Monday, October 18, 2010

10 Ecstatic Days in Nirwana

View from Room 343 where I shall be embedded for 10 grueling days...
See-through bathroom, but no sunken bath

Waiting for Fernando, my young Portuguese roommate from East Timor

Meeting hall on the sprawling grounds of the Pan Pacific Nirwana Resort

Resident woodcarver stationed by the pool

Hot oil massage with a view, anyone?

Twin serpent waterspouts and sunbather

Reminds me of the days when I had to photograph resorts for glossy brochures...

Aesthetically landscaped grounds

View of the 15th century island temple at Tanah Lot from the lounge

Here I am at the Master Cylinder of the Ninth Gate Activation in Tanah Lot, Bali. On arrival yesterday I was astonished to learn that at least 111 people from 33 countries had answered Solara's call to assemble at this heavenly spot to anchor an infusion of totally new stellar frequencies on earth at the full moon next week.

My ancient associate Solara - whose gentle, loving and mysterious influence triggered a major change of User ID in 1992 and a massive software upgrade in March 1993 - is perhaps the most powerful shaman-starpriestess I have ever encountered. In exactly 30 minutes, this beautifully diverse and friendly group of Awakened and Awakening Ones will gather together to begin our ecstatic mission of helping Mother Earth resonate on a new octave, so the evolution of species shall proceed according to cosmic schedule.

Stay tuned to this channel, folks!