Wednesday, July 22, 2009


MACC, in its overzealousness to be Umno's instrument to topple the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Selangor, has done irreparable damage to its own already tainted public image. The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission in its present form will have to be dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up... on a non-ethnic, non-partisan, non-political foundation.

Teoh Beng Hock did not die in vain. He brought the entire evil edifice down with him... even as he breathed his last while being brutalized by those Umno-approved bullies and thugs.

2009-07-22 14:54

MR TEOH BENG HOCK'S death marks a watershed in the attitude of the public towards their government. The government has plumbed a new low in its loss of credibility. Many people have come up to tell me in anger or despair that they feel their country has gone off the rails.

There have been too many deaths under custody.

But this death is particularly disturbing because Mr Teoh died after interrogation by a specially commissioned watchdog agency, inaugurated with fanfare last year by the outgoing administration. The very agency set up to combat the abuse of power has become in the public eye a symbol of the abuse of power.

Mr Teoh was a mere witness. He was questioned about the possible misuse of funds by his employer, a state assemblyman, to buy flags for the last Merdeka celebrations. The sum in question was RM2,400. He was questioned for eight hours through the night. He was found dead the following day after having fallen to his death from the MACC's headquarters.

Mr Teoh, 30, would have registered his marriage last weekend. His fiancée is two-months pregnant.

If the Perak debacle reminded us of the importance of the Constitution, the death under suspicious circumstances of Mr Teoh Beng Hock has brought home in a heart-wrenching way how much we rely on our public institutions to be independent and law-abiding. A shocked public is demanding answers, and rightly so.

Questions about how Mr Teoh died cannot be shut down with the usual warning that it is "liable to confuse the public" because the public is already confused. We are confused about how an idealistic young man with everything to live for can enter the headquarters of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission as a witness one day and be found dead outside the next.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be swept aside with the paternalistic instruction to "leave it to the authorities to investigate," because the death of Mr Teoh appears to be just the result of "leaving it to the authorities investigate." It is precisely the independence of the investigating authorities that people are questioning.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be suppressed with the warning "not to speculate" when the investigating authorities were apparently able to prognosticate, ahead of their own investigations, that foul play was not involved, and some leaders appear to have special knowledge that Mr Teoh jumped to his death of his own accord.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be evaded with the low tactic of racializing the issue because the death of Mr Teoh touches us all as citizens, brothers and sisters and fathers and mothers. None of us wants to live under a government apparatus that cannot be trusted to be independent and to tell the truth.

Questions about the death of Mr Teoh cannot be suppressed with authoritarian prohibitions because they are about the integrity and independence of institutions that belong to the people. Those ministers who talk down to the people may have forgotten who put them into government and pays their wages, and whose questions they were put there to ask. And to answer.

To ask such questions is not to "politicize" the issue but to exercise our ownership of an issue that touches each and every one of us as citizens: our basic institutions are rotted out, and we are headed in the direction of a failed state.

It is our right and indeed our duty as citizens to keep asking questions when someone dies under circumstances that put the entire government under a shadow. As we ask these questions let us accept our joint responsibility to push uncompromisingly for an overhaul of the key institutions that have rotted through under exactly the kind of authoritarianism that would prohibit discussion of the circumstances of the death of Mr Teoh Beng Hock.

Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah
Member of Parliament for Gua Musang
Kuala Lumpur
21 July 2009


Singam said...

Minor but important correction.

Teoh Beng Hock did not plunge to his death. His already dead body was indecently pushed through a narrow window to fall the 9 floors to the roof of the podium. Where and under what circumstances he died remains a mystery.

And the newly formed Royal Commission of Inquiry will not have the mandate to solve that mystery. They can only investigate whether Teoh's rights were violated by the interrogation method.

How limp!

Hidup Malaysia said...

BN should remember always - never make martyrs of anyone - not RPK, not Haris Ibrahim, not Anwar Ibrahim - or there'll be hell to pay! It's a law of nature nobody escapes from.

Starmandala said...

Singam - Yes, you may well be correct, since many have noted the complete absence of blood around his body. I shall have to rephrase that statement!

Hidup Malaysia - It's incomprehensible how anyone could possibly be inspired to rough up a gentle-looking young fellow like Teoh Beng Hock to the extent that he would be fatally injured. I was told that Teoh's undertakers found deep bruises around his stomach, indicating he was severely brutalized.

Singam said...

My guess is that he was brutalised because he refused to succumb to their bullying and sign a false statement implicating his boss. He was truly a warrior and a hero.

I now suspect an even more sinister aspect to this. Despite the terrible ordeal, he refused to succumb. They stopped at 3:45 am or whatever time but certainly did not let him go. They could not let him go because their thuggish methods would be revealed to the world.

So when the bosses came in to work that morning, they got into a huddle and made the deliberate decision to eliminate him... and make it look like suicide.

Had there been less of a public outcry, they may well have succeeded. Now they are desperately trying to minimise the damage.

We have to squeeze them by the balls and force this issue to trigger the implosion of the BN. But I am at a loss on how to make that happen without bringing emergency rule upon ourselves.

Donplaypuks® said...

"Well-placed sources and officials close to the MACC said Teoh was "manhandled and threatened" by investigators during a 10-hour interrogation as part of a political conspiracy to bring down opposition leaders, led by Anwar Ibrahim, and to implicate them for alleged misuse of funds.

When he refused to do so, the officers dragged him to a window on the 14-story building and threatened to throw him out,"said the source who was not authorized to speak to media."

Well, this piece from Malaysian Mirror is interesting. Check it out at:

We are all of one Race, the Human Race.
That is all that really matters.

backStreetGluttons said...

if at the end of the saga , the crime minister & his cohorts are overthrown and beheaded , then truly he din die in vain

otherwise he will be another Kugan statistics & Lingam no 2 or issit 3

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&* ...this royal commission is about the methods used by macc to interrogate the 'selective victims, scapegoats & innocent witnesses' BUT
...BUT Beng Hock was thrown out from 14th floor when the poor victim was still in their total custody ( though one idiot said he jumped out by himself ! ) & someone
wanted to keep the expensive SONY phone some more ...@#$%^&*@#$%^& !!

Gadfly said...

Which self? Human self or animal self?

Anonymous said...

RCI : between 5pm & 3.45am > 10 hours did BH smoke, cry, laugh, urinate, shit, drink wat, eat wat, sit, stand, fart, talk wat, sing, phone home , beg , plead, confess, complain, rest, sleep........??????
2) how many macc people took turns to humiliate, torture,interrogate, scold, insult, kick, slap, spit at,
fcuk, fondle, touch BH ?????????
3) after 3.45am, where did he go ???????
4) ..............!!!!!?????
5) ok, here is the result .
6) allowance , pls !
7) tq.
8) bye - bye !!

Unknown said...

It does not matter,Teohs death will be substiantiated well by MACC.We all know who killed him.He was dea before he wasn hurled out.There is no blood oozing from his head at he site where it dropped meaning he was dead several hours before for the blood to coagulate.
Never mind this will be the last nail for the BARISON NAsional,s COFFIN.We will wipe them out.