Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Tune in on a luminously intelligent and liberating conversation with an entirely brilliant (and indestructible) messenger of freedom!

David Icke is one of the most visible, outspoken and controversial speakers and writers about the Illuminati and the New World Order control agenda.

We've been in touch with David since November 2006, when Project Camelot was relatively young. We had an interview arranged then, but David had to cancel due to an emergency; and several later attempts to reschedule it all met with logistical problems. Finally - over two years later! - we caught up with him in Sedona, and were able to sit down for a long conversation with him about his life and his work.

This is not an interview specifically about the information he's researched and presents so lucidly in his famous long presentations, and in his many books - all of which are packed with references, anecdotes and encyclopedic detail. It's more about the man behind his mission; what makes him tick, and what keeps him going; the source of his inner resolve; and, notably - anyone who mistakes David for a doomsayer, take note - his vision for Planet Earth: "The idea that this might not all have a successful outcome", he told us, "Never occurs to me."

David's unflinching and remarkable commitment to his cause has made life far easier for many who have come after him - including ourselves. We owe him our own vote of thanks, and in this two hour FutureTalk we pay tribute to his life's work, and to the man who is still standing after all these years, still marching on that road less traveled, determined to present what he suspects is the truth, whatever it is.

Bill Ryan & Kerry Cassidy

[Kindly brought to my attention by Heiko Niedermeyer]


Tiger said...

Hi Antares,
My attention was brought to this post by Masterwordsmith.
I recommend "And the Truth Shall Set You Free" by David Icke to be read by everyone and anyone who is interested in enlightening themselves.
He may sound a little loony sometimes, but his truths hit hard.

Starmandala said...

Tiger - I'm pleased that at least ONE Malaysian (apart from myself of course) is receptive to David Icke. He has NEVER once soundedx "loony" to me - occasionally he may come across as overly obsessive on specific issues, but that's about it. He writes lucidly and engagingly... and is a very focused, eloquent public speaker. Indeed, I believe Icke is among the most significant modern-day oracles in our midst and fully endorse your recommendation!

chapchai said...

Hah, David Icke has resurfaced! I remember him when he was a young, blue-eyed, blond-haired newscaster who didn't turn up for duty one day. This was then followed by news that he had gone "funny" in the head. He finally emerged dressed in white robes proclaiming himself to be the "something" of some cult! He was quite a hoot back then. However, to convince myself that I'm not prejudiced I shall attempt to read his words of wisdom provided it's not too gobbledegookish!

Crankster said...

Hmmm.... :)

The jury's still out on David Icke, but he's with the Green Party, so he's one of the good guys.

His choice of words to describe various individuals are strange though. But he does have some profound ideologies, so I won't trash him just yet.

Michelle said...

Spent a couple of hours watching this video on your blog, then another couple of hours watching a video of David Icke speaking back in 1996, which was something I found on his website.
(Spent the four hours watching internet videos when I should have been studying for my exams. But what the heck, it was time well spent, no?)

Interesting stuff, I must say. When I first found out about him, it was because of the reptilian theory. Back then, it sort of put me off, and I didn't find out more about him.

But now, having watched this and the other video, he has some amazingly good and solid arguments, some that smack me right in the face and make me go, "and why didn't I realise that earlier?"

I'll be looking forward to reading that book both you and Tiger endorse. Any others that you might suggest?

Oh, and thanks for sharing Antares. =)

Starmandala said...

Cranky - Very glad you opted to NOT trash David Icke just yet! Seems to me those who do are more likely than not to spend the next 26,000 years being recycled repetitiously within the Drako-Zeta-Anunnaki controlled 3D Quarantine Zone!

Michelle Yoon! Long time no hear from you, my dear... your blogging back on track? Will check & reinstate you in my blogroll! One of the most meticulously researched of Icke's book was The Robots' Rebellion in which he deconstructs religious dogma with impressive panache. I believe Children of the Matrix is also quite hard-hitting but never got ahold of a copy...