Monday, May 31, 2010

Jack Burkman for Umno President!

Jack Burkman comes across as an absolute jackass. His mind distorts reality to suit the Neocon Agenda and he appears totally convinced that he's right - and the other panelists are wrong.

His abysmal ignorance is surpassed only by his sheer arrogance. In short, Jack Burkman sounds exactly an Umno warlord - albeit a lot more telegenic than twits like Hisapmuddin Hussein, Raip Yatim, Duhyiddin Massin, Ali Rustup, Najis Tong Rosak and Mahatahi Megalomad.

I think Jack Burkman is the right man to save Umno from oblivion. I'm sure, for the right price, he will agree to change his name to Johan "Jerk" Burkaman, embrace Islam and Ketuanan Melayu - and help Umno destroy Anwar Ibrahim and his pipe dream of a New Dawn in Malaysia.

[Brought to my incredulous attention by Robin Tan]