Friday, August 13, 2010

Best Cartoon of the 20th Century?

My friend Dennis sent me this today. I'm not sure it qualifies as the Best Cartoon of the 20th Century, but it certainly is topical and absolutely relevant in the light of - or, rather, the darkness of the last days of Umno/BN misrule.


Irenelim said...

Nice cartoon hehe. :)

Monyet King said...

If you like paperwork, organized crime in government in potentially lucrative.

Reminds me of a T-shirt that I once saw. It said

"Do not steal. The Government hates competition"

Anonymous said...

Government - join any intelligence agencies. be a licensed killer, lol.

Private - be a CEO of multinational company which have power to influence the politic within a country.

Unknown said...

This is certainly relevant to our BN style of governance. Under BN being in politics is one easy way of becoming a billionaire.