Sunday, November 8, 2009


Hunab Ku by Star Root, wife of Star Sparks who rejoined his ancestors 15 March 1999

Swedish microbiologist turned student of the Mayan calendar, Carl Johan Calleman, says: "We are now approaching the sixth night of the Galactic Wave Movement, the eighth of the nine levels, which will begin on November 8, 2009. If my understanding of the Mayan calendar is correct we will in this coming night be witnessing the most significant transformation of consciousness ever in the history of mankind. What is exciting about this is that I feel that a relatively clear picture of how a new world is going to be born is now finally becoming evident. On the other hand, what is also becoming increasingly clear is that this birth is likely to become very demanding..."

Today also marks the birthday of my soulsister Arwinda Hurip, the White Witch from Solo, Java, whom I have known for 30 years. This beautiful portrait of her was taken by me in Bali, July 1981. We were then both in our prime. Sigh.

I shall never forget the tremendous surge of PURE JOY that shot through the nation's neural circuitry on 7 November 2008. That was the day I awoke to find a text message on my phone with two powerful words: RPK FREED. Shah Alam high court judge Datuk Syed Ahmad Helmy Syed Ahmad had ruled that Raja Petra Kamarudin's arrest and detention under the ISA was mala fide and procedurally flawed. He added that the then home minister, Syed Hamid Albar, had abused his powers in using Section 8 of the Internal Security Act, which places enormous power in the hands of the home minister and therefore must be resorted to only in extreme situations where an indisputable threat to the nation exists. One bald man on testosteronal overdrive and his homegrown news portal spilling the beans on shenanigans in high places cannot possibly be labeled a threat to the nation - only to the political careers of those he has exposed.

The very next day, my dog Lulu gave birth to ONE puppy. I waited for more to arrive... but none did. In honor of RPK's release from Kamunting, I decided to name the solitary pup Roger Putra. Or Roger Reginald Putra aka Phatty Boy. With unlimited access to all ten of his mother's tits (well, okay, the top two nipples on a bitch are merely ornamental, if you insist on being pedantic), Roger grew up like any Ten-Tit-Tot would: chubby, pushy and utterly spoilt. Today we celebrated his first birthday with a small butter cake. Look at him, the ingrate. Can't be bothered to even look at it. Just like my little boy Ahau. Every year he can't be bothered to attend his own birthday party....

All right, good boy, Feichai-face! At least he got up to admire his 1PhattyBoy butter cake. It must have been his first taste of cake because he at first refused the big slice I offered him (his father the cake-loving Dog of Dogs, Mr Wong, was only too happy to accept it). But when he saw the other canines slurping up the icing, he decided to try some too... and was instantly hooked! Woof woof woof! Happy First Burpday, Darling Phatty Boy!