Thursday, November 2, 2017

Exquisitely Surreal (Though Not Quite Dali)

I extracted these stunning images from a powerpoint presentation forwarded by a friend. I had no idea who painted them - whether it's the work of one or several artists - until someone named Yo left a comment below informing me that these outstanding works were actually by a 52-year-old Russian artist named Vladimir Kush.

[First posted 29 April 2010]


Pat said...

Positively brilliant, Ant! I could spend hours gazing at each one! The more I look, the more I see. Amazing.

baDboyzs said...

Art imitating life , & the 1st pix is positively breathtakingly erotik and unbelievably beautiful

Unknown said...

Simply stunningly awesome! Thanks for sharing, Antares!


lanaibeach said...

Once the Eden
Of life and harmony

God created
Live here and multiply!

The bald headed man
Bringing with him the power

Of love and multiplication
Let the journey begins

In the beginning
The flowers and trees

Nature bloom
Light up the life

Then greed takes over
The trees chopped off

The humming birds tweet
Telling the sorrow and pain

Money in the beg
Caressing of gold and smile

About nature let it burns
About people let them disappear

When the eyes wake up
Through the windows emptiness

Of axes falling trees
Stumps rearing it up

Nature has fallen
To the profiting machines

In the desert
A reprieve of underground water

Life bloom
Animals, plants and trees

Man tracks through
The dense forest

The passage of time
He stands out smiling

Opening the gate
Of dropping rain

Life must be great
To get a taste

Looking down
Flowers bloom

The life of nature
It starts all over

The ship sailing
Of Noah's Ark it isn't

It is a gift of cooperation
Make the journey of a new change

Looking up the sky
Brilliant sky golden rays

Spreading colourful insights
Life must be great.....

The ship sailing
The compass of navigation

Pointing to the focus destionation
Of a new beginning

Time traveling
Passing through desert

The hardship in the beginning
Finding the oasis life's blessing

The footprints mark of history
Learn the lessons hit the future

In unity dancing in flames
Of burning gold skin of yellow

Swaying with the tempo
Tasting the good life

The greedy ones
Throw into the dungeon

Keys leave broken
Into rooms lock forever

The tree of fruits and life
Don't touch it else losing the immortality

The hungry people
Heed no advice

Plunging into deep depths
Crying for repentance

Calling God
Let us mend our ways

An angel stopping by
Tell a story life of joy and bliss

Opening souls and eyes
Crack the eggs opening sky

A beautful sun
The golden rays of light

The cool breeze
The gift of life

29/4/10 4.05pm

Anonymous said...


A Truly Fantastic "Rita" there! Easily a present day Dali!


Starmandala said...

Caravanserai - I see the images inspired an epic burst of versifying from you, how delightful!

Thanks for expressing your appreciation, folks. The therapeutic value of a bit of art and music cannot be denied :-)

eddy lim said...

looks very much like judson huss.

felicia said...

simply AWESOME!!!!

raj raman said...

rajraman666.My soul,mind and heart at stand still.

We can be racial but can't be racists.
Thank u - River Man.

yo said...

the artist of this images is a moscovit painter Vladimir kush born in 1965.

Starmandala said...

Thanks to Yo I found Vladimir Kush's website.