Saturday, August 23, 2014

11:11 ~ Starseeds on Earth (reprise)

I was invited to the Sacred Valley in Peru in early March 2011 to join a dozen others for 9 days of intensive training with Solara, so that we can serve as 11:11 workshop facilitators. Unfortunately, the airfare to Peru is way too prohibitive (approximately RM8k) - and at the time I was undergoing training of a different order on the island of Koh Phangan. A week after I left the whole of southern Thailand was flooded with feeling!

These videos by Starseedjourney are not directly related to Solara's work. Solara was the first to speak about the 11:11 activation code. Many others have since been awakened to their own earthly missions. Jennifer is clearly one of them and has done a brilliant job of synthesizing and summarizing a vast and complex field of converging ideas - though she could do with some help when it comes to spelling (another trait of Starseeds is that they often have stronger right brain activity than left).

[First posted 23 April 2011]