it has mutated.

Tubercular decay has been found in Egytian mummies around 3000 B.C. Today, TB has mutated to multi or extensively drug resisitant TB like MDR-TB and XDR-TB. All known effective drugs are useless. Be afraid.

Mahathirism breeds a culture of impunity whereby any unacceptable cruel actions can be rationalised for the sake of clinging to power. The deadly virus of this ideology has sinked so deep into the psyche of the political elites that it will take generations to heal. Be realistically afraid and keep up to invent new vaccines.

Anonymous said...

Mahafiraun Kutty was a curse upon the Land of Boleh...

Anonymous said...

Hi Antares

Have you read Khoo Boo Teik's
book on Mahathirism?

As I see it, Mahathir is a man
who was single-minded in his quest to "develop" Malaysia. Parliamentary democracy, the Constitution, opposition parties, public opinion etc are just nuisances/obstacles in his path to be ridden roughshod over. Thus, as part of his legacy, we are left with the disastrous "national" car projects and "local" car companies (inefficient, heavily protected by tariffs, heavy pollution, massive traffic jams, poor public transport, etc). If he had listened to the economists and to public transport experts, things would have turned out differently.

Kittykay46 is correct in his analysis. Political dinosaurs can return. But can they survive in a much changed (political) environment e.g. blogs, alternative media, politically aware citizenry etc??

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

You do have glimses & trace elements and bits & pieces of suspenseful streaks of a try harder aspiring Hollywood Director reprising yet again a monumental failed saga of a thriller aka part 4 of the same M name, albeit category C & below realistically since you are as of now still mired in an obscure river by the magickal banks in da boondocks and so you can if you try to at least give us the Heroe's plan of misaction or some kind of a excitable trailer of what he could do instead lamenting like a dead Mummy of how to ask us placid erectile dysfunctional Malaysians to be very afraid again, of which they will panik mind you !

Thats so unbecoming of the Magick River