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I read this letter in Malaysiakini from "Malaysian with Children" with profound disgust and outrage at the way Barisan Nasional is leading the nation straight to hell with their myopic, greed-driven, environmentally and morally ruinous schemes...

Malaysian with Children
Aug 24, 2009 3:31pm

The sun has been the main energy source for all life on the planet for billions of years. In Malaysia, we are blessed with a bounty of sunlight.

Yet, our Malaysian government is pushing for nuclear energy as though it is the best and only option for Malaysia's future energy needs.

The government seems to be brushing aside the dangers relating to nuclear power plants, as if they were issues that didn't exist or could easily be remedied in the near future.

Developed countries are having serious difficulties with their own nuclear programmes. In the US, there are problems disposing of nuclear reactor waste.

In Finland, construction of nuclear power plants have been delayed and gone way over cost due to shoddy work on the concrete foundations.

What more of the situation in Malaysia, where we tend to have even less oversight in commercial dealings? Where is the safety or economic sense in all that?

From what I have seen, there is no detailed information available to the public on Malaysia's nuclear plans. Where will the reactor be located - maybe in Ipoh, or maybe Putrajaya?

What type of reactor will it be? Who will we buy the uranium to run the reactor from? How much will it all cost and who is paying for it?

If those weren't enough questions, what about the waste generated from our nuclear power plant - where and how Malaysia will be dealing with its own nuclear reactor waste - waste that remains highly radioactive for thousands of years?

Will we dump it in deep geological recesses off our coasts? Will we bury it in the jungles of Sarawak, Sabah or Pahang? Will we be reprocessing it in factories in Miri or in Kota Baru?

The world got into the mess of climate change and global warming because we went the quick, easy and convenient way.

We did not look at the long-term consequences of burning fossil fuels, perhaps because in the beginning, we didn't really know the consequences.

Our oceans and rivers are now choking on plastic pollution, because we needed cheap and lightweight material for packaging.

But we do know, right now, that nuclear energy will produce highly radioactive waste, even if it is in small amounts, every day a nuclear plant is open.

We do know, right now, that this highly radioactive waste must be disposed of somewhere on our finite planet. We do know, right now, that we have no technology to make this waste safe.

And as more countries build nuclear power plants, more of this waste is dumped into our Earth, the planet that sustains our lives.

It is unforgivable that we, as governments and responsible adults, knowingly create such dangerous waste without a concern for tomorrow.

We are already leaving our children with our legacy of global warming, and choking pollution.

And now we wish to leave this massive mess of nuclear waste and closed reactor sites to our grandchildren, leaving them with the burden of trying to figure out how to solve the problem that we ourselves have no idea how to solve.

I know I'm afraid, very afraid.

Here's an eminently sensible letter in response...


Hai Hiung
Aug 26, 2009 4:03pm

I'm writing in regards to the following letter: "Malaysia going nuclear fraught with danger." I agree with the author, Malaysian with Children.

For reasons unbeknownst to most of us ordinary folk, TNB is pushing hard for the use of nuclear energy for generating electricity. The studies they used to justify going nuclear is biased.

First, they used South Korea as their case in point. South Korea is nothing like Malaysia in terms of the availability of solar energy.

In a year, South Korea would probably enjoy less than six months of effective sunlight for solar energy generation, compared to Malaysia's year-round sunshine.

Secondly, the cost cited by nuclear experts is inaccurate at best. In my opinion, TNB has been ill-advised on the cost of security.

The cost of guarding the nuclear plant itself could easily outweigh the cost of operation and the cost of nuclear waste disposal.

Even though Malaysia is relatively safe from terror attacks, there is no guarantee that terrorists would not target Malaysia in the future.

Having a nuclear plant sitting on Malaysian soil makes us that much more vulnerable to terrorism.

Third, the justification that by the time the plant is opened, we should have proper maintainance procedures in place.

We still don't have a good track record where that is concerned if you see how TNB and our public trains are concerned.

Fourth, First Solar recently opened a RM2bil plant in Kulim. So, we actually have a solar panel manufacturer here on our shore.

Yet, it never occurred to TNB to approach First Solar to setup a solar power plant.

If France, a Mediterranean country, finds using solar energy good enough to be part of its energy-generation needs, then we must ask TNB - why can't Malaysia do the same?

MY COMMENT: Ask TNB? Ha ha ha. The world is plagued with dinosaur technologies because it is secretly run by dinosaur dynasties. Whether the family name happens to be Rameses, Thutmose, Amunhotep, Ming, Han, Sung, Borgia, Medici, Hapsburg, Plantagenet, Rothschild, Rockefeller, Morgan, Bush, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Windsor, Razak, Taib or Mahathir... we're dealing with powerful bloodlines that absolutely believe they are entitled to ownership and exploitation of the Earth and all her inhabitants.

These are the so-called Master Bloodlines that have utterly misunderstood the meaning of Mastery. They measure the power of a Master by the number of Slaves at his command. Little do they realize that a TRUE MASTER is master only of his own destiny and the way he responds to his environment.

Because they are so reliant on other people's weakness for their own sense of power, they are terrified of technologies that liberate rather than enslave. That's why they are invariably drawn to colossal and expensive methods - especially capital-intensive schemes that can further enslave the human race and ensure that traditional power hierarchies are perpetuated ad infinitum.

The Serbian supergenius, Nikola Tesla, produced a host of breakthrough inventions that might have freed humanity from drudgery and enslavement and enabled real wealth to spread throughout the social spectrum. Of course, he was thwarted at every turn by avaricious and cynical capitalist elites who understood and cared for nothing but profits, profits, and always fatter profits.

We have to stop these desperate dinosaur bloodlines from foisting their destructive technologies on an ignorant and unsuspecting population. Educate yourself now... before it's too late!

[Originally published in this blog on 27 August 2009]

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