Sunday, May 9, 2010

Are You A Starseed? Watch These Videos!


Anonymous said...

Dear Antares, it is conceivable that Man on Earth, in this present Space-Time Continuum, was seeded from the Stars. IOW, that both Creationists and Evolutionists are wrong and barking up the wrong tree.

IOW, Man and the discovered Neanderthal/Neolithic varieties were actually entirely different and distinct 'indigenous' species from Earth proper.


Anonymous said...

There's this clown who calls himself Justice4OTK who is going around writing a lot of crap of anyone who opposes BN or that idiot Ong Tee Keat. Well after OTK got screwed by his own beloved MCA, this idiot Justice4OTK had now changed focus and started taking cheap shots at Pakatan Rakyat. He claims that MCA must not leave BN because if MCA leaves, it's place will be taken up by PAS and BN will become extremist. This fucker is just like the rest of the MCA fuckers. Always giving excuses to the fact that MCA is and always will be Umno's lapdog.

What this this bastard does is to take news reports or blog postings of other people and then add his two cents worth of crap to get his myopic point across. When asked why he did not blast his fellow MCA buddy Omar Goh Wei Liang who hero worships the Mamak Tandas Mahataik, he says he does not like to comment on other people's opinion.

When I gave my number and recorded my comment in his Blog for him to meet me face to face, this Pondan and Motherfucker Bo Lampa Tenglan not only did not publish my comment but also had no balls to call me up.

This Pondan Bo Lampa Justice4OTK dare not reveal his identity in his Blog but can call other people crude names.

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KS Lim

Acryn said...


Thanks for this, keep up on writing.. I really loved your writings.

masterwordsmith said...

Dear Antares

Many thanks for putting up these videos. If not for you, I would have missed these gems!


treisi said...

Thanks for this, keep up on writing

lgcsdv said...

I am heaven bound.....