Saturday, May 1, 2021

May right prevail over might! (reprise)

Last night I saw dancing lights in the night sky above my village. There were at least three of them. We thought at first it might be some campers playing with powerful flashlights. But three hours later I looked up at the sky and the lights were still there, though a little fainter and farther away. Nobody keeps their flashlights on for several hours. I wasn't the only one who saw them.

No, the lights didn't look like this. They were simple glowing discs with soft edges that swirled around randomly, but after a while I noticed a discernible pattern to the dance of the luminous blobs in the sky.

May 1st is my father's birthday. He would be 105 today if he were alive. He died 14 October 2004.

I often encounter aerial phenomena. In fact I have been aware of mysterious moving lights since I was a kid. I'm not referring to meteors, comets or shooting stars. In 1969 I saw a star or planet form a Chinese character in the sky. Sometimes these lights appear to dance for me when I gaze at them for a few seconds.

Are they UFOs? I really don't know. But I certainly don't believe humans are alone in the universe.

Our first contact with emissaries of the Galactic Council will signal the end of the Piscean Age when power resided in the hands of the mighty few - the control freaks whose secret police and black ops have turned our dream of a peaceful world into an endless nightmare where terror lurks behind every Bush (pun intended).

I believe the dancing lights I witnessed last night were the effect of a portal activation. Where I live there is a major planetary chakra that was shut down after the destruction of Lemuria. The chakra served as an interdimensional portal millions of years ago. When I relocated here in 1992 the interdimensional portal began to reactivate.

A hitherto unknown form of cosmic radiation is now streaming through the Earth's atmosphere, carried along by the photon beams from the Sun. Genetic mutations will occur, some triggering disease and death - and others will facilitate the transmutation of our hydrocarbon-protein bodies into a silicon-based light-encodable crystalline form that will no longer be subject to the 3D matrix of decay, disease and death.

Happy Rebirthday, Humanity!

[First posted 1 May 2009]