Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A Funky Place to Call Home


Monyet King said...

The last one is the best. Blissful ignorance.

pinsysu said...

croak! croak! half of planet earth belongs to me ... croak! croak! we'll introduce laws to make the world believe that this is the case. croak! croak!

backStreetGluttons said...

Awesome incredible homes ! Wish we could live in one too, especially the cliffhanger between 2 mountains

Pat said...

OOOOOOOOO! I recognise where the last one is!!!!

ktteokt said...

I think the Malaysian cabinet members belong to the final class!

Anonymous said...

doesnt the face in the last pic look like someome who said using facebook and twitter n stuff like that is no good???

petai goreng said...

digital camera tricks??

Anonymous said...

avatar !?

ktteokt said...

And the frog declares, "This is my world, my universe!!!!"

Belle said...

so cool, I can just imagine James Cameron building a world like this in his next movie.

lanaibeach said...

We should let our minds explore
Beyond our everyday existence
Living 9 to 5 and gravey yard
We must explore our dreams
Make it or not we live to try

Yet in Bee Anne leaders
They want to ban technology
It isn't good for our souls and minds
Living interaction with outside world
Our minds will be corrupted absolutely
They are the ones with pure minds
Setting golden ray of wisdom.....

Our minds to heavens
We shouldn't allow to say or sing
It has become a one way street
Growing old thinking we are the best

Old ministers retired 'generals'
Afraid of new wonders trapping their souls
So they will do the best thing
Ignore it at their own peril
brewing with their own drunken wasted vomit
And they say it is good for harmony
All they want the golden fleece
Sparkling bright full of life
We are just the irritants
Spoiling them the catch

So in the coconut shell
The elites want us to stay
Within the 4 walls darkness and repeating songs
Croaking all day knowing no direction
And they can say
“We feed you
Why worry?”

MarGeeeMar said...

Brother Antares,

We at MarGeeMar are greatful to Allah Almighty that you are bac k to your normal best. Take care Bro, and may Allah bless you and your family.


MarGeeMar said...

Ps: Should be 'grateful'. Sorry for the typo.

Admin, MarGeeMar

Antares said...

MarGeeMar - I am so touched by your kindness and friendship. Thank you! I salute your stamina and commitment to the triumph of truth and freedom.

Unknown said...

The pictures speak a thousand words, especially the last one ;-). Take care and glad you are back to normal.

Hugs and much love