Sunday, February 13, 2011

A pictorial tribute to the heroic Egyptians who put an end to pharaonic power on earth...

A streetfighter's guide to protective gear

Would be more effective if the bottles were filled with water -
but that would make this helmet too heavy!
Is the guy with the plastic pail on his head hurling the remains of a tuna sandwich?
If this carton can protect tomatoes from damage, why not my head?

When fighting to bring down a despot, paving tiles are more useful on the head than underfoot.
Multi-purpose helmet can be used to make a stew afterwards or as a percussion instrument.
Egyptian Vietcong?
Charging into the fray with two baguettes taped to his ears and a stale bun on his forehead.
This guy deserves a special award!

[Forwarded by Hari Ho]