Thursday, December 17, 2009

This story made me DELIRIOUS with outrage

Already running a temperature but coming across this item (out of many thoroughly sickening reports on the stinking moral putrefaction of the Last Days of The Umnoputrid Empire), I just had to clone it here - even though I am officially on sick leave. I have no words to describe how I feel right now. Once again, thank you, Malaysiakini. I wonder if this story has made it to the Sun, the Star, NST or Utusan Malicious... Special thanks also to the tireless crusaders for justice - Surendran and Arutchelvam. The present darkness that hangs like an ominous thunderhead over Putrajaya would be far denser and even more hopeless without brave and honorable men like you to embody the light of decency and honor...

Man cleared of charges, but is beaten nevertheless

Darwish Zainal
December 17, 2009

A man detained on suspicion of sexual harassment was tortured and beaten despite the Police being aware that a false report was lodged against him.

S Isaikumar, 28, lodged a report at the Seremban police headquarters. He was accompanied by his lawyer N Surendran.

Surendran said that Isaikumar (right) was arrested on Dec 6, 2009 and remanded for nine days based on a police report lodged against him for sexual harassment.

The following day, on Dec 7, Isaikumar was told by the investigating police officer that the charges made against him were based on a false report.

Nevertheless, the police only released Isaikumar (right) on Dec 14, during which time Isaikumar alleged he was assaulted and subject to humiliation by the police.

"Isaikumar was slapped, abused and beaten with PVC pipes by a group of police officers," said Surendran.

He claimed that at one stage a female police officer sat on Isaikumar's chest and inserted a shoe she was wearing into his mouth.

The police, he alleged, also took photos of Isaikumar in the nude, including photos of his genitals.

Surendran further claimed that his client was denied medical treatment despite running a fever.

Though the lockup where he was detained held seven prisoners, Isaikumar alleged they were given only three packets of food to be shared among them.

'He was innocent'

Chief investigating officer, Inspector Ahmad Sobri Amir Salim, cleared Isaikumar of any wrongdoing in a letter on Dec 14, on the day of his release.

"Despite his innocence, Isaikumar went through an unnecessary and unwarranted nine days of remand, coupled with abuse by police officers," said Surendran.

The lawyer said the case should be investigated by Bukit Aman because he felt the Seremban police would not conduct a fair inquiry.

Surendran called on inspector-general of police Musa Hassan to 'clean up his own house' as there have been many cases and reports of police brutality.

Meanwhile Parti Sosialis Malaysia secretary, S Arutchelvam, demanded Bukit Aman form a special team to investigate this latest report of police brutality.

Arutchelvam said that if there was no action within two weeks, PSM would take up the case with Bukit Aman.

He said the case clearly showed a "lack of police professionalism" where police were "victimising" an innocent citizen.

Isaikumar, Surendran and Arutchelvam were among a group who attempted to enter the IPK premises but were denied entry.

There was also an attempt to meet with the deputy chief police officer of Negri Sembilan, but an officer denied them permission.

Instead, the group was advised to lodge a report at the nearby Seremban town police station.

Among the political leaders present were Senawang state assemblyperson P Gunasekaran, Temiang assemblyperson Ng Chin Tsai, Negeri Sembilan PKR deputy chairman S Haridass and state PKR Youth deputy chief Norazizi Aziz.

WHAT SAY YOU, KERISHAMMUDDIN? Your boys and gals in blue need to keep in shape for bigger and more fascist scenarios to come, right? I've said it till I have no more breath. If you don't have the gonads to clean up the PDRM, just fuck off, Bozo.

WARNING to all my friends and relatives: If I catch any of you saying we should give "1Malaysia" and Najib Razak a chance - or, even worse claiming "political neutrality"... well, I'm very sorry, but I'll just have to write you off as a HUMAN BEING... until this Moral & Psychic War has been won. These are times when being "neutral" is akin to being "neutered."

Put yourself in RPK's shoes, simply for exposing these govermin in high office, they now have his estranged son Azman in police detention. I'm told they have beaten him so relentlessly and severely, trying to make him sign a false statement (yeah, shades of TBH) the young man is close to losing his sanity.


Unknown said...

Dear Antares

Truly, things have gone beyond the boundaries of absurdity and insanity. If this and all the immoral and criminal goings-on in our country cannot convince people to move over to the right side, I do not know what can...

Thanks for alerting netizens about this incident. Take care and keep up the good fight.


Starmandala said...

Ummm... my dear MWS... can we make that "Convince people to move over to the LEFT side"? It's because the rightwing is waaaaaaay too strong and heavy, we are now a nation that resembles a chronic wanker.

Anonymous said...

they'll bash up the son cukup2 till the dad shows up from nowhere !

Unknown said...

Bloody bastards all of them!

Thanks for the alert. Have been busy apologizing to those from PR I wronged that I missed the Malaysiakini report.

muzikri said...

a shame....dont let it go in vain!
im sory to read about is disrespect,unlawful way of PDRM,what a shame!

Victor Ong said...

Great stuff. Togther with like-minded people, we can yet save Malaysia.
I am a mild-mannered blogger at

Crankster said...

WARNING to all my friends and relatives: If I catch any of you saying we should give "1Malaysia" and Najib Razak a chance - or, even worse claiming "political neutrality"... well, I'm very sorry, but I'll just have to write you off as a HUMAN BEING...

You da man.

Anonymous said...

if NO 1malaysia = NO 1malaysia camp =
NO 3deaths .....sigh !

semuanya OK kot said...

Notice the consistent pattern: these hypocritical wankers are into sadism, voyerism - and now Female Domination -violating their professed virtues.

Anonymous said...

Truly the Hallmark of a Decadent Regime.

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares,

This is no isolated news and has been happening and will still happen if BN is let to rule. I have first hand experience in how PDRM conduct their investigation. Rope all in and torture; then decide to release eventhough they know at the first instance that the arrestees are innocent.

They go on a road show taking suspects from one police station to another to establish a case eventhough the arrest is made based on certain report.

They even go to the extent of torturing innocent victims then ask them to be witness.

Screw PDRM...

ktteokt said...

These guys lose their heads when they put on their uniforms!

zewt said...


Anonymous said...

1 malingsial, 1 reich. najis&family, please die horribly.

Unknown said...

Antares & Friends, Just tuned in 4 the 1st time. My condolences 4 all this sad news, negative government, etc., plaguing paradise. Ah (sigh)... What to do? Fight fire with fire or gasoline or...? I wish that I could offer an original suggestion that may be effective, but it seems the whole world is in the hands of fools. Until they get sick and tired of their foolishness, it seems their trend will persist, at least, until some major catastrophe intervenes... I don't know... Love & Blissings, M