Friday, October 2, 2009

Bagan Pinang: Two Datuks & One Tan Sri

Extracted from Steadyaku47:

Isa Abdul Samad is not sorry for his involvement in money politics – he is just sorry that he was caught.

Nobody is going to catch Isa giving away money in Bagan Pinang. But the money is there for the taking. And they have so much to give away that they need three guys to do it… and here is the thing. Isa and UMNO are not keen to throw money around themselves... no no no… they have got these three guys to do it for them. And not only that - they are not using Malays this time around.

And do not say that UMNO are not smart… sorry the word is ‘devious’. Do not think that UMNO is not devious. Isa/UMNO will be not using Malays. They will also not be using their own money (well, our money actually but that is a technicality – possession is nine-tenths of ownership)…. and UMNO and Isa want to physically keep as far away as they can from the actual giving of money.

They have managed to get three Chinese ‘volunteers’ to do it for them.

They have got three Chinese towkays - one a Tan Sri and two Datuks who have all benefitted from Isa’s era as MB of Negri Sembilan - to volunteer to help them in Bagan Pinang. As Najib and Isa have told these three - it is pay back time. They have made their money from business opportunities given to them by Barisan. Now it is time to donate towards Isa’s cause.

I know who the three are and I will name them:

Tan Sri Dr Gan Kong Seng

PK Resources Bhd (PLC)
Development of Nilai township (on the left is his brother Gan Kong Hiok)

Dato' Chua Tiong Moon

Era Baru Sdn Bhd
Property Development/Investment Holding Company (doing business in Negri Sembilan)
Dato' Yap Kat Boon
Different companies for different projects in Negri Sembilan (mostly JVs with Isa's proxies)

Even if we cannot stop these three towkays from giving away their money for UMNO, for Isa – if enough people know about this, at the least it will make them uncomfortable. It might shame them into doing it under the table. Let us show that we have the numbers to make a difference. Will you all do this for me, for our cause in Bagan Pinang and for all of us? Please do it NOW!

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