Thursday, March 14, 2024

Oppressors versus The Oppressed (reprise)

Where the children in the gutter cry out for bread, 
please do not be so insensitive as to ask why we do not eat cake

This started out as a wordy response to an email from a virtual friend based in Scotland - a veteran spiritual warrior who has waged war against The Machine for nearly 60 years. He wrote:

I don't believe you have any idea of what is going on in some parts of this 3D Virtual Reality trip simply because you are fortunate enough to find yourself as a respected member of a village in the jungles of Malaysia. Some of us are not quite so fortunate, living as we do next to jungles of concrete and the Heart of Babylon's Darkness. 

IT WAS NEVER INTENDED that any person - nor any creature of the field or sea or forest, not even the illegitimate offspring of an earthworm - be in NEED on ANY level - particularly when it comes to basics like food, shelter, emotional and physical security, and the opportunity to evolve beyond all limitations.

Every man, woman, and child is INDEED a STAR (as the much maligned Aleister Crowley was so fond of saying) and, as such, possesses intrinsic value beyond measure in the mere fact that they EXIST. The untwisting of the genetic knots and tangles within our earthly biosphere will transform NEED back to EDEN.

The 3D industrial society the majority of humans now find themselves living in is, in truth, a diabolical travesty of all universal principles of aesthetics and ethics. What many call "Babylon" - where "dark satanic mills" rule and every other lifeform (whether mineral, plant, animal, or human) is treated as an energy source to feed the juggernaut of Gross National Product - is, in effect, a MIScreation brought about by the spawn of "lesser gods" (whether you call them Nephilim or Renegade Reptilians).

As such, it really NEVER ought to have happened. But it did - and here we are, mostly struggling to emerge from this dark and dense evolutionary cocoon into a new butterfly day.

Generation after generation, programmed to "earn a living" and "sing for their supper"… being indoctrinated with ideas like "there's no such thing as a free lunch" and "survival of the fittest"... parents scrimping and saving to send their brighter kids to the best schools, so they will have a chance to move up the social ladder as "professionals" with a degree behind their names, speak posh and be invited to join elite clubs, where they are eventually tapped on the shoulder, taken into the backroom and initiated into "the facts of life" aka the Malthusian ideology that there simply isn't enough to go around and that we must grit our teeth and discreetly and periodically cull the population ("Every gardener will tell you plants thrive better when regularly pruned")...

Whether the prevailing doctrine is "White Man's Burden" or "noblesse oblige" or "pedigree rules"... the sharper intellects are identified and integrated into the ranks of the corporate and upper classes - provided they keep their noses clear of Promethean politics and avoid the temptation to side with the rabble and turn into "whistleblowers."

Those that begin moving in this populist direction are turned into icons and trademarks even as the movements they inspired are infiltrated, co-opted or subtly hijacked (the way Tony Blair led the Labor Party back to the middle, then gradually farther and farther right; in any case, bipartisan politics is invariably a game of Dum & Dee and, as in the soccer bizniz, star players are routinely bought and traded by football clubs).

I know as much as anybody who accesses the internet - and probably more - about atrocities occurring everywhere you look, from slum kids in Manila and Rio de Janeiro to slave girls in Israel and the Balkans and the millions dying of hunger, thirst, epidemics, war, and "natural" disasters every year. Almost every hardship and injustice has its origins in religious dogma: e.g., the Roman Church, like every empire eager for quantitative growth, has ensured that their subjects keep producing children as cannon fodder, and by suppressing and distorting natural human sexuality, encouraged commercialized and commodified sex which is now a multibillion dollar global industry.

The Islamic doctrine of "Insha'allah" ("if God wills") and the Hindu teaching of Karma made people passive and fatalistic, accepting the harshest "fate" with mulish docility and a stoicism founded on faith in the afterlife. Judaism told its followers they were the Chosen Few - and everybody else was fair game, worthless and totally dispensable goyim.

Above all, the three major Book Religions (Judaism, Christianity and Islam) have effectively disconnected their adherents from DIRECT EXPERIENCE OF NATURE AS THE ORIGINAL LIFE MATRIX - and humans are today so afraid of the wilderness, and all that occurs outside of the Artificial Matrix, you have urbanites anxiously asking about mosquitoes and snakes when they see images of a jungle dwelling.

I have made a lifelong study of what drives the Control Freak in all of us; the childhood emotional traumas that subsequently manifest as ruthless, heartless ambition. Yes, I know the hellish hologram very well indeed. I visit it often (for research purposes) but I have no desire to live there!

When you've spent your entire life breathing foul, toxic air and drinking denatured piped water, your entire neurology is impacted - and your perceptions are flavored by despair and a constant sense of oppression and victimization.

Suffering itself is highly addictive. We get used to discomfort and disease and sabotage all hopes of ever getting free of these vicious circles. Parents in Calcutta reportedly mutilate their children so they can enjoy a career as beggars. Parents in New Hampshire program their kids to be skeptical and mistrustful of "unscientific" data (making them blind and deaf to their own instincts and impulses) so they stand a better chance of survival in the shark-infested waters of the profit-driven workaday reality.

In short, the mess is so massive it has turned into a Gorgon - and those who attempt to look closely at the horrendous problems that confront us turn to stone, or at least their hearts do. Compassion fatigue quickly sets in.

Let's be honest about it. How many images of napalmed Vietnamese kids, tortured Iraqis, beached whales, and cormorants encased in oil slicks can any of us process before our brains switch off to protect our sanity? So most of us settle for signing the occasional internet petition, and if the issue really moves us to action, we make a PayPal donation to some movement or organization set up to deal with it. Some of us even sign up as active members of this or that campaign - whether to topple the military junta in Burma or to stop the World Bank from building another catastrophic dam in Asia, Africa or Latin America.

Most folks on this planet are still fairly decent. And many are old enough souls to realize we are truly at an evolutionary crossroads where Utopia or Oblivion are the only possible outcomes... and if you were the CEO of Exxon-Mobil or heir to the Rothschild fortune, would you opt for oblivion even if it felt like the "moral" thing to do?

Illustration by David Dees

These destructive and enslaving agendas (reptilian or otherwise) are already doomed to oblivion. They will NOT endure beyond the next few tumultuous years of linear time. Are they simply going to stop in their tracks, turn around, and shuffle off into the sunset of "Western civilization"? Or will the controversial public service information folks like me disseminate online ultimately ignite enough minds to shift the balance of power?

Truth is, I don't know. Nobody really knows. But all of us DO know it's a critical juncture. Quantum jumps are being made. Ascension is in progress. The planet's Schumann Resonance Frequency has reportedly increased in the last 30 years from an average of 7.8 to nearly 13... and with the incredible solar flares and Coronal Mass Ejections of the last few years altering the magnetic field of the entire Solar System, something COSMIC is DEFINITELY happening... but we don't know exactly what it is, do we, Mr Jones?

And what do religious dogmas and spiritual doctrines teach? That we are a species "FALLEN from Grace," born with "ORIGINAL SIN," and "TRAPPED in dense physical bodies" (from which our Souls will only find release when the bodies die).

The Manichaeans and early Gnostics developed a pronounced aversion for all things carnal and mundane, yearning to return to the Spirit Realms and be free from the Prison Planet and our fleshly forms, subject to decay and death, in which our souls sojourn.

Hindus and Buddhists have the same disregard for what is deemed the "lower" chakras and "lower" worlds - visualizing a realm of immortal splendor where the gods reside and to whose vast beings our soul fragments will return when our negative karma is fully paid and our moral debts cleared. This is the underlying assumption of all ascetic practice: that deliberate DENIAL of the physical senses and the body's desires will help the spiritual aspirant attain Nirvana or, at least, the status of "Holy Man."

New Age philosophies, so-called, tell us we are Spiritual Beings Having A Human Experience, implying thereby that the "human experience" is akin to a bunch of suburban kids "slumming it" in the poor quarters of the city, to gather experience, get a few cheap thrills, or just for the goddamn hell of it. But, ultimately, Spirit is "superior" to Matter/Form - and since the physical world we know is referred to as Mother Earth (the word Matter derives from Mater anyway), while the abstract idea of Heaven (where dwells the Father) somehow represents Fire & Air (Spirit & Mind) - as in "Father Sky and Mother Earth" - it follows that the Male Principle has predominance - or at least pre-eminence - over the Female, just as High must be "better than" Low!

So, despite all the goddess-cult resurrections and overt feminism and the refreshing sensitivity of New Age men, the masculine Left Brain continues to drive - and after a while, when the evidence of the senses begins to overwhelmingly contradict and neutralize all that sweet talk about Oneness, Light and Love... we retreat into Militant Survivalism, and prepare ourselves for Street Action and Guerrilla Warfare Against Big Brother.

In short, just about EVERYBODY has been looking down the wrong end of the telescope. 99% of everything we think we know isn't actually so. What are we going to do now that we know this much - that we know NOTHING at all?

We replay our emotional loops, which are like movie files. Let's say I had a peak experience the first time ever I kissed a girl. I keep scanning the reality field for opportunities to relive that high.

Let's say I felt like a hero standing up to some pompous arsehole of a teacher when I was 13, and though I was sent to detention, I won the admiration of my peers. So I keep finding pompous arseholes in authority to challenge, and I don't mind being kept in detention so long as I get to experience being a hero. Having a stash of weed makes life on the outskirts bearable. The dope mellows me out, but when the supply runs out my neural circuits feel uneasy and agitated and that makes me grouchy. Turn on the telly... and there they are... lots of pompous arseholes to get mad at saying stupid things and introducing legislation to make life even more limited and demeaning for those on the economic fringe! See what I'm getting at? More or less what the docudrama What The BLEEP Do we Know?! addresses (if you haven't seen it, please do, just click on the link).

It's certainly useful to monitor the airwaves and keep track of the game of gratuitous violence as it plays out in the 3D Matrix. But staying alert to epiphanies, and maintaining your life on Earth in pleasure, and in joy and gentle compassion, blessing each breath as it leaves your lungs so it can infect somebody else with the sense of the miraculous, is far more powerful and effective use of our energy.

When enough of us regain our self-mastery as Christed Sovereigns of our own destiny, the many layers of Reality will rapidly and effortlessly realign themselves in accordance with the Supreme Will of our Unified Thought Field. Heaven on Earth will prevail at long last - this time, forever.

Can I rest my case now? Incidentally, where I live cake is the same price as wholemeal bread.

[Originally posted in August 2010, extracted from an email dating back to 2007 or so. Reposted 11 February 2013, 6 November 2019 & 25 November 2021]