Sunday, January 23, 2011

Better visit Mali than Malicia!

Four different generations of Master djembe drummers of Bamako, Mali, play traditional rhythms of the Bombara people of West Africa. Aruna Sidibe (wearing cap) is an "old master" (grandmaster); accomplished and advanced in years but still able to "throw down" as this clip shows. He is accompanied by his next in line, Brulye Doumbia; and then Siaka Doumbia on dunduns; and Siaka's former student Kaleifa (wearing #21). Music for this and other similar high quality audio recordings by Michael Pluznick are now available here.

Bolokada Conde master drummer (djembe fola) plays for dancers at workshop in Oakland, California. Note: video begins 30 seconds after title.

Dancers (Ami Doumbia left and Malodone right) from the award-winning Santogoola community center and local group in the Sabaliboogoo district of Bamako chant traditional songs and perform traditional based dance choreography to the Danza rythym in Bamako. Mali, accompanied by Aruna, Brulye, Siaka and Kaliefa, four different gerations of Mali drummers. This clip is from an up and comming video. For more information visit

Bamako Dance Festival, Mali, November 2007