Tuesday, March 23, 2021


Mum & Dad in 1961

1958 Family Foto

En route to Melbourne for Dad's bypass surgery, 1981

My beloved mother, Dai Moon Loy, would have begun her 103rd solar orbit today. She left her body 26 years ago on 14 July 1995. A non-alcoholic toast to your sweet memory, Mum! 💖💖💖


Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing your family pics, dear Antares. May your mom always rest in peace and may she be around her brood to envelope you all with her loving presence.

You were cute as a little boy!! And you have such a wonderful family!!

Take care and Happy 92, Auntie!

Unknown said...

I'm sure shes still hovering around looking after and protecting her little boy

Major D Swami (Retired) said...

Thanks man, for sharing. I am touched.

yellowrabbit said...

a good son you are indeed. May your beautiful mum RIP.

Sean said...

We never really die while people still speak our names, recall our images or the sounds of our voices and remember our acts. If it's done with fondness, then that's the heaven I hope to be in one day. I'm glad to see your mum is there.

Lily said...

Mum was such a beauty. and so much a part of our lives when she was around. I remember how she loved hugging and kissing (and smelling) her grandchildren, and us older ones too!

KoSong Cafe said...

If she is still watching over you, I can imagine her telling you, 'When are you going to have a haircut?'

Your hairstyle then reminds me of mine when my mum would tell the Indian barber, 'atat atat' (atas atas or higher and higher) so that she could save the trouble and expense of going there too soon.

You were lucky not having to wear trousers made meant for 2 years later so that I would not outgrow it too soon!

Thanks for reminding me of my own childhood.

make a guess said...

3 fotos of your lovely family brought sweet memories of Batu Pahat.
Your mom the town beauty, your dad the tall and handsome senior HI, Lanny and of course your much sought
after sister, May F.
Glad you are fully recovered from your enforced stay at River Bamboo Sick House. All luv to you

Pat said...

Lovely pix, Ant. They remind me of the family pix we used to take when I was little!

And I was right about Ahau: That could be him in that pix where you stand!

Starmandala said...

I have many more archival photos that have temporarily gone missing. I'm pretty sure I had lovely photos of my mum - but all I could find were the ones already scanned a few years ago. Well, sooner or later the precious B&W photos dating back 70+ years will reappear (amazing how old prints were made to last, surviving even tropical humidity and silverfish!)
When they do I'll scan them to share with others. Only recently I began to appreciate the fact that what all of us have in common is that we were each born into a family. Nobody emerges alone into the world.

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