Friday, July 8, 2011

Kuala Lumpur, 9 July 2011: Rally for Clean & Fair Elections...

Bravo, boys! You recaptured the city from those yellow-bellied traitors
without spilling a single drop of blood! Now what???

The all-new Mr Clean... after the Pope hands him some free advice?


hasilox said...

Poolice better think hard

[Did you beat up protesters, Officer? Never mind. Egypt will only reshuffle your job]

[Red shirt pursuers at the mercy of new govt]

bumi-non-malay said...


From today we need to follow Belarus and clap hands in public at Authorities of Ruling Elite like Police, Army, MACC, Judiciary, EC/SPR, rempit, perkasa, SB, Agong, Sultan UMNO-BN cronies, mufti, pastor, priest & any ruling elite!! Let their EVIL be heard in public + ILLUSION that they are supported!.....ha ha ha ha ha!!!

This is a beautiful manner to voice defiance as one against the ruling elite. What next arrest people who clap their hands? I have directed my team to spread this HANDS CLAPPING message Today All over Malaysia. If you are caught in an UMNO Police/FRU/Army created traffic jam, walk out of your car, stand on your car and clap your hands!! Each day Good and Bad is becoming clearer like black and white. I pity the Sultan that side with the wrong side like in Middle East or anywhere in this world. One day they can be made Orang Biasa like one time in history. We are just seeking AMAR MAKRUF, NAHI MUNKAR i.e do good and forbid other way to make Malaysia Better!

I will NOT Be OBEDIENT to EVIL and those involved in EVIL or submit to royal prejudice protocol that UPHOLD EVIL!!

Anonymous said...

This is out of topic, but.. I read your profile, and I see there are only MEN on the list of people who have inspired you...

Really? :)

Anonymous said...

China-press blamed the marchers for the chaos , readers ANGRY : boycott !