Saturday, August 28, 2010



Max Alexander Lüer
, my #1 grandchild, turns 10 today! A few days ago my daughter Belle proudly showed me some digital doodles her son had created on her iPhone with some funky app he had just downloaded...

This was the first doodle I saw and I was absolutely impressed by the confident strokes Max had used to generate this simple but striking abstract piece. The color scheme is spot on - looks like a virus!

Hmm, that stylized cloaca looks a bit rude...

Such vibrant colors and freeflowing lines!

Minimalist variation on a Maximalist theme? :-)

The Devil in him begins to emerge... ;-)

Animal, vegetable, human or extraterrestrial?

Reminds me of the brilliant art produced by my friend
Marianne Naerebout!

Max is one of the most widely traveled kids I know, since his parents happen to be ardent jetsetters. On a recent trip to South Africa (to watch the World Cup), Max was treated to a joyride on a catamaran.

First one in! Max has been participating in triathlons with great enthusiasm... and he's done really well!

Portrait of a natural-born runner...

A stylish bike racer too...

Dressed up as Harry Potter for a Halloween party?

Prince Max appreciating the German landscape...

Watching the World Cup in Jo'burg with mama Belle and papa Marcus

Like father, like son: two jocks on a sightseeing tour of Cape Town

Three generations of Lüers: Max with his other Grandpa Manfred
and proud daddy Marcus

My grandson, the budding heartthrob :-)

Guess what Max gave me for my rebirthday in January? I'd been hassling him to lend me his face so I can go to parties and get lucky all over again... so Max very kindly obliged, such a generous soul ;-)

This was powerful medicine indeed - and quite possibly saved my life when I was struck down by an assassin anopheles and landed up in the ICU at Sungai Buloh Hospital. I'm keeping the original in my archive.

Thank you so much, darling Max, for making it such a total joy to be called "Grand Pupa" by you (it's better than being called "Grand Poo-Poo" that's for sure! :-)


Molly Fu
(28 August 1950 - 12 June 2006)

Max shares a birthday with his magnificent grand-aunt Molly
who babysat him a lot -
and who also took care of Belle and her sister Moon
when they were babies.
"An Angel returned to Heaven..."
is how Belle describes this beautiful, gentle soul.


Shalamee said...

Ah, dear Antares- Your Max is such a radiant BEing, just like his grand papu! I was so touched that you shared these wonderful photos with us. I enjoy feeling the pride and love that you feel towards him. Many blessings to you and your beautiful family!
love you bunches~

Pat said...

Hello Ant!

Does your Max know how beautiful he is yet? He looks like someone who's full of life, and such a happy, happy boy. You must be one proud grand pupa!

Unknown said...

Dear Antares

What a joy it is to be called Grand pupa by one as precocious as Max! He has certainly inherited your artistic talent, zest for life, exuberance, sensitivity to Mother Nature and endless characteristics from his parents and lineage as well.

Certainly, you and his wonderful parents must be so proud of him, hearts bursting with love for adorable Max whose eyes are like pools of mysteries. He's surely a major heartthrob in the making :-)!

My grateful thanks to you for opening a window to your life via these awesome pics.

Wishing you and yours all things bright and beautiful now and always.

Starmandala said...

Thanks for the angelic comments, Shalamee/Pat/Paula! What else can one give The Boy Who Has Everything? :-D

Gerald Wee Eng Kian said...

From one Dragon to another, Happy Joyous 10th Solar revolution. That and for sharing the same birthday and sign as this old soul.

zewt said...

hey bro... max looks like a big big big heart breaker in the making... :)

such a young triathlete... i am speechless... i wish my parents sent me to such things when i was young....

sorry that i have left malaysian shores and decided not to fight... i guess everyone will need to look after ourselves.

Miriam said...

Max by name and maximum radiance by DNA. Naturally Grandpupa's pride & joy!

Starmandala said...

Zewt - Didn't know you migrated. Thought you crossed the border to earn some Singdollars. As for me, I've grown a very deep root here. And my tree has a circumference of 54 feet. Doubt any idiot with a chainsaw would dare take me down :-)

Miriam - Good to connect by Skype, even better to see you here real soon!

pinsysu said...

happy birthday Max! see u at the next YOG ya!

martin jalleh said...

Wow! What a handsome boy! Will probably be a great and radiant star and outshine one Antares whom we all know and respect! :)

Martin J

zewt said...

not exactly migrated but when people asked if i will ever return to malaysia... well... whilst i dont want to say that i will never return, i certainly do not have any plans to return.