Thursday, April 30, 2009

Where Malaysia is headed (Part 9)

No words can express what I desire for my beloved country and my planet more vividly than these images...

Dedicated to those who dare dream a new dawn of joy, freedom
and love in Malaysia

Where Malaysia is headed (Part 1)


Donplaypuks® said...

Hold fast to dreams for when dream fly,

Life is like a broken-winged bird, that cannot fly.

Hold fast to dreams, for when dream go,

Life is like a barren field, frozen with snow;

by Langston Hughes (an afro-american, european-american & native-american poet)

Garnet said...

It is sad that we multi-racial Malaysians are ready to realize that dream, but our leaders are still bent on their own ambitions. Who has the vision for a better Malaysia in this case, the people or the ones that are supposed to lead us to a brighter future? Certainly not our leaders, unless there's something in it for them to line their pockets with.

backStreetGluttons said...

omg !

yes !
yes !
yes !

no more pinky and fat !
at last

tq Part 9 !

let our lives re-begin

Starmandala said...

Politicians, priests, panjandrums & plutocrats will no longer form the "ruling elite" when each of us becomes a sovereign, self-governing divine human!

Whatif said...

Wow Antares,

Such beautiful, colourful and meaningful pictures! Where did you get those? Really ispirational!

God Bless.

Unknown said...

Awesome pics, Antares! Thanks so much for the feast for our eyes...and yes, I am one of those who dare dream a new dawn of joy, freedom & love in Malaysia, even if at times the outlook can appear so bleak and dismal...but a new dawn will come...

Take care!

Pat said...

Is this the last part, Unka Ant? On what a beautiful and optimistic note, then. This touched my heart - much more than mere words could or would have.


Starmandala said...

Whatif - Glad you enjoyed the images. I regularly pinch stuff from Google Images. There's usually at least ONE good one on every page! I wanted to end this particular series of essays but had too much to say - and I didn't want to extend the series beyond 9 parts - so going for the visual approach solved the problem.

MWS - As always I can count on you to be attuned to the frequency of heaven on earth (which means Malaysia too!)

Pattycake - The series was heading in a variety of different directions than what I had originally intended. Some blogposts have a habit of acquiring a mind of their own - so I had to put closure to this set of freeform essays. I have been unable to stick my nose into petty politics because the stench of rotting bodies hasn't gone away - and it will remain so long as Malaysians remain hostage to a rogue government bereft of core values apart from saving their own horny hides. No matter what propaganda Umno/BN spins, it's all utter crap unless they acknowledge the fact that this country is at the mercy of a crooked top cop and a shameless attorney-general, both of whom are crucial to the political survival of Mr Pink Lips.

faizal said...

Salam sejahtera.

kita rakyat malaysia mesti bersatu padu. Buat apa PAS pun kata nak bertanding. PKR pun nak bertanding.
Anwar perlu teliti kalau wakil mereka macam budak Fairuz itu lari dari tanggungjawab, siapa yang tanggungjawab? Kan rugi duit dan masa rakyat?
Fairus dengan angkuh sekarang kata dia tidak bersalah dan akan balik kat politik selepas balik dari melanjutkan pelajaran. Dan PKR setuju dan tepuk tangan!

Lepas itu, bila orang suruh SPR teliti cadangan kenakan penalti terhadap wakil rakyat yang berhenti tanpa sebab munasabah, geng Pakatan, seperti Lim Kit Siang dan Faris Musa (timblan AMK) kata Dato' Mukhriz (timbalan menteri MITI) dan Tan Keng Liang (ketua pemuda gerakan kedah) yang keluarkan cadangan penalti terhadap orang yang tidak bertanggungjawab sebagai kenyataan daripada orang "tidak berakal". Lihat kat:-

Roofing Austin TX said...

Thank you for sharing your culture through this post. It's very enriching and substantial.

Julian said...

|| Politicians, priests, panjandrums & plutocrats will no longer form the "ruling elite"

Damn right, Antares!