Saturday, August 23, 2014

11:11 ~ Starseeds on Earth (reprise)

I was invited to the Sacred Valley in Peru in early March 2011 to join a dozen others for 9 days of intensive training with Solara, so that we can serve as 11:11 workshop facilitators. Unfortunately, the airfare to Peru is way too prohibitive (approximately RM8k) - and at the time I was undergoing training of a different order on the island of Koh Phangan. A week after I left the whole of southern Thailand was flooded with feeling!

These videos by Starseedjourney are not directly related to Solara's work. Solara was the first to speak about the 11:11 activation code. Many others have since been awakened to their own earthly missions. Jennifer is clearly one of them and has done a brilliant job of synthesizing and summarizing a vast and complex field of converging ideas - though she could do with some help when it comes to spelling (another trait of Starseeds is that they often have stronger right brain activity than left).

[First posted 23 April 2011]


Unknown said...

Awesome post, Antares!

Btw, all flights to Peru starting from August 2011 till December are fully booked!

Are you going there?

My friends who are really into the planetary shift are very sad that they can't go.

Take care and thanks for sharing!


starseedjourney said...

I ran across your page tonight for the 1st time..
While deciphering where all will be and plans for 11-11-11

Thank you for sharing my videos and information..

I apologize for the spelling...
Thank you for your kind correction and explanation...


Starmandala said...

@starseedjourney - Haha, how lovely to be honored by a "visit" from you, Jennifer! Yes, I know you're probably better at casting beautiful spells than spelling - but who on earth or in heaven cares? ;-) Thank you for your wonderful work towards a (relatively) smooth transition to the 5th Dimension <3