Friday, March 25, 2011

Farewell, Valum Votan, Arcturian Emissary!

José Argüelles aka Valum Votan, Arcturian Emissary & Earth Wizard
(24 January 1939 - 23 March 2011)

According to the Foundation for the Law of Time, Arcturian Emissary Valum Votan (José Argüelles) "departed this Planet on Solar Moon 17 (March 23 2011), Red Spectral Moon, at 6:10 a.m. (the exact same time he was born in 1939 in the Red Spectral Moon year)."

"After a short illness, he slipped away in complete peace. We are asking for those who loved him to hold a synchronized vigil and/or ceremony on his behalf at noon (Pacific Standard Time) on Solar Moon 19, Kin 91. Send him your prayers, light and blessings to continue his spirit journey - and also visualize the rainbow bridge and the Return of Light."

We are saddened to report his passing, but his influence and his message lives on through his teachings. Though this galactic guide is no longer with us on the material plane, his presence will continue to guide us through the turning of the cycle and leaves us with one final message: "EVERYTHING IS PERFECT!!! Love everyone. Hate no one. God bless everyone."

Planet Art Network

Argüelles co-founded the Planet Art Network (PAN) with Lloydine in 1983 as an autonomous, meta-political, worldwide peace organization engaging in art and spirituality. Active in over 90 countries, PAN upholds the Nicholas Roerich Peace Pact and Banner of Peace, symbolizing "Peace Through Culture".

The Planet Art Network operates as a network of self-organized collectives, centralized by a shared focus of promoting the worldwide adoption of Argüelles' Dreamspell 13-Moon/28 day Calendar. The network upholds the slogan "Time is Art", suggesting that time is a vehicle for our creative experience, instead of the familiar saying "Time is Money".

On 6 August 1996 I wrote José Argüelles a letter c/o Barbara Hand Clow of Bear & Co, publisher of his paradigm-shifting books:

Dear Uncle Joe,

There seems to be a 7-year lag in operation here. I only got round to reading The Mayan Factor: Path Beyond Technology in 1994 - and Surfers of the Zuvuya only came my way a few months ago. I made an attempt to phone you but the number given at the back of Mayan Factor was obviously only good before August 1987.

I just re-read Surfers - and felt compelled to send you some material very much inspired by your amazing work. I hope you receive it in due course and that it will give you a friendly ego massage.

You have my wholehearted admiration and applause for coming up with concepts like Harmonic Convergence, Campaign for the Earth and Planet Art Network. Absolutely spot on! Precisely what I've been working on since my own awakening in 1969.

May we soon meet on the Zuvuya, so I can personally give you the Mayan salute. Even better, if you ever find yourself drifting in this bioregional direction, fax or phone or write me at Magick River - and enjoy special hospitality from the Ceremonial Guardian himself.

From the bottom of the One Heart (thank you, Solara) - Galactic Greetings from an Earth-based Antarean.

Om'ta ku oyasin and Evam maya e ma ho!

[Thanks, Mel, for alerting me to Jose's departure. He was indisputably one of the greatest visionaries of all time.]


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