Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Malaysiakini, 26 May 2009

This man has turned the Polis Di Raja Malaysia into his private goon squad!


backStreetGluttons said...

Mr Najib...the end is near.

Say , within 13 months ? When that fler in Brisbane strikes once and for all

Mohamad Hafizudin said...

Najib,just like a ehud olmert

Donplaypuks® said...

Thes things are being done in the name of UMNO since the Govt is led by them and Najib. I can't see MCA, MIC or PPP agreeing to I Raja Polis's heavy handed actions.

But if put to a national referundum vote, I bet even most UMNO members would distance themselves from these sledgehammer tactics by I Raja Polis who justifies it by saying 'I don't want the situation to be like that in Bangkok.'

The Najib regime is just putting the noose around its own neck and I Raja Polis is unwittingly helping them to a quick demise.

Anonymous said...


Don't let Najib lead you like lambs into the slaughter house!!! Check out the link and it will tell you why.

Najib exchanging SMS messages with Shafee....about Altantuya's murder trial...He thought those were his secret...hahaha..Those dirty secrets are being kept secret as long as it's of any use to any of those government involved in the project.

Wouldn't be surprise if Lee Sien Loong use it to his advantage. Probably squeezed his balls once already on the Batu Puteh case..haha...

So, how do we trust that he absorb the blow himself and not sell us out cheap cheap!!! Well, we can't, we just can,t. Period!

Those UMNoputra bastards are really selfish. They don't give a damn on the well being of the country. Malaysia boleh...habis!

Anonymous said...

Najib's father must be writhling
in his grave, had his father known he would bring him shame I am sure he would have rather wanked off to feed spiders than to have him born into this world.