Monday, March 5, 2018

A liquid poem by Weedflower


The first time we met
Unaware I was swept away
Hesitant resistance
I dip my toe in the river

The second time we met
Trust in myself and then you
A tribute engaged
I walked in the river

The third time we met
We embrace and dance
Surrender and control
Intertwined we played

Now my legs are dipped
And soon my being will flow
In the vastness of you
I'll come and visit
to remember
to remember

Photo & poem by Weedflower aka Paik Yin.
First posted 10 February 2011.


Unknown said...

This is interesting poem, It's rare to read such good poem now a days. Thanks for posting this.

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Unknown said...

Wow!!! Such a beautiful poem that was written because of an unforgettable encounter with beauty face to face...Thanks for sharing!! I hope to have the same experience @ Magickriver one day!

lanaibeach said...

I heard about the waterfall
Way back at Fraser Hill
I used to stop over at KKB
At the post office and laundry

Many times those years ago
The driver asked me to go
I never did though locals said so
Now the name....magick river

Some day I will return
Fraser Hill holding my memories
Along the way to KKB
Paying you a visit look at the place

There must be something magical
Alluring to capture one's imagination
Of nature and her gifts surrounding us
It's the natural solace of rejuvenating souls