Thursday, May 9, 2024

Why can't we be... Just Good Friends? (repost)

Why can't UMNO get along with Everybody Else? Why does PERKASA have to play childish games of holier-than-thou, been-here-longer-than-thee, got-more-political-clout-than-you, nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeh-nyeh... and my songkok much bigger than yours, heh heh heh?

55 years after 13 May 1969, let's grow up, people! Stop kicking that race and religion shit around... you'll only end up with Stink-Foot and lose all your friends. It's time we grow up and realize that hooliganism and violence are the most dimwitted way to deal with differences of opinion; that hiding under the skirts of established institutions and traditions keeps our mindsets locked in the past; and that the way to the future lies in embracing the necessary changes and integrating the foreign with the familiar.

It's time we understood that the primary prerequisite of making it through the gates of paradise isn't how much big your mansion is... or how good you are at fooling others... or how much fear you can instil in others... or how long your listing is in the Who's Who... but simply how open-hearted and honest you can be.

Those who cling to power because they fear the consequences of their past misdeeds are already the living dead, they are without souls... they are zombies disguised as humans... they are the condemned... and the only way they can be released from a hideous damnation of their own making is to seek forgiveness from those they have wronged... and then throw themselves at the mercy of heaven.

[First posted 13 May 2011]