Sunday, July 11, 2010

Earth is a funky place. Don't destroy it!

Turn up the volume or plug in your headphones...


[Thanks to Lily Fu for bringing the first vid to my attention!]


Anonymous said...

It does not concern us right? We got enough on our plate with Najib & Co, IbAli & cohort, right? Hope this will be true by this time next year onwards.


semuanya OK kot said...

From one of the Magickriver links: "...methane... spread out... over a number of square miles... we have a multitude of leaks... Corexit... evaporates quickly into the atmosphere... we have many reports... of unexplained crop damage... all over the region... methane... creates huge dead zones... this leak could conceivably flow for two years. Or... 24 years.."

My comments:
- Methane is around 23 times as bad as CO2 in overall global warming.

- Petroleum is abundant. There is enough money here to (a) shut up a lot of people. Major environmental groups have been infiltrated (explained in another Magickriver link) (b) push up prices with the help of friendly authorities.

- Don't expect sincere support from goverments or big businesses for alternative energy. There will continue to be fake claims of "progress, but slow progress". You can only do your bit.

- The current American crisis began with the Bush Jr. Administration waiving the requirement for an expensive dead-man-switch valve for every petroleum well.

- This crisis is about much more than "America's coastlines". The dispersant and petroleum fumes are already coming inland. Seafood will be reduced and poisoned. The photosynthetic capacity of the ocean may be negated. Thse poisons will flow into other oceans. The Gulf Stream itself may fail. The planet will certainly adapt, but we may not.

Anonymous said...

It seems the Russian has discovered through their super-deep exploration (as in Kola) and research, they make the conclusion that oil is abiotic (instead of being from plants and animal decayed from the past) and it is being replenished from the deeper part of the earth. There are two other of such oil well in Vietnam and Bangladesh or eastern part of India (can't remember correctly right now).

In one sense, it is quite questionable with the peak oil theory. There are internet whispers that every countries in the world can access this resources within their territory which does threaten the hegemony of the major power (and those who wish to control and manipulate the world to a certain way of thinking through oil economy).

Anonymous said...

To paraphrase the challenge to the apocryphal Job when asked why Sodom (or was it Gomorrah) should not be destroyed, we can ask: can any good come out of the Adolescent Evil Empire. The music says, yes.