Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Now you see it now you don't!"

Don't you just love it when something is "deleted" because "they" don't want you to see it... but you can still see it because of the what the Internet is???!

Well, earlier, The Star did an online survey to find out what its readers thought about the Bersih Rally planned for July 9.

They obviously felt that respondents would give it the thumbs-down lah.


When they found the results didn't pan out to what they thought it would be, they took the survey/poll offline. That is, they deleted the page! So, if you went to the poll page, you'd find this:

Click to enlarge!
Idiots! It was too late, someone had already captured the page onscreen. And here it is, the screenshot (and do note HOW MANY people voted!!!) :

Click to enlarge!
[Thanks to Pat Goh for forwarding this!]