Monday, June 6, 2011

Nominated Stupidest Judge in History

Mohamad Zabidin Mohd Diah, presiding judge in the bizarre and hilarious mock trial of Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, has been nominated "The Stupidest Judge in History."

His Dishonorable Stupidness Zabidin Mohd Diah has THRICE refused to recuse himself, despite having displayed glaring bias against the defendant, who stands accused of consensual sodomy with accuser Saiful Bukhari Azlan - even though the initial police report lodged by Saiful Bukhari unequivocally states that Anwar Ibrahim raped him "more than eight times."

There is a vast difference between rape and consensual sex. Rape involves using criminal force to violate another against his or her will. Consensual sex implies that both were willing partners. In most mature countries consensual sex between consenting adults is NOT considered an offence, regardless of gender. However, in Malaysia, a 19th century edict prohibiting "sex against the natural order" has been dusted off twice - first in 1998, and again in 2008 - and used as a political weapon to thwart the career of the same individual, Anwar Ibrahim - whose only real crime is that he represents the aspirations of Malaysian voters to topple the corrupt, greedy and arrogant 54-year reign of Barisan Nasional.

As far as I know, no other Malaysian has ever been charged with sodomy and sentenced to nine years' imprisonment. The maximum sentence is 20 years, including six strokes of the rotan. In this day and age, attempting to enforce such an archaic law is beyond stupid. It reeks of unmitigated malice and political vengeance.

Accuser Saiful Bukhari Azlan has revealed himself to be a psychotic personality, basking in the glow of unflattering publicity and widespread unpopularity. The fact that he served as Anwar Ibrahim's personal aide for several months and voluntarily resigned just before filing a police report reveals him to be a Mark David Chapman wannabe (Chapman gained international infamy by assassinating his hero John Lennon on 8 December 1980).

Saiful Bukhari happens to be the godson of Mumtaz Jaafar, a close confidante of Rosmah Mansor, who now bills herself the First Lady of Malaysia. This fact alone, in a sane and sound judicial context, would have confirmed Saiful Bukhari as an unreliable witness and automatically disqualified him as an accuser of Rosmah and her husband's biggest political threat, Anwar.

Saiful testified in court that prior to filing his police report on 28 June 2008, he had spoken on the phone with the then Inspector-General of Police Musa Hassan, following which he met Assistant Commissioner Rodhwan Mohd Yusof in a hotel room; and, subsequently, Saiful had visited deputy prime minister Najib Razak and Rosmah Mansor at their residence. Musa Hassan has since stepped down as IGP, while Rodhwan Mohd Yusof has been promoted to Melaka Police Chief.

It must be noted at this point that Musa Hassan and Rodhwan Mohd Yusof were deeply involved in the 1998 sodomy charges against Anwar Ibrahim instigated by Mahathir Mohamad. With Anwar's conviction and imprisonment, Musa Hassan was eventually promoted to Top Cop, while Rodhwan Mohd Yusof continued as Musa Hassan's "dirty tricks" agent.

In effect, there is really no case against Anwar Ibrahim, even if one insists on questioning his personal sexual inclinations. Too many political connections surround the malicious accusation for it to be taken seriously.

Any judge possessing the minutest iota of intelligence and integrity - knowing that not only will his professional credibility be jeopardized, but the honor of his own ancestors and descendants as well - would have discreetly withdrawn from the case, even at the risk of being fired or bypassed for promotion. To knowingly subject oneself to being used as a political hand-puppet is not only demeaning to the person, it befouls the entire judiciary and throws justice itself into disrepute.

Zabidin "Justice My Foot" Mohd Diah, you have sentenced yourself - and your posterity - to eternal contempt and ridicule, a fate far worse than death.

Why don't you come clean? What secret dossier does Chief Justice Zaki Azmi have on you that gives him the power to force you into your present compromising and uncomfortable position?

If anyone can be accused of buggery, it is Mahathir Mohamad and Umno who sodomized the whole of Malaysia in 1988 when they destroyed the independence of the judiciary.

Zabidin Mohd Diah, in fact, is merely another "Saifool" in a vile and imbecilic political masquerade that has plunged Malaysia into the deepest, darkest pit of iniquity.

Azlan Mohd Lazim (above, right), Saiful Bukhari Azlan's estranged father, earns his living as an Umno go-between, fixing deals and negotiating clandestine transactions. He was instrumental in coordinating the secret PAS-Umno meetings soon after 8 March 2008. Azlan Mohd Lazim is on a special committee of Umno entrepreneurs, headed by Romeli Musa (of Sapura Holdings) determined to stop Anwar Ibrahim from becoming PM and Pakatan Rakyat from taking over the federal government.


doplaypuks said...

Good piece.

At my wit's end how we can ensure justice is done and all these UMNO/BN crooks are put behind bars.

we are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Unknown said...

A HYPOCRITES (Munafik) Judge is more aptly i.a.w. verse 4:138
And definitely NOT AN “O YOU WHO BELIEVE” person, therefore seriously a disbeliever (kafir)

Honesty & Justice Advocated
[4:58] GOD commands you to give back anything the people have entrusted to you. IF YOU JUDGE AMONG THE PEOPLE, YOU SHALL JUDGE EQUITABLY. The best enlightenment indeed is what GOD recommends for you. GOD is Hearer, Seer.
Click here to go to verse 4:58

You Shall Not Bear False Witness
[4:135] O YOU WHO BELIEVE, YOU SHALL BE ABSOLUTELY EQUITABLE, and observe GOD, when you serve as witnesses, even against yourselves, or your parents, or your relatives. Whether the accused is rich or poor, GOD takes care of both. THEREFORE, DO NOT BE BIASED BY YOUR PERSONAL WISHES. If you deviate or disregard (this commandment), then GOD is fully Cognizant of everything you do.
[4:136] O you who believe, you shall believe in GOD and His messenger, and the scripture He has revealed through His messenger, and the scripture He has revealed before that. Anyone who refuses to believe in GOD, and His angels, and His scriptures, and His messengers, and the Last Day, has indeed strayed far astray.
[4:137] Surely, those who believe, then disbelieve, then believe, then disbelieve, then plunge deeper into disbelief, GOD will not forgive them, nor will He guide them in any way.
[4:138] INFORM THE HYPOCRITES that they have incurred painful retribution.
Click here to go to verse 4:135-139

[5:8] O YOU WHO BELIEVE, YOU SHALL BE ABSOLUTELY EQUITABLE, and observe GOD, when you serve as witnesses. DO NOT BE PROVOKED BY YOUR CONFLICTS WITH SOME PEOPLE INTO COMMITTING INJUSTICE. YOU SHALL BE ABSOLUTELY EQUITABLE, for it is more righteous. You shall observe GOD. GOD is fully Cognizant of everything you do.

Anonymous said...

Kesian dia , mau cari makan lah !!

masterymistery said...

as above in my comment to the next post, politics is a dirty game, etc etc Then there's the old saying that people deserve the governments that they put into power (assuming anyone has any real say in it)

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