Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The negative karma of ill-gotten gains

My blogger friend Donplaypuks requested that I help publicize the despicable show trial wherein the Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians aka MACC has been trying to inflict pain and confusion on Rosli Dahlan (right) - a lawyer who got sucked into this mess simply for acting as legal counsel for former CCID chief Ramli Yusoff, who happens to be IGP Musa Hassan's arch-enemy and rival for the post of Top Cop. Din Merican has done a great job of providing a blow-by-blow account of the grotesque proceedings, having diligently attended every session at court.

There appears to be no end to the disgusting shit flying around the political arena.

Almost a year later, Teoh Beng Hock's untimely death while in MACC custody remains unexplained - and nobody has been charged with culpable homicide. The inquest has plodded along at snail's pace, making a complete mockery of justice.

All those mysterious deaths in police custody - not only A. Kugan's which received wide publicity but so many others (including the shocking case of a 14-year-old boy shot in the back of his head in a late-night car chase) - and not a single PDRM head has rolled, only a couple of low-ranking patsies scapegoated (as usual).

The RM13 billion PKFZ scandal is in danger of being completely covered in cobwebs, now that the man who initiated an official investigation has lost his job as MCA president.

After nearly 4 years, the ghost of Altantuya still haunts Putrajaya - and it remains to be seen how MACC is going to dodge its commitment to meeting P.I. Balasubramaniam in London next week. The trail of serious wrongdoing leads directly to Najib Razak's desk. if Bala's lawyers succeed in videotaping the entire interview and putting it on YouTube, it could mean the end of the line for the present regime - because they are all implicated in the cover-up.

And, of course, the entire world is still sniggering at Famous Anus jokes and asking why Anwar Ibrahim appears to have been singled out for the dubious honor of being the only Malaysian to be charged with sodomy - TWICE in 12 years! Let's not even mention the disgraceful farce that passes for a trial.

Meanwhile the defence ministry nonchalantly carries on with the purchase of all kinds of useless and unserviceable ordnance - all at outrageously marked up prices - while RM300,000 jet engines go missing and yet another Indian gets scapegoated.

All this rampant corruption and injustice hogging the headlines leaves me speechless. What can I say (apart from Tak Boleh lah, Bolehland)?

I have friends who still earn monthly salaries working for BN-owned media (oh sure, your kids deserve the best education money can buy, so they can get well-paying jobs after they graduate with Apco Worldwide, Halliburton, or BP).

As for Vincent Tan's deal-gone-sour with Najib, frankly I don't give a shit. I have no personal bone to pick with Vincent Tan (left), even though rumors are rife that he was instrumental in financing the defection of Hee Yit Foong and the collapse of the Pakatan Rakyat state government in Perak. Just because Vincent Tan looks like a real tough hombre who drives a hard-nosed bargain doesn't mean he deserves to have his bloodline terminated (although I wouldn't protest too vigorously if Vincent and his fellow money-grubbing moguls like Rupert Murdoch swiftly became an extinct species on this planet).

3 years later a banner protesting the gold mine remains in place

Nor do I have a personal grudge against business tycoon Kam Woon Wah, erstwhile MCA secretary-general, whose son Andrew Kam Tai Yeow (left) is the guy behind the revival of the controversial Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd (a subsidiary of London-based Peninsular Gold Ltd).

But I met some of the Bukit Koman residents spearheading the campaign against Andrew Kam's highly polluting gold mine outside Raub and was inspired by their courage and resolve to stop the operations against all odds. For a start, the Pahang royal house has shares in the venture, which might explain why the police saw fit to arrest and detain overnight those leading the protest against the toxic gold mine. However, the Bukit Koman residents remain undaunted, though at a loss as to what to do next. Word has it that there really isn't as much gold to be found as the investors had hoped, which could put them out of business sooner than they expect. One can only wish such sociopathic miscreants a spectacular failure.

Local residents point out the toxic gold mine

It's the same old tiresome scenario. Whether the villain of the piece happens to be Union Carbide in Bhopal, BP-Halliburton in the Gulf of Mexico, the Bakun Hydroelectric Project in Sarawak, the Three Gorges Dam in China, or Peninsular Gold in Bukit Koman - it's invariably a conspiracy of already rich folks trying to get even richer at the expense of ordinary citizens with no financial or political clout.

A beancurd factory is located less than 200 yards from the gold mine

What can I do about it - apart from keeping the story in the public eye? Just as I can't persuade billions of humans to turn their backs on fizzy drinks, commercialized football, and their pathological addiction to newspapers and TV, I doubt I can wean people off their compulsion to find gold and hoard it. especially not if their surname happens to be Kam (which, in Chinese, means "gold"). Who cares if toxic chemicals seep into the groundwater and the air is polluted with rash-inducing particles?

General view of Bukit Koman, a village just outside Raub in Pahang

It's painfully embarrassing that we have to suffer the grandiose extravagance of so many royal households - each with its grubby fingers in multiple business pies. Surely anyone receiving a generous allowance for simply existing would be well satisfied and refrain from soiling their hands with dubious and unsavory business ventures? Alas, this has not been the case - at least not since the Mahathir Era. Everybody wants to be another King Farouk or live in godly splendor like the Saudi Royals.

It doesn't matter how the money is obtained, how many are made to suffer the deleterious consequences - or what hideous ruin is inflicted on the environment.

Well, I can envisage a time when the only individuals entitled to royalty claims will be those who can produce works of beauty and enduring truth in the form of artifacts like films, music, literature, stimulating dance performances, inspiring murals, public sculptures, and magnificent buildings.

Raub Australian Gold Mining Sdn Bhd is hidden by the tall trees

Those who have accumulated their wealth through logging, mining, drilling, manufacturing junk, selling weaponry and accepting bribes will be universally marked as criminals and shunned wherever they go. I hope Taib Mahmud's family is reading this. So be it.


Donplaypuks® said...

Thanks bro. We just have to keep chipping away. I'm sure this evil that pervades us will be defeated!

we are all of 1 race, the Human Race

Unknown said...

I am speechless as you seem to have covered from the top to the ass hole and further down to the dirty toenails all in one page.

From the screwed up judiciary to the brutal inhumane policing to the dirty umno politics to damned wheeling dealing tycoons and more.

Phew.. Good Work Bro! Well Done!

Anonymous said...

Hello Antares

The following is a very thought-provoking post at abovetopsecret.
Scary Letter From Fidel Castro In Regards To Iran War


(read the reflection from castro and every responses in this thread)

If by the next few days nothing happen, then I hope I can have the chance to go back from Switzerland to Malaysia by roughly end of September, the latest October, to be with my wife and boy.

If the worst do breakout which does lead to nuclear exchange, I just want to leave a crazy note to a fellow Malaysia and really hope to meet again, more so those that were part of my life very dearly, and to everyone possible, in the world to come, the spiritual world.

Nevertheless, if there is a time to raise the consciousness of the world for a better humanity, better world, now is the time. And if there is a need for higher being to get involve in our sad state of insanity in this planet, now is the time.

Miracle? I pray for one.

If otherwise, please treat this comment as a lunatic's rambling.

Peace be with us all.

Anonymous said...

And guess what?

Behind every ill gotten gains in malaysia, there is a chinkie .

To attack the root of the problem, we need to deal with this chinkie pendatangs.

There is no other way but to confront this. In Islam it is called jihad.

semuanya OK kot said...

Each gram of gold requires the processing of about 1 tonne of rock – depending ore quality - using 45 - 135 MJ of energy, up to 500 L of water, and up to 500 g of cyanide. Consider what that means in environmental destruction including the extraction of energy. Where it has to be recovered for reuse by law, not all the cyanide can be recovered. Poor freelance gold miners use mercury instead of cyanide.

Getting people to work in such a dangerous job - where they have a good chance of dying in misery by age 40 or 50 - requires keeping a good segment of society in poverty. This is why minimum wage and enforcement of our me-too laws are played down.

Like our ubiquitious construction, this is another project laucnched on the advice of conultants by people with more money than brains.

What you can do: avoid gold, whether for ornaments or investment. And no, it does not improve your libido.

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

I get that the Chinese are the root of all evil, like Fu Manchu and his water destroying machine. Only a people who are robust, hard-working, resilient as weeds, willing to intermarry with the locals, learn all their customs, and fight to defend their adopted lands to the death have to be demons incarnate. They have to be consistently evil in doing so, because there is an established colony in nearly every country on the planet.

What more, they are so entrenched that no military jihad or great striving ever called against them has succeeded. Wow, even those who abuse the name of God for blood can't get rid of them. So scary, it's like fighting the Terminator.

What more, so great is their sinister intent and being that even our dear Crime Minister is attempting to emulate the vileness by learning how to play Chinese Chess. Only a people of insidious evil can have a game named after them, something like American Football. Well, keep trying Mr CM. I'm sure with enough practice you will almost become one of them.

What's worse, they are all so sarcastic. I guess it all comes from the millenia of causing regime changes in their home country through ridicule [and grassroot uprisings]. The karma of toppling tyrants and despots who kill millions in the last 2,000 years must count towards their evil demeanor today.

I guess their presence here would be a real cause of fear for the regime currently in power. There aren't enough high rise windows to push them out in the country. That's probably what the last RM800mil construction bill was for. A high rise, high tech execution tower.

Also makes sense with the knocking down of Pudu prison. Pre-empt the whole crew from going to storm the place ala The French Revolution.

Then the Chinese will use plan B and slowly chip away at the borders of the country. Especially one known to lose territory due to clerical errors. Already lost 2 islands like this to the Evil Chinese in Singapore. I'm sure they're planning to occupy more.

So, anon. Stop worrying about the Chinese within the borders, you have bigger problems to handle. They are winning land they don't even have to invade because some lazy idiot can't even file important documents properly. Fix this issue first otherwise the current regime is completely impotent.

Probably won't be done because a Chinese guy is telling them how to do their job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares,
Great summary of the atrocities/excesses we face. It is unfortunate that some people with blinkers still blame it on the Chinese despite the glaring criminal opulence exhibited by Khir Toyol and Mohd Taib etc. All credit to the BTN brain washing. Perhaps your use of the term Malaysian Association of Chinese Comedians aka MACC may have subconsciously triggered such responses as these unenlightened low-life's cranial capabilities are far from ascended masters like you. Perhaps it may help to change it to "Malaysian Association of Criminal Conspirators" which would aptly sum up their current antics

Anonymous said...

Substitute "Jew" for "chinkie" and
"Germany" for "Malaysia" and you will see the similarity in all these racist/fascist outpourings.

So full of hate. Are you sure you are a true Muslim??

Phua Kai Lit

Anonymous said...

Dear Antares

Check out the Wikileaks website.

Best regards,

Phua Kai Lit