Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sensational News: They Have Arrived!


[Courtesy of Demetrious Addonis, first posted 23 November 2010]

Admit it. This was much easier on your eyes than a glistening gob of spit aimed at bad government.


Chacko said...

Had to see what had arrived! And I did not even notice the shades.
How are you old chap?
I am back in KL for a month in dec. hopefully meet up then.
big hug,

Dangdut King said...

Extreme Bikini..Very Nice..Hehehe!

Anonymous said...

I can't see much! Hardly see anything there!

masterwordsmith said...

Thanks for motivating me to get fit again LOL!!

Anonymous said...

aiyoyoooo, allamaaak....mau cuci mata
mata dengan detol atau soda lah @#$% !

Antares said...

Chacko! Can't wait to see what Hollywood has done to you! :-D

MWS - Good luck with the slimming program. But we have to concede that being 24 or even 34 helps a lot! ;-)

Anonymous @ 12:54PM - Try applying the Dettol to your brain, not your eyes. Bro, your problem is not lousy eyesight, just lousy software!

Anonymous said...

brader antares

our fashion dictionary will call this
2- piece as tepek-

the upper- tepek puting[ or pootie]

the bottom- tepek pooki

so the 2 piece would be -

pootie pookie....


Anonymous said...

Those are fantastic cliff hanging cover ups.

We have to wait for Zorro ( sampahman ) to uncover ( unmasked ) them

Anonymous said...

ouch! ouch! ouch! lotsa waxing involved..

donplaypuks® said...

Ended up with double vision. Great pics. Kept me on d buzz d whole day!

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Movies on my Mind said...

These photos are a work of art. Gives truth to the concept of a picture saying 1,000 word.

Bad Ass said...

Who wants to be a suicide bomber? Who wants to talk about Asian values? How come this can only happen in Western countries? Who says that we can only go to heaven after death?