Thursday, April 25, 2024

"What is it about Malaysians and sodomy?" (repost)

That's what one commenter asked on 27 October 2009 in relation to a blogpost titled BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. This was my response. I just re-read it a few minutes ago and feel it's worth highlighting...

The subject of sodomy goes pretty deep. If you're interested, do some research on how the ancient male priesthoods initiated their novices. Imagine, a 10-year-old boy's first sexual experience is being buttfucked. How does that affect his sexuality and attitude towards women?

The name of the game is CONTROL through keeping the masses in a state of perpetual anxiety, guilt and confusion while bombarding them constantly with erotic imagery embedded in billboards and TV ads, indeed, wherever they look. The line between erotomania and erotophobia is so thin you can't see it.

Why sodomy? Well, healthy, mature, heterosexual lovemaking can result in our becoming enlightened and liberated from the social matrix. When the feminine and masculine energies fuse without inhibition, guilt or power plays, true yoga, tantra, or sacred union is achieved, and that's when we begin to reclaim our inherent divinity.

The question arises: can gay couples experience the same ecstatic fusion of their biofields? Yes, of course, because we are able to switch polarities, becoming either Yin or Yang or both in relation to others. So when two men or two women join bodies, minds and souls, one takes on the male energy while the other becomes the female. 

On the soul level, male and female are interchangeable fields - one electric, the other magnetic. You could say that polarities are generally interchangeable - just as Good can turn Evil and vice versa.

[First posted 18 April 2011]