Saturday, October 24, 2009


We have a bloated civil service. More than a million civil servants (including the diplomatic service, security agencies, etc.) against a working population of 10 million people is just too much. That comes to about 13% or so.

Then there is the ‘evaporation rate’, which is again very high. From the Auditor-General’s report every year we know that there is a very high ‘evaporation rate’. So, from the RM200 billion we spend we only get about RM150 billion worth in return. RM50 billion just ‘evaporates’ into thin air.

This is the crux of the whole issue. RM200 billion means nothing if only RM30 billion goes to the people because of the high running cost and evaporation rate.


23 October 2009

[Cartoon by Antares from THE BUDGET ~ How the Government is Spending OUR Money by Teh Chi-Chang, published by REFSA (Research for Social Advancement)]


wong said...

5 Workers do 1 jb..10 clerk do 1 file..that is total disgrace to themselves yet these flows can live with it..sometime i wondered if life is like that...better jump from saying good mony chasing bad money..these ar intended to keep people employed n loyal to votefor the govt..shambled country..

ktteokt said...

I have seen with my own eyes how they "waste" resources! There is a telecom exchange box just at the corner of the road where I stay. It has been opened at least 4 days a week by groups and groups of TM personnel, for what purpose, I don't know! But out of these guys only one or two actually "work" and the rest just stand around, smoking and chatting away! Besides even the ones "working" cast doubts on me as I always see them engaging in long conversations by clipping the handset to the terminals in the exchange box. Were they "stealing" someone's line?

ctw said...

My friend tells me a joke: Every year his government department gives award to the best worker. However, after years of observation, this practice did not seem to motivate the staff. Then, last year the award went to the model worker: the photostat machine. Reason: This is the only 'worker' who does work and does serious and real work.

Sheesh said...

Just saw 7 men removing 2 three- foot pillars in Kelana Jaya this week. 2 were hammering away whilst the other 5 stood to watch.

Anonymous said...

@#$%^&*...dat's how our blooded hard-earned money diappears !!

Anonymous said...

Politicians throughout history have tried to solve every problem conceivable to man, always failing to recognize that many of the problems we face result from previous so-called political solutions. Government cannot be the answer to every human ill. Continuing to view more government as the solution to problems will only make matters worse

Believing we have perfect knowledge of God’s will, and believing government can manage our lives and world affairs, have caused a great deal of problems for man over the ages. When these two elements are combined they become especially dangerous. Liberty, by contrast, removes power from government and allows total freedom of choice in pursuing one’s religious beliefs. The only solution to controlling political violence is to prohibit the use of force to pursue religious goals and reject government authority to mold the behavior of individuals.

One of the major reasons we’ve drifted from the Founders' vision of liberty in the Constitution was the division of the concept of freedom into two parts. Instead of freedom being applied equally to social and economic transactions, it has come to be thought of as two different concepts. Some in Congress now protect economic liberty and market choices, but ignore personal liberty and private choices. Others defend personal liberty, but concede the realm of property and economic transactions to government control.

More here:

Anonymous said...

Other malay bros & sis, keep giving more way to the chinese and we will end up like singapore. ruled by pendatangs from land far away , and you will be sidelined from everything just like how the malays are in singapore.

This land is the only thing we have left. defend it to your last breath.
Once it is too late we will wake up to realise that we have lost all political power to them after already lost the economic pie to them

Are u going to sit there while our land is annexed by proxies from mainland china? lee kwan yew already said that a malay will never rule singapore.
A malay cannot rule the land that belonged to them.. thats what MM Lee meant.

We will wake up one day with lim guan eng saing the same thing if we are not careful.

Beware the subtle approach this so called social activists are taking. They have learned that to shift the power away from the malays, they will need to mask it with something else such as fighting for "freedom" or "human rights" or "a cause".
Because they know that direct confrontation will only lead to they kind losing all including their lives, they have chosen a new approach to gain your trust. And when u are complacent, they will swallow u whole.

Wake up melayu.. jangan mudah lupa.
Mudah lupa what happened to Singapore, Thailand, Peru and Fiji. Where the ethnic locals are ruled by foreigners and marginalised.

Malays are leading straight to that.
More need to wake up.

Antares said...

Anonymous @ 10:33AM - Thanks for articulating so well the ethnocentric, betempurunged, betudunged and besongkoked Umno standpoint! This inherent xenophobia (constantly referencing other humans as either "one of us" or "aliens") reveals an ontological immaturity that ultimately results in the chicken suffocating within the narrow confines of its eggshell before it can break free and emerge into the greater universe. If all you can do is defend the position of the Malays - regardless of universal issues of ethical behavior, justice and democratic principles - I'm sorry, but evolution has already left you far behind. I leave you to wallow in your own mentally and morally stagnant stew.

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

Hah, another anon without the balls to post in his own name. In another country, advocating murder, racism, criminal appropriation of property and criminal destruction of property is enough for a 30 second warning before someone calls the police. So please continue to live without any semblance of love, courage and integrity. To continue on this paranoid road will have the inevitable result of living without close connection to anyone, or even having done something meaningful before meeting the end.

So here's a great line from Bob Marley when he went to perform immediately after treatment from a near fatal injury inflicted in an attack.

"The people who make this world worse don't stop. How can I."

For everyone reading this with ill intent. Keep trying, because your "try" can never compare to those who "DO" make this world better.

Ibrahim said...

Gerald Wee,

Its not paranoia when it has already happened.

The anon 1033am does have some points. It has already begun..

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

What has begun? A worldwide conspiracy of Chinese nationals plotting to economically conquer the world? They've had nearly 700 years of planetary colonisation, creating enclaves in nearly every nation between the 2 polar regions in the effort to be everywhere. If world domination was the intention they'de have accomplished it long ago. The notion is ridiculous when presented this way.

So Here's is what I see about evidential bias. If I were to say that there are legions of Malay youth rampaging on the streets with the label of "Mat Rempit", I can probably find something to support that view. It would be the same for obtaining statistical evidence on the high occurrence of rape and incest amongst Malay plantation settlers, or violence and alcoholism with the Indians and Aboriginals, or how many Chinese DVD peddlers, drug pushers and Mainlander prostitutes are arrested during raids.

Do all these exist?

Yes, looking at evidence obtained from the daily newspapers.

Is it a generalisation?

Also yes. Tragic and sensational as it is.

Does pointing it out solve any problems?


If the evidential focus is on people who take a massive pay cut in order to start a low cost school for illiterate adults, I bet I can find them. The same for individuals for create shelter homes out of their own pockets for underprivileged children and victims of domestic abuse. Or those providing hospice care for terminal AIDS/HIV sufferers.

I believe that for every blood sucking asshole I meet, I can find 2 who are actually doing something to solve the current world problems. I am under no illusion that there are some pretty dark and evil things walking the planet. With that said, I am also aware of those who make it their life purpose to give, serve and ensure this world works for everyone.

My question is, which reality do you want to commit your energies on?