Friday, August 7, 2009


[From Aljazeera]

My 1-minute review:

Khairy was his usual arrogant, overbearing, smug, cold-blooded and utterly obnoxious self.

Denison came across as sympathetic and reasonable but totally impotent.

Zaid is looking better and better by the minute. Let's be thankful for some clarity, compassion and genuine intelligence in our midst.

Fauziah Ibrahim is simply SMASHING! What a woman... WOW!!!


Anonymous said...

Fauziah .. Brains and Beauty ..! Woee.

backStreetGluttons said...

Agreed, that obnoxious guy who speaks with that terrible accent, just like the getting more impotent by the day Crime Minister.
Question: why is Malaysia run by such people ?

The rest must be useless ?

Anonymous said...

I totally agree to a review, BUT until an acceptable ISA form is reached, ISA cannot be invoked, then those doing the review will at least put some urgency and work a little faster....

Anonymous said...

Must admit the most arrogant berok on the planet has his quality but still don't like him can just feel the evil aura surrounding him.

Denison, don't really make any difference if he's some where else!

Zaid Ibrahim....Well, he made it looks like Fauziah collaborate with him throughout the whole interview. He made it looked so cool, it looked like a setup..haha..

Fauziah was superb. Extra credit to her for the way she conducted the interview.

But that guy before the actual interview he a clown or what? He is the real looser there....not Najib, even with the mess!!

Anonymous said...

That man whose name I refuse to mention is absolutely obnoxious, chauvinistic, most irritating, and shows no respect to the others in this clip.

At 5.02, he rudely or should I say PROUDLY declares "I disagree with Zaid's statement" with no respect for another who is older than him.

At 5.18, he refused to listen to the moderator and had the audacity to say "To be fair, to be very fair(2x)..."without bothering to listen to Faridah who was trying to voice her view. How ironical. He says to BE VERY FAIR and he is not fair in the way he interacted with the others here.

Such non-verbal communication smacks of one who is definitely an authoritarian personality, intolerant of his perceived ideas of weaknesses.

*smirks* He loves to say "I don't understand' so many times...He said it at 6.00 TWICE and AGAIN he refused to let Denison speak. How selfish of him. Obviously, this is one character (I am not going to say LEADER as he claims in his ahem advertisement of himself as MP and Youth leader) who is not ready to LISTEN TO THE OPINIONS OF OTHERS!!!

At 6.58, he comes forth as a BODEK KING supporting his idol REFUSING to entertain Faridah's query about other Prime MinisterS. Another instance of his obnoxious overbearing character. How consedescending!!

I loved it when Faridah refused to let him speak but most elegantly invited Denison to air his views...

Classic. A slap on the cheek indeed er but some people have thick skin...

Anonymous said...

that's the way it should be. the majority of the peeps should be able to speak like that after 52 years of independence. but alas, we are digressing day by day.
one step forward two steps back.
very soon we will be trailing behind countries vietnam, cambodia and the likes.
malaysia boleh, no?
wawasan 2020 - issit 20/20 perfect eyes???

Anti-stupid-Anti BN said...

where did that chicken butt KJ get that slang from? Rembau english?

Anonymous said...

where is hisapudding?
when hiding,ah?home minister konon...

btw,Fauziah is awesome!!


Walski69 said...

I don't envy KJ having to defend the indefensible... and arrogance is probably the only way he can.

And what the people want is an amended form of the ISA, KJ said. Oh, really? Not according to the latest KDN poll - 90% of the respondents (around 10k or so) want it repealed.

What little Zaid Ibrahim managed to say, though, was pertinent and to the point - there can be no real democracy while these "preventive" laws (ISA, et al) are still around...

Starmandala said...

Walski - Nobody forced KJ into the stupid position he now finds himself in. His overweening ambition and greed got him into Umno, prompted him to marry Nori Abdullah and become the infamous SIL, and now Umno Youth Chief. I suppose before GE12 it seemed like the shortcut to power and unlimited wealth in Malaysia. Sometimes you discover too late you got on the wrong train. Too bad, KJ.
No sympathies. You've stolen enough cash to retire comfortably from ugly politics. There's a good chance, after a few years, you'll be able to debug yourself from those astral implants and return to being human.

Anonymous said...

TMP, where are you !?

Anonymous said...

Guys we giving this "kid, wanna be, loud mouth-so u listen to me 1st-tantrum throwing" idiot too much attention. No? Politics are politics, there's always someone winning, and public being the fool. Weather communism or socialism or democracy, its all to make and hv control over public. So...things r already bad, then we go on giving attention to tht idiotic "wanna be minister" kid.
Ignore him. Completely ignore him he'll sort himself out! He's happy tht ppl call him bad thing. Tht is all he wants. Listen to wht he's not saying when he's talking. And he's also comfortable cos he new his FIL was bodoh-vi(vi-in french laaa...meaning yes to confirm bodohness), so he tried being pandai for the bodoh, and bodoh threw 1 new $$ bone everytime pandai open his mouth, while bodoh kept about $$$$ bones for himself. So, now time to start carrying BALLS. But, hello pandai....lets see how far tht pandai can keep this flying. Oh, i think the engris slang is to try to show "da lady" th macho maan he wants to be. So next time i meet u can meat u laaaaaa......maybe. Not like he don have cases of bodoh trying (badly) to clear pandai's name. Bcos...daughter married to him maaaaaa!!!
Ha Ha....what a shameless asswipe!

Da Lady.....smashing!!

......ground zero- over n out.....